Alliance Raiding

So, one week after dinging 90, Kerick got to his first raid for this expansion – Bastion of Twilight.

What? Didn’t you read the letter that came with your 8th Anniversary Celebration package yesterday? It clearly said to go out and defend a shattered world.

Plus, ya know, it was Laid Back Raid night.

This was LBR’s first real foray into Cata content. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous going into it.  Sure, it’s nerfed from what it once was, and most of the raid was level 90 … but it’s still new enough and the fights are complex enough that some attention must still be paid to certain mechanics. Toss in having tanks that haven’t been there and the fact that everyone studied Blackrock Descent since that was where we were supposed to go and you can understand my concern.

Of course we wiped on the trash in the front room. It wouldn’t be a BoT raid without a wipe on that trash! Halfus went down easy though. Then we lost a couple who got thrown off the stairs (also a normal thing in BoT even if you’ve been there before) and got to Val and T.  What a trip. I think we lost most of the raid between the first breath and the first dazzling circles of swirly stuff. Three of us lived and finished the fight somehow. It was pretty epic.

That council fight … ugh. Yes, it’s still awful. There are just so many things going on.  We did it though. And everyone did awesome on the attempt where we killed them. After that, well … Cho’gall himself was a big pushover. A bunch of people got the BoT achievement at the end, too.  😀

So, a quick note about addon issues. Last week, Van couldn’t get the Closed Circuit debuff to show up on healbot during the Elegon encounter. After much gnashing of teeth over it, Sorak talked me into setting up the default frames again with mouseovers. It worked ok. But I didn’t bother setting up all the macros for Kerick, so he just used the healbot version that I downloaded last week. Now, it has some features my old version didn’t. And I love it. Sorak is going to give me hell I know, but Khizzara gave me a suggestion to solve my Closed Circuit issue, so … hey it’s Monday, I always give Sorak a hard time on Mondays!

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3 Responses to “Alliance Raiding”

  1. forthepie Says:

    BBB’s raid went to SSC, TK, Maggy, Gruuls and Hyjal. All that in about 2 1/2 hours. My gnome warrior only died a few times…

  2. JD Kenada Says:

    So much fun. Glad to have you back in the fold, rockin’ and rollin’.


  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Don’t feel bad about the Sorak thing (not that you would) he was planning on training me on Sunday how to dps like him and I told him no after he explained it would be completely switching my keybindings to things I don’t push.

    So he can be pissed at the both of us! 😀

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