Datacron Hunting: Hutta

I confess … running around finding these by chance sounds like fun, but there are some in places that I just would never find without looking them up. So I did read a guide or two either before I went hunting or after I’d found the easy ones. I’ll be posting a series of these as I play around on each planet. They won’t be guides though, just shots of me standing by them and maybe a few words about my search. In fact, I’m not even going to give exact locations. There are plenty of good guides already in existence elsewhere.

So let’s start at the beginning. For Van, that means Hutta.

The first one was really easy. There aren’t really any mobs in the way, so even an at-level toon can get to this one with minimal effort.

The second one requires some mob removal, as well as a small bit of jumping/pipe walking. I don’t want to admit how many times Van fell off the pipe. All this datacron hunting HAS improved my skills though; I didn’t miss a single jump in our mob-skipping route through Boarding Party on Sunday night! Also … check out that skyline and tell me Hutta isn’t beautiful.

The final one won’t be easy for low levels to acquire outside of a group. It is in a heroic area and guarded by a champion-level droid. Van had fun running through here tossing grenades that would one-shot entire groups though. Good times.

I also rode around trying to find all of the lore objects and bestiary and whatnot to fill out the codex. That proved to be a waste of time because my codex was bugging out. I’d find a lore object and it wouldn’t update. I tried logging out and back in, and that updated my datacrons, but I was still missing lore items. I gave up and moved on.

Next up … well I guess I need Korriban too ya? I’ve posted two of them I think, but not as part of this ‘offical’ series, and I haven’t sent anyone to pick up the third, so I better get on that.


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3 Responses to “Datacron Hunting: Hutta”

  1. Skaggy Doughnut Says:

    Hunting datacrons is indeed good fun and the more in the group the merrier the hunt. Hutta is a good place to start but I must admit if I had a datacron for each time I fell off that pipe I would be finished with them by now !

    As a guild we recently spent the best part of an afternoon getting the final datacron and I must say it is a challenge and a half !

  2. repgrind Says:

    You mean that FINAL one final one? I read about that. Sounds pretty crazy!

    I love that they added something like this into the game though. It’s like a bonus mini-game! I just wish the codex wasn’t so buggy but I guess as far as gameplay bugs go it’s technically a minor issue.

  3. Mr. Meh Says:

    That +10 datacron is always a hassle. Take 4 people, anymore and it’s all a hold up.

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