Alright Already

You can stop bitching, geez. I’m 90, ok?

Finished up Townlong Steppes. Best part about the zone? Taran Zhu ❀

Oh, did I neglect to mention that he's my favorite character? Well, he is. Van is all about helping the Shado-Pan.

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11 Responses to “Alright Already”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Taran Zhu? That’s a shock. He doesn’t have Tirion like features!

    If i had to pick a favorite NPC in MoP so far….Mudmug! Git er’ done!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    That’s because you are a redneck sweetie.

    I don’t have a favorite yet, I guess I haven’t paid that much attention to make a favorite.

    Grats again though! πŸ˜€

  3. Analogue Says:

    Wrong character! Silly blood elf…

  4. repgrind Says:

    Kerick gets his turn soon. I’ve already cleaned out his bags and visited Stormwind Keep. I’m anxious to see the other side of the story in the Jade Forest.

  5. slice213 Says:

    good call Ally..i need to lvl the waggle mage up..I want to see how the alliance side throughout the zones! Also to work on that cheev for having a 90 on both sides.

  6. taintedsouls Says:

    Grats, man.

  7. forthepie Says:

    I am hating leveling with my mage on the Alliance side, the story is good, but the mob concentration is really bad for a squishy. I saw a warrior leveling in the same area and he looked like he was having a ball.

  8. repgrind Says:

    Paladins aren’t squishy … I’m sure I’ll be fine. πŸ˜‰

  9. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats on 90!
    *checks Horde priest – level 86*

  10. repgrind Says:

    86 is still one more level than I’ve gotten on Kerick

  11. forthepie Says:

    Wait, you are leveling a paladin? When did this happen?

    Also, level 85ish Tauren paladin, ISO healer for epic run at 90…

    Even though Bratwurst is prot specced, I am not sure I want to tank anything right now. I ran a few of the dungeons while leveling Halkale and saw a lot of that tank hate, go go go mentality. I guess I should head off to Tank Spot and learn the dungeons and fights.

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