CRZ Rawr

When we last left Madorsa, Averry had just run her through dungeons in Zangarmarsh so she could escape having to wait for respawns because of the overcrowded climate caused by Cross Realm Zones.

She moved over to Terrokar, and the questing was a little better at first. She had her choice of killing Arakkoa in two places, Blood Elves at Firewing Point, Orcs at a couple of different places, or wolves and warpstalkers in between. This goes well when you have so many options. Where it doesn’t go well, is when you have cleared up a couple of those and have no choice but to watch in despair as 5 or 6 other people camp spawns and tag everything as soon as it pops.

I managed to get her to 65 and then I just couldn’t take any more. I found myself looking at her on the login screen and just exiting the game rather than attempting to do anything. I had to find a way to get past this. I think if I had it to do over again, I’d have gone ahead and just leveled on Drak, PvP flag be damned. At least then I could take out my frustrations on the Alliance who are in my way killing my quest mobs.

So yesterday, I decided to take her back to Azeroth for some archaeology and pet battles. Hey, xp is xp. Averry has been trying to convince me that dps queue times for dungeons aren’t too bad, as his monk isn’t too far ahead of me in levels and recently went through all the same dungeons I would be doing. But … the thought of doing them as dps just … I mean … I *know* it doesn’t make sense to be more scared of doing dungeons as dps than I would be if I were tanking or healing, but … I never claimed to be normal.


I got almost a full level, plus got my arch up over 225 AND got a flawless battlestone. Then I had to log over to Kerick for LBR. So while I’m doing that, Averry starts texting me, asking what level I am now and when I tell him, he proposes hitting up the Auchindoun dungeons later. I’m like … yay! So after LBR I finished getting to 66 while I waited for him to log on, then we went and did all four of those dungeons.

That got me to 67, and I figured that we were done. But he’s all like … what can we hit next? Um … well, I just had Steamvaults and Botanica unlock. So he says ok let’s go to Netherstorm and starts to fly off.

Um … you know I have slow flying, right?

Just hit up the flight path.

Yeah … I don’t have any flight paths there, they removed automatic flight path learning in the last patch.

So he gave me a ride. But … we forgot about that fun little CRZ 2 person mount bug. As soon as we crossed the line into Hellfire, I was disconnected. When I reconnected, I was falling, and landed right on Razorthorn Shelf, amidst a crowd of level 70+ flayers. Not even a youngling spawn to make it worth it. Of course, I panicked and forgot all about my damage reduction abilities, of which there are many. So I died. I was ready after that to just fly on my own across the twisting nether, but he insisted we just go the long way around and, with him staying close to the ground as we crossed borders, we managed to not have me dismounted again, although I was disconnected twice more. Riding from Zangarmarsh into Blade’s Edge through the tunnel didn’t dc me though.


Finally we arrived at Tempest Keep, and hit up Mechanar, Botanica, and the Arcatraz. I dinged 68 before Arc, but since we were there we did it anyway. Plus, I think Averry was having fun gathering as many mobs as he could and seeing how nice of a pile he could make with them. I got quests to complete in every dungeon we did except for Shadow Labs. Now I’m ready to hit Northrend, and I think I got enough mats to level my professions up to 350 or so. I know I have enough cloth at least.

Cross your fingers and pray that Northrend leveling will be better. At least there I have more than one zone to choose from per level. I may bounce back and forth.
And thanks again Averry, that was a wonderful suggestion and a great time getting me through those levels. You rock. 😀


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6 Responses to “CRZ Rawr”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Silly baby lock, DPSing in dungeons is half the fun!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but Northrend isn’t much better with CRZ. Some quests took *forever* – the ones with few mobs to begin with and dozens of people camping them.

    At least leveling is fast and dropping quests isn’t as punishing because it isn’t so linear. BT and ZD were the worst. Nobody seems to want to be in HF, so that went faster.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Really? Hm. HF = Vengeance Landing = that lovely Forsaken ambiance … who would NOT want to go there? Madorsa will feel right at home.

  4. Leit Says:

    The thing about HF is that you need to get there from Undercity, which is probably the least popular home city outside of Silvermoon. Meanwhile BT kicks off from Org, and you can’t go 10 meters without tripping over a way to get back to Das Kapital.

    Also, HF tends to send you all over the place to little hubs of Forsakenness, where most of the questing in BT is centered around the citadel and taunka’le village.

    The problem with DPSing in dungeons – especially as a pure – is that you have very little effect in how the run goes. So if you’ve got a shade or two of mistrust for your fellow LFD-slime and you don’t like to wipe, it’s pretty normal to be a little apprehensive about zoning in as deeps.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Heh. I had my hearth in UC up to level 50. Leaving from there will give me an excuse to visit Faranell, too. I’ve always preferred HF anyway over Boring Tundra, even back when I first leveled through there and couldn’t fly.

    Yeah I’m sure that control thing has something to do with it. Also … I spent nearly all of Cata in dungeons, even while leveling. Honestly, I’m kinda burned out on them (unless I’m soloing them, that’s not the same).

  6. Leit Says:

    Used to keep my toons hearthed there as well, but Cata became so centered on Org that it was just a waste of time. :\ My wife can never find anything in the place… I find it dead simple, just go around in circles until you find what you want.

    The difference with soloing is you can take the time to really check the place out. No-one to keep up with.

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