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So Much New!

August 30, 2012

I managed to log in last night so we could try some raiding with the new talents and stuff.

O. MG.

The first thing I did is log into each character on Drak so their pets and achievements would register. I also took a moment on the 85s to check their glyphs.
Dyle had none of the fun ones.
Juna shot fireworks out of her bow (and mourned the loss of her melee weapons).
Roz turned a Dalaran squirrel, that has already been turned into a penguin by someone else, into a porcupine. SO CUTE.
Arelin had only horn of winter, none of the fun army/ghoul ones.

Van didn’t get around to the glyphs right away. First thing was to make sure the addons were ready for raiding. I had just updated everything on Curse a couple of hours before, but … there is always something. Healbot wasn’t working so I had to improvise for healing frames. Rather than bother trying to download and set up something new on the fly, I went with adjusting the standard frames and replacing my straight hotkeys with mouseover macros. That worked better than expected, and I may try rearranging my keybinds to something that makes more sense and sticking with that.

The next thing to tackle was the framerate. I was getting single digits in OS3D. NOT COOL. One suggestion was to update my video drivers, which I will do before the next time I log in. Another suggestion was to lower the graphics quality. Yeah, I did that, and it helped, but omg … poor quality is poor. The third suggestion was to turn off Xperl. All of a sudden, I had better framerates than I had ever had before. So I did the same thing I had done with the raid frames … I adjusted the stock unit frames and made them work. Now that you can move the standard UI elements pretty much wherever you want them, they are at least passable. I think I will try going with as few addons as possible this expansion.

By the time we finished Dragon Soul I was pretty comfortable with the new arrangements. Holy Shock … 43k crits? Rly?? FUN. I had no mana issues but … pally. As for the talents …
Tier 1. Pursuit of Justice. Yes I want passive faster run speed at all times.
Tier 2. Repentance. Why? I dunno, mostly because I like CC. I expect to change things around on this tier depending on the situation.
Tier 3. Sacred Shield. I fully admit to being a fan of passive talents, which might make you think I would take the one that turns Word of Glory into a HoT, but … I healed in Wrath just long enough to have an appreciation for SS. By the end of the night I was already using this regularly.
Tier 4. Unbreakable Spirit. Not sure what I will actually use on this tier. Passive reduction in CD of LoH through use of Holy Power sounds pretty nice though, especially since my tendency to lay my hands on raid members is well known.
Tier 5. Divine Purpose. Loved is at ret, love it even more as holy. Chaining Light of Dawn/Word of Glory through procs? Hell yes! The more free heals I cast, the more mana I save. Probably my favorite thing so far.
I had to read some of the changes later on to figure out what was going on. Like, Daybreak … I was like, why is this not giving me two Shocks in a row? Then I read and saw that it makes my next Shock an AoE heal, like that old Wrath glyph. Ohhhhhh.

I also dug through my achievements tab a little bit, and got a bit of a thrill being able to put Loremaster on. Then I logged on to Kerick and the 100,000 valor points cheeve popped up. That was kinda exciting. And I dug through his cheeves and noticed it gave him Mountain O’Mounts and the Blue Dragonhawk, even though my original Mountain was on Horde, and sure enough, there was a Blue Dragonhawk in his tab. Oh yes, and the Qulien mount and cub were delivered with the patch as well. I never got around to getting on the mount, but the cub is adorable!

I still need to log on to the rest of the Alliance. I know Karius and Kalyon have some achievements that others don’t, since they were my main raiders in Wrath.
Not sure what else to say, I’m kind of at the blabbering point here, so I will wrap this up.

Yay, new stuff! 😀

OMG a post

August 20, 2012

…. with screenshots!

Ok ok, they are not necessarily NEW screenshots. The first one dates from … the end of last month. >.<
Well it's not like I've ever denied being a slacker.

This was from a Naxx run we did in SR awhile back … and River from A High Latency Life joined us, so I had to get a screenie, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten to play with him.

This was from Laid Back Raid night (Alliance version) when Elgar and Bocat came along to Tempest Keep and Black Temple. I know I mentioned in an earlier post that we had quite a turnout that night, and you can see that in this shot taken after we had downed Illidan.

This weekend’s Laid Back Raid was Ulduar 25 (Horde). Van hit the magical Over 9000 achievement points during it, but I was slacking and didn’t realize I was that close, so I missed screenshotting it. Have a pretty pic of Algalon instead.

Of course, with SR being full of overachievers, just hitting 9000 only put me in 6th place in the guild standings. By the end of the night I managed to claw my way up to 5th, but I’m a full 200 points behind the next person. Oh yeah, thanks a lot Shady for transferring your mage over and giving me even more people in front of me. :p heheheh

Oh hi

August 13, 2012

Yes, I’m still here. Just … bleh. I log in a couple times a week for old raids, but until the pre-patch hits with the new talent system and stuff … I’m just … yeah. BUT … I’m super excited about MoP; you know I’ll be on a lot again soon. Just don’t have much to talk about right now.

When I DO log on for stuff, we have a good time. Yesterday morning SR ran ToGC and drug Telanarra and Navimie along with us. (screenshots are at home because i r slacker). Last night for Laid Back Raid Night (Alliance) we had a great group of around 15 or so for Tempest Keep, including Elgar and Bocat. We followed that up with Black Temple and Elgar finally got exalted. Kerick needs one more run yet. Good times.

Maybe the best part though was at SR’s run, where we made Cayle log on and summoned him to ToGC … after everything was dead, just to get him in a screenshot and meet Navi. haha! Tel laid down on the ground and did his best impression of Cayle’s tanking skillz.

Ok, not much but at least you know I’m still around hey?

Days Behind

August 2, 2012

Yes, this happened on Saturday. Yes, I’m finally posting it on Thursday. Wut?? I hate summer. >.<

Laid Back Raid for the week was Alliance Onyxia. I drug Rev and Ana along so I didn't have to tank, and also talked Addoe and Shady into coming. Toss in a Bocat for some real shadow priesting to go along with me posing as one, plus JD, Mrs. JD, Mavgret, and Dragonray, and that ensured that it took longer to get everyone there than it did to kill the dragon.

Yes, you are seeing that right. 6 Druids, 3 Priests … and Addoe.

So after that a couple people left, but most of us went and did OS3D as well. I swapped to Kerick for better DPS, not that I really *needed* to but … meh. And then Mavgret wanted to do BWL, so Rev swapped to his hunter and I got out my warrior who dearly wants an Ashkandi and Bocat stayed with us and we went and cleared that out, too. Good times.

Ok I’m going back to work now. Bleh.