Finally! It only took about 90 pulls. This stupid fight had me half-convinced that it was time to stop raiding. But we made it through.


Arvash has a nice writeup with more detail about the fight. Yes, we three healed it. I’m pretty sure there’s no way we could have done it otherwise. There are so many debuffs that need to be cleansed, and of course having the extra raid cooldowns also helps a lot.


Left to right: Adoe, Liyhe, Bocat, fat panda Sorak standing behind Lyssianna, fat panda Wok standing behind Arvash, Vanicus, boy in a bubble Zugzuug, and last but definitely not least, Shadeey.

Want to know the best part though? Killing Horridon meant clearing trash to Council of Elders. Trash that drops ….


Squeeeeeeeeeee! I got a pet!!!!!!!!!!

It might be a bad sign when I’m more excited about the pet than the boss kill …

Oh yeah, and that was another server first, also! So we get to keep our position as the top guild on the server. lol.


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17 Responses to “Horridown”

  1. Beetlezombie Says:

    Grats on the kill.

    That first screenshot is your UI? ADHD in overdrive 🙂

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Yay for pets!

    Although I am sure if I had headphones on last night when you looted it I would be deaf. :-p

  3. arvash29 Says:

    Grats on the pet, I definitely went deaf for a good five minutes after you looted it =P

  4. repgrind Says:

    lol. bitches

  5. slice213 Says:

    I didnt have headphones on and I thought my eardrums popped 😛

    But grats and on your pet and the new kill! Here’s hope we have another kill tonight on the council.

  6. zarigar Says:

    girl you need to start collecting more valor

  7. repgrind Says:

    Hey now! I get *at least* 10 valor per day.

  8. wolfgangcat Says:

    A Pet in there???
    Grats on the pet! Errr….I mean the Horridon kill! 😉

  9. Lore Says:

    Probably killed him cuz of the hotfixes… hehe.

    •Reduced the health of Farraki Wastewalkers, Gurubashi Venom priests, Drakkari Frozen Warlords, and Amani Warbears in the Horridon encounter by 15% in 10-player Normal difficulty.

    •Drakkari Frozen Warlord now deals less damage with Mortal Strike in 10-player Normal difficulty.

    •Risen Drakkari Champions and Warriors now deals less damage with Deadly Plague in 10-player Normal difficulty.

    But yea.. We have been struggling on getting him down as well. Although we are finally starting to make it to the last door at least.

  10. koalabear21 Says:

    Did they hotfix him again?

  11. slice213 Says:

    They nerfed him on wed per mmo-C along with the council and some other fights

  12. koalabear21 Says:

    But we killed him on Tuesday 😀

  13. Horridon and Other Horrors | WoW Misadventures Says:

    […] You can read all the details at The Crimson Hammer and see the something special about Council trash at Reputation Grind. […]

  14. repgrind Says:

    Silly Bocat. You were there! :p

  15. Leit Says:

    Grats on the kill! Gods but Horridon is an annoying fight. We’re facing off against him tonight again.

  16. paladindana Says:

    Grats on the kill! Horridon gave my guild the most trouble so far. He’s a big ‘ole meanie dino! >.<

  17. Dino more | int i; Says:

    […] I’ll likely be busy with work tomorrow night, and thus may miss the initial pulls on Council. Guildies seem confident that we’ve got the co-ordination to pull it off. I don’t know though – Sul scares several kinds of hell out of me. ‘Course, the conviction to go on might have something to do with the trash dropping a certain companion. […]

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