Days Behind

Yes, this happened on Saturday. Yes, I’m finally posting it on Thursday. Wut?? I hate summer. >.<

Laid Back Raid for the week was Alliance Onyxia. I drug Rev and Ana along so I didn't have to tank, and also talked Addoe and Shady into coming. Toss in a Bocat for some real shadow priesting to go along with me posing as one, plus JD, Mrs. JD, Mavgret, and Dragonray, and that ensured that it took longer to get everyone there than it did to kill the dragon.

Yes, you are seeing that right. 6 Druids, 3 Priests … and Addoe.

So after that a couple people left, but most of us went and did OS3D as well. I swapped to Kerick for better DPS, not that I really *needed* to but … meh. And then Mavgret wanted to do BWL, so Rev swapped to his hunter and I got out my warrior who dearly wants an Ashkandi and Bocat stayed with us and we went and cleared that out, too. Good times.

Ok I’m going back to work now. Bleh.

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One Response to “Days Behind”

  1. dragonray Says:

    Gah, I should have hung around for the rest!!!

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