Joining the 400,000

Wait! Don’t panic yet. I’m not the one who is leaving.

Logged on last night, got Arelin to 45, having a good time slicing up some Gormak on Voss. Raid time is approaching, so I log over to Van. There are three of us online … me, Slice, and Sorak. Ado is in vent, Arv is on Wow … that doesn’t add up to 8. Some discussion goes around about raiding in WoW instead while Sorak is busy making calls to his ToR buddies to figure out what’s going on. We determine that we can probably get 9 logged in on WoW. Then Sorak comes back with the official word … ToR is dead. Half the people are ready to call it quits, the other half are all rerolling to a couple of other servers. Mutha …

Ok. It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming. They’ve all been talking about D3 for months. And ToR was never actually supposed to be a permanent move for the SR group; it was just filler content to get us through the final months of Cata. But .. I don’t play that way. If I’m in, I’m in. I get attached. I want to see it all, try it all, get all of the codex entries, and datacrons, and … sigh. This is *exactly* why I resisted in the first place and had to practically be dragged kicking and screaming into the game after months of protest.

So, the raid (and game) is called. Arv and Zari want to work on some more achievements but I just can’t, not at that moment. I ask Sorak for the names of the servers again. The Fatman for Imperial side. Wait. That sounds familiar. Yes. It’s Burek’s server. Well, at least I would know someone else there. I look it up in the server list. Oh boy. Not only is it PvP, but it is full and there is a 10 minute queue to log on. I go ahead and wait in queue while I listen to the chatter in vent. I recreate Arelin and zone in to Korriban. Holy … 84 people on the planet. I remember what my lag is like on Darth Bandan with 100 people on the fleet, and imagine what it must be like on THIS server if there are 84 on Korriban alone. Um, yeah … any other bright ideas? owait … I think I DO have one!

I email Pieman. Dude, what’s your imp server and your character name there so I can find you? He tells me and I repeat the process of recreating Arelin. This server is RP-PvE and the population is listed as standard. There are 34 on Korriban here. Still sounds high to me but I realize why later on when I make it far enough in my questing to enter the Academy. It only makes sense that the Sith Academy itself would be a popular location for RP. And if you’re thinking Goldshire, don’t. I saw nothing strange or unseemly in the RP that I observed there. Well, ok, there was one person looking for a master in general chat, but they were quickly and gently steered towards other avenues besides general chat to find others to RP with.

Pie was actually on, so I whispered him. He got one of the officers from his guild to whisper me. He asked me a few questions, discussed the guild rules (omg a guild that actually HAS rules!) and the website (WRITTEN RULES!! <3), recommended getting Mumble, and extended an invite. There were TEN people online. So now I have a new Arelin with a new guild on a new server.

I don’t *want* to abandon my toons on DB. Van has Containment Officer, they all have Rakling pets, then there’s the legacy-bound Tauntaun Ram pet … but I don’t want to play by myself, either. Even if I never raid again, I want to at least have a community to belong to while I dink around. This guild seems like it will be a good fit, and I’m certainly not averse to a little RP now and again. And I can always hold out hope that server transfers will happen soon. Not sure what that might mean for original Arelin since I’ve stolen his name and face for this replacement. But I’ll cross that bridge if and when I come to it.

So, I guess this is goodbye, Agent Van. I love you …

(dammit now I’m crying again. See what your 7-day trial caused, Sorak! *shakes fist*)


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11 Responses to “Joining the 400,000”

  1. forthepie Says:

    Our guild isn’t really into RP…but our alliance guild is, so there’s that. Plus there is RP going on the server. I just wish they would learn to spell/type. Welcome to The Last Exile, we need another tank so…/push hurry!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    I’m sorry hun! I will eventually be playing again in ToR once I’ve kicked my Skyrim habit.

  3. Sorak Says:

    I blame Slice!

    I also blame Badoe and Arv leaving us for nerd points!

  4. Arvash Says:

    Sorry, but ToR was never going to be a long term game for me. I’m glad I tried it out, swinging dual swoosh swooshes, getting to level cap, experiencing Operations, etc. But like you said, there are many other things coming out that I’d rather devote my time too, D3, MoP, uc’ing Nipple Cow, defending the crown, etc. Hmmm….I need to finish up my story line though, I should be back on ToR….for at least another 10 minutes.

  5. slice213 Says:

    I blame Slice as well!

  6. forthepie Says:

    I blame cake.

  7. Leit Says:

    84 people in a zone is a lot? o.O Give or take 4 and that’s… Tol Barad, most days.

    Mind giving some context here? I mean, is it actually more like 84 people hanging out in Teldrassil or Silvermoon? Or at Crossroads?

    (question marks are so pleasantly round and shapely. mmm.)

  8. forthepie Says:

    The Imperial Fleet is pretty small and they do have some performance issues when the fleet becomes crowded. Part of the issue is that there are a lot of “enviromental” things going on and it causes some video stress. Korriban is one of the smallest “planets” and it also has a lot of envrionmental things. Shadows in the caves can really crunch older or lower capable comps.

    We have about 115 people in fleet during a normal night. TOR just pushes your comp a bit more than WOW, but they are still working to increase the performance.

  9. Leit Says:

    Ah. ToR’s always going to have “performance stress” if they’re being compared to an 8 year old engine that could probably run on a decent smartphone.

  10. repgrind Says:

    The context was a direct comparison of Korriban population. 84 on that full server, 34 on the RP server, and probably something more like 19 on the server I started on. Compared to 19, 84 is a lot!

    For a WoW comparison? Hmm … 84 in Durotar?

  11. Leit Says:

    Wow. Unless you’re counting Org as part of Durotar, that’s pretty damn good. (and yeah, I need the WoW context… it’s my only MMO so far :\ )

    ToR’s sub figures seem to be holding steady compared to the would-be wow-killers that preceded it, so as long as you make a few buddies there should be no fear of having to play alone. 😀

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