It Iz Mine!!11!

So, remember awhile back, like before MoP even hit, when I was all excited about seeing a clefthoof runt? Well … I finally got pets up to high enough level to visit Nagrand. So here he is!

Um … hey Karius, Hallow’s End is long since over. You can stop pretending to be a goblin chick.

Oh well, he always was … special. *cough* Sholazar *cough*

Anway, there were only about 3 of these in the zone, but the first one was uncommon, so I won’t complain. Losing not one, not two, but three different scalded basilisk hatchlings that I believe were rare … that I might complain about. Never getting an ominous seed … that I will complain about. Yes, I KNOW there are a bajillion terrible turnips on the AH. I don’t CARE! It’s not the same if I don’t grow my own. =P

Also, I hit the 500 pet limit in my pet journal again last night. Thank the Light that patch is dropping today and will increase the size to 625. Hell, even that won’t be enough, but at least I’ll have room for more! I still haven’t hit Shadowmoon Valley, Northrend, or Pandaria .. or the Cata zones … gahhhh!

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10 Responses to “It Iz Mine!!11!”

  1. forthepie Says:

    I TRIED to sell my turnip on the AH, couldn’t sell it. So, I learned him and now he’s in my journal.

    I now need to level my pets to get my a clefthoof runt!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    You know, you could let other people *cough*me*cough* have some of your extra pets.

    You know, just to help keep the room available.

    You know, just a thought 😉

  3. repgrind Says:

    You are welcome to the stuff I have stored, but you can’t cage and trade wild caught pets, so it’s all vendor type stuff. Cats, Tickbirds, Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, Roaches, Snakes, Moths … etc

    And some event stuff that I had on multiple toons like Wolpertingers, the Winter Veil pets, a few of the Children’s Week pets .. that type of thing.

  4. Leit Says:

    Not yet done SMV? Man, you have gotta get a Fel Flame or three when you get there. It’s a green an’ evil looking Kirin Tor Familiar with a kickass moveset.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen them. I just finished Netherstorm last night. Well … I got each pet from there at least. My nether ray is only poor, so I’m not *finished* but I can move on and come back.

  6. Leit Says:

    Poor, rare, it don’t matter when we can buy battlestones tomorrow. 😀

  7. wolfgangcat Says:

    If I get another Ominous Seed it’s got your name on it…if…ummm…you don’t mind that you didn’t grow it yourself.

    It’s really a great battle pet, and more than a few times saved me from accidentally killing a rare I was trying to capture.

    I can just imagine what the cost of Flawless Battlestones will be on the AH 😛
    The ones sold for JPs aren’t really that useful.

  8. tomeoftheancient Says:

    He is indeed lovely! As soon as that patch drops you’ll be OVER 500! I’m anxiously awaiting those Battlestones.

  9. Navimie Says:

    Grats! Gosh I have been culling my journal viciously, I do like that Clefthoof runt. I still remember fondly how you helped me get my Arctic Fox…

  10. JD Kenada Says:

    I thought they were pretty awesome when I saw them. Unfortunately my highest pet remains somewhere around 15.

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