Warglaives of LBR

I’m a terrible person. I showed up late for LBR .. when I’m supposed to be one of the persons doing invites! I blame Garrosh.

Anyway, I logged on 10-15 minutes late and whispered Flags … fortunately he was on and had gotten things going. Heck, they already had one boss down in Black Temple. Yay! After a quick glance at the raid makeup, I swapped to Dyle since there were no clothies. We had a warrior, paladin, hunter, and rogue. And my priest. I goofed around in shadow for a few pulls then decided that even though I hadn’t even touched the spec in months, I’d be better off playing with bubbles. That worked out pretty well; I think I did more damage with smite than I was doing as shadow.

I was hoping for some tier, and was not disappointed, as I got both the robe and the shoulders. I also got a cool wand and this other set of shoulders. (Hmm … do I have to have a wand equipped to mog a wand? I guess some of those restrictions change in the patch ya? I might have to check into that.)

We got to the end and that LBR magic kicked in.


Thankfully we had people along who could use it. It looks very good on Surriah, don’t you think?


The other people there are Taoiseach, Hornrook, Dyle (me) and Thunderhuf.

We also hit up SSC and that also went well.

Afterwards I did a bit of traveling to turn in my tokens and put him in a suitable transmog instead of the mishmash of rags he was in. I ended up using the non-tier Blood-Cursed Shoulderpads instead, because I found this Crimson Felt Hat and Barbaric Cloth Robe in his bank and decided it would look awesome, especially with the guild tabard.


It also looks pretty awesome with the umbrella, but I’m not sold on the mace he got in one of the first quests in Pandaria. It matches ok but I don’t really like the style. For now though, it will do. He definitely looks a lot better than he did before!


Hmmm those boots and gloves are all wrong though. Oh well. :p

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3 Responses to “Warglaives of LBR”

  1. slice213 Says:


    LBR luck strikes again! I think it should be nerfed!

  2. tomeoftheancient Says:

    That’s so great that the Warglaive dropped and someone could use it. One of these days I’m going to be able to get back to LBR, why do rl people alway schedule things on those days. I KNOW my daughter doesn’t know where the schedule is but I wouldn’t put it past her, lol.

  3. Cymre Says:

    Wow, grats on the new loot. Cool and I need to go back there sometime for the other glaive – Guild achievements FTW!

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