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It Iz Mine!!11!

November 27, 2012

So, remember awhile back, like before MoP even hit, when I was all excited about seeing a clefthoof runt? Well … I finally got pets up to high enough level to visit Nagrand. So here he is!

Um … hey Karius, Hallow’s End is long since over. You can stop pretending to be a goblin chick.

Oh well, he always was … special. *cough* Sholazar *cough*

Anway, there were only about 3 of these in the zone, but the first one was uncommon, so I won’t complain. Losing not one, not two, but three different scalded basilisk hatchlings that I believe were rare … that I might complain about. Never getting an ominous seed … that I will complain about. Yes, I KNOW there are a bajillion terrible turnips on the AH. I don’t CARE! It’s not the same if I don’t grow my own. =P

Also, I hit the 500 pet limit in my pet journal again last night. Thank the Light that patch is dropping today and will increase the size to 625. Hell, even that won’t be enough, but at least I’ll have room for more! I still haven’t hit Shadowmoon Valley, Northrend, or Pandaria .. or the Cata zones … gahhhh!

Checking out Heart of Fear

November 26, 2012

Yes, this is close to a week old. Holidays, ya know?

Anywho, we went last Tuesday and cleared our way to Elegon with no real hiccups, and spent some time working on him again. Then Wednesday, Arv was out, so rather than making Zug tank and banging our heads again, we headed to Heart of Fear instead and spent the better part of the night working on Imperial Vizier Zor’lok. It’s a fun, crazy fight with different abilities on each of 3 separate platforms, then all of the abilities at once in the final phase.

There was one pull where Bocat and I were the last two to be killed. Unfortunately, the actual kill turned out more like Bocat’s typical screenshots.

Oh well, at least we got him! The discs are a pain in that last phase combined with everything else, and some people were having bad lag that night which of course doesn’t help at all. And yes, if you look at that screenshot, you will see two interesting things … the actual Sorak (although he’s gone from Tauren to Goblin and now to Panda) and ZARM.

I’m kinda pissed at those two though. Bitches keep talking about their damn McRibs so I went to McDonald’s on Saturday and guess what? THEY DON’T HAVE THEM HERE. /rage

Lon’li Guju

November 21, 2012

I was dinking around the northern coast of Kun-Lai the other day when I ran into this guy.

Whoa, a flying turtle! Green name and elite. Hmm … I ran straight for Wowhead.

Turns out he is a tribute to Lonesome George, who passed away this summer, and if you do an emote at him, he will follow you around for awhile. So he watched me get some crab meat for cooking.

A couple of days later I was in the area again fishing up some octopuses, so of course I couldn’t resist giving him a hug. I didn’t wait around for him to follow me though, I flew away to get to my dailies at the Temple of the White Tiger.

Ohai! I guess you want August Celestials rep too. Ok! Let’s go take care of this bully.

That was as far as we got though. Someone had just beaten the first combatant in the tournament, so we had to wait for respawn, and he despawned during that time.

Still … so very super cool. If you’re feeling lonely and want a buddy for awhile, head for the coast of Zouchin Province and find Guju. He’s just looking for some company.

It’s Full of Trolls

November 20, 2012

I spent some time this weekend leveling Kimchii. Remember her? Last time I was on her, she had recruited Huo, the spirit of fire. This time, she recruited Shu, the spirit of water, and Wugou, the spirit of earth. Here she is posing with them and looking adorable.

After successfully waking Wugou, a farmer with a cart offered to give them all a ride back to the temple. Ok! Wugou hopped right into the cart with her for the ride.

Wait! Where is Shu? Oh .. silly Shu.

On the way to the next area to recruit the spirit of air, I stopped to listen to the Loremaster’s class. Now, you all might think that we only make fun of Sorak, but that is so not true. We also make fun of Adoe and Zari, especially for being trolls. So I was literally LOL when the kids in the class came up with this little gem:

Pretty awesome. I’m still not done there, I think I got up to level … 8? maybe? So you’ll be seeing more of her later on.