Chugging Along

No, I didn’t make it into LFR. Maybe tonight? I’ll have enough VP tonight to buy my first epic off the Klaxxi. I’ve just been doing dailies. We did run some dungeons last week though, so I have *some* heroic gear. But uh … I’m still wearing boots and one ring from DS … yeah. I need to fix that. I’ve done some scenarios and all my bags ever seem to have are gold. *sigh*

I love the scenery in MoP … check out this place in the lower vaults of Mogu’shan.

And … oh. I thought I had grabbed the shot of Pandaria Dungeon Master but I guess this is not it. Oh well. Here! Have a shot of me getting Loremaster. lol

Golden Lotus is … ugh. I don’t mind the dailies, but without much of a questline, it seems like quite a slog starting from neutral with only a few dailies to help you along each day. I’m still stuck in friendly with them. And I can’t move on to Shado-Pan or August Celestials until I hit revered? Really?? And then you guys wonder why I’d rather look for dark soil or do pet battles. Because those things are FUN.


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15 Responses to “Chugging Along”

  1. slice213 Says:

    But i like Golden Lotus Dailys!!!! It’s weird, normally I hate dailys…..

    Order of the cloud serpent not so much (although I did it for the serpent) mount, lorewalkers – lets not go there.

    Even though tillers has no gear associated with them…i could not stop myself from getting to exaulted with them. LOL but as soon as i did i stopped doing the dailys, unless it was for a person i needed rep for.

    *puts on disapproving asian dad face*

    Unfortunatly, if you like to raid, dailys are going to be a “necessary” evil. It’s not the best method to prevent people from devouring content to fast, but it’s probably the easiest to implement. Even if was not the daily system, any system would have some sort of grind to them. Just to give the players instant gratification would be very very bad. Look at how the “dumbing” down of WoW has created a huge self of entitlement within the WoW community.

    At least the dailys do give one some sense of reward, reputation, gold, etc.

  2. forthepie Says:

    And let’s be honest, this grind is a whole lot more enjoyable than the rep grind it took in BC to get ready for raiding. Go look up the Kara key quest line sometime in google. I forgot how hellish that was, and it was before LFD and such. Not to mention the amount of consumables one used during a raid. Stack of health, stack of mana, stack of your enhancement potions.

    I do agree, for some reason grinding out dailies for Tillers seems better. Maybe it’s because they are all grouped (and maybe I just started the Serpent and Golden Lotus ones, so I haven’t got in the swing with them)

    Someone in the BBB raid said that dailies weren’t horrible if you didn’t try to do them all each day. I’ve decided to work on Tillers and Anglers and Golden Lotus and maybe Serpent, if I have some time. Apparently, I have a great “need” to level archeology, but no desire to level it.

    Plus I have way too many alts, on two servers, two factions. Which explains why I do not have any really active characters on Drak for SR, or why Crits sees me here and there.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Oh, I do them every day … Golden Lotus at least. I try to get Klaxxi done as well since they have gear.

    Tillers … well, I’m harvesting every day anyway so I do those.

    Anglers, meh, when I feel like it.

    Have not even started cloud serpent or lorewalkers.

  4. zarigar Says:

    I don’t like disapproving dad slice 😦

  5. koalabear21 Says:

    The Golden Lotus aren’t that bad if you do them with a partner. If you have a group they go by in a flash! Plus the more rep you have the more dailies you get with them. I would probably be revered if I hadn’t taken off two days from dailies.

    This is how I usually do my dailies:

    Hearth is set to the Vale, fly to Golden Lotus, knock em out. Fly to the valley and do my farming dailies and cloth cool down. Fly south and knock out the 3 angler dailies. Either fly or hop on a taxi and go do the cloud serpent dailies.


    Start Klaxxi dailies.

    I will admit I started late on the Klaxxi ones. Mostly because I dinged 90 in Townlong Steppes and didn’t do dread wastes until two weeks after I was already 90.

    Don’t worry about the disapproving Asian dad face. I live with it and ignore it on a daily basis.

  6. forthepie Says:

    I’m guessing if you are Asian, that face means more, yes?

    And thanks for the cycle, seems like a great plan.

  7. forthepie Says:

    Oh and die evil Excel spreadsheet. Entering data into one all morning, I am filled with sadness.

  8. koalabear21 Says:

    Slice is Asian

  9. repgrind Says:

    Yeah but we’re not, so … :p

    I do my arch daily first (I only solve artifacts when the daily asks me to solve one or when I get up to the max of 200 fragments and can’t dig up more).

    Then I fly over to the BMAH to see what cool stuff I can’t afford that day.

    Then to Valley for my farming and dailies.

    Then Golden Lotus and Klaxxi.

    Zug helped me with the Golden Lotus quests the first day … since then I have zoomed through them. Of course, my shiny new heroic sword helps. ^.^

  10. forthepie Says:

    “Of course, my shiny new heroic sword helps.”

    That’s what he said…wait…nevermind.

  11. slice213 Says:

    *disapproving face* naughty pie!

  12. Navimie Says:

    Oooh epics! I totally forgot about doing Klaxxi until 2 days ago. Ages to go now =/
    And I just want to say that VANICUS IS AWESOMESAUCE!!!! Storm Peaks YEAHHHH

  13. repgrind Says:

    lol so what did you name your arctic fox kit?

  14. Pando Says:

    Gratz On Loremaster!

  15. Leit Says:

    Bloody Golden Lotus. I really don’t get why we have to grind a rep from neutral just to start the ones we’re actually interested in… last couple of days I haven’t touched their dailies, less because they’re awful than because it feels like busywork.

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