Halfway There

Yes, no joke. New Arelin is level 25 already. Heck, he’s actually nearly 26. I’m really not sure how it’s going so fast, and I’ve had urges to start alts (big surprise right) but I am determined to get my new legacy active first.

Friday night the raid was called … for the duration of the expansion … so I hopped back over to SW:TOR and finished Dromund Kaas. Got my ship, bought a couple of upgrades, and finished off the night with some space battles.

Saturday I did the space dailies first. I gained a full level off those plus the ones from the night before. So, at 17, I headed for Balmorra. Remember how I hated this planet before? Well … I’m kinda fond of it now that I know my way around it. I did the entire planet that day, then headed for Nar Shaddaa.

Side note on datacrons: That series is on hiatus since, well, it was something I was doing with Van. Arelin is picking them up as he goes, but he isn’t able to get them all on each planet at-level unless he has a group. He did pick up two on Balmorra but I didn’t screenshot them.

Yesterday I picked up where I left off on Nar Shaddaa. I also looked up the datacrons for the planet. Unfortunately, many of them are located in the bonus series areas and aren’t accessible the first time through the planet. There were three I could get to, though. The first required some jumping to get on a roof, then from there onto this floating kiosk that takes you around above the district and over the platform that the datacron is on. Pretty cool.

The second one I went to get required even more jumping. See the iron girder I am on? Now look below me and see the two lower levels of girders that make up this contraption. Yes, I had to jump from girder to girder. I fell. A lot.

From there it was across the girder, onto a platform, across a canvas tarp, onto another platform which has a working elevator. You can see the elevator in the background here as I’m crossing the tarp.

From the platform the elevator took me to, I had to walk this pipe. Not difficult, but a bit scary, because a fall would mean death and having to start over from the very beginning.

Once off the pipe it’s an easy jump from the platform to another canvas tarp that leads directly to the datacron.

The third one was pretty easy, once I got the first fall onto the big pipe down. See, I had to hop over this ledge and land on the pipe below me, but if I was off just a little, I’d slide off to one side or the other.

That platform at the bottom of the shot with the speeder on it is the goal. So, once I’m on the pipe it’s easy, I just run to the other end of it and drop down to the one below it. It was hard to see that they were staggered when looking from above, but looking straight at them is a different story.

And from there I just hopped down to the floor and clicked on the speeder, which took me to the datacron platform and dropped me off. A comm unit on the ground next to me could then be clicked which returned me to the zone’s taxi pad.

Now, as you can tell from the shots, there are always people to chat with in Mumble. I’m not so sure I’d be leveling so fast if I hadn’t been lucky enough to have a friend in a guild that happened to be a good fit for me. And Pie himself has been so incredibly awesome. He’s sent me those health packs that heal both you and your companion (which came in very handy before I got Quinn), super awesome Grade 2 upgrades for my ship which have allowed me to easily stay current on my space battles, custom pants and helm along with armoring and mods for them (thank you for getting me out of that stupid skirt I’m wearing in the screenshots!!!), aaaaaaaaand a custom-built hoverbike so I didn’t have to purchase a speeder last night. Pie is awesome.

I’m about halfway through Tatooine already I think. I still love Tatooine but it’s just not the same without the Rakghoul outbreak. I miss my rakling pets, too. *sigh* Oh well. Tonight I will get to the Dune Sea and maybe I’ll finally get to ride that balloon.


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2 Responses to “Halfway There”

  1. forthepie Says:

    “Pie is awesome.”

    Best line in this blog…evahhhhhh

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    LOL silly Pie

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