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Revisiting the Rainbow

May 31, 2012

Well, I finally made it through that darn spider cave on nightmare.

I played for quite awhile on the WD and only died twice the entire night. I’m not sure what changed so drastically from one day to the next … maybe I just got lucky. I did change up what I was using a little bit. I liked my flaming skulls, but the damage is just too spread out. So I loaded up the poison dart, and after another treasure goblin escaped on me, I runed it with the snare. That boosted my single target damage considerably. Then I replace my beloved icky eels with haunt, runed for life regen. The zombie dogs went away in favor of spirit walk so I have an emergency escape if I get mobbed, and I use the soul gather thing runed to heal me, which also gives me that intellect boost, hence more damage. The only AoE I kept was the acid cloud. For most mobs I just pew pew, but if I see anything with a colored name, the first thing I do is run and let Kormac and Gigantorzombie pick them up and get aggro. Then I run around in circles screaming while keeping haunt up on as many as I can and shooting poison darts to slow any that might be getting too close. Ok, fine, I stop close by the mobs sometimes to gather souls. But I try to stay away from melee range for the most part and it seems to be working.

While I was playing the WD, an old friend was just starting his first character. So I was answering questions for him as I was playing, and once he got up to level 9 I hopped over to my secret stash, grabbed some gear for him, and joined him on my monk. I know some of you out there will recognize this name … Bloodfrenzy!

Later on another person popped into our party … surprise! Ohai Arv!

Now, my monk had already been to the rainbow, so she backtracked quite a ways to rerun the quests we did. But who cares! It was a lot of fun running around following someone who had never seen the content before. I was perfectly content to just kill shit. Naturally, I made them pose for a screenshot when we reached the rainbow.

Good times! Now if only D3 had a /dance emote ….

Another One Finds the Rainbow

May 30, 2012

I even found Miss ‘I Level Solo’ Lyssi to tag along on my least favorite dungeon and kill spiders with me.

Zarhym Has a Body!

May 28, 2012

Or at least he did, until he met my hardcore barbarian lady. Now he’s back to being nothing more than a floating skull.

I gave hardcore a try on Saturday with a witch doctor, and got totally pwned by the Jar of Souls event at level 7. So last night I figured I’d try again, but this time with the barbarian. Nothing goes toe to toe with large groups of mobs quite like cleave. Shortly after midnight, I got the level 10 achievement I had been aiming for.

I was going to stop there. I was a bit apprehensive about facing the Skeleton King. I mean after all, I’d failed miserably on my first barbarian. Then again I figured I was a couple levels higher and had learned a lot since then … this one was level 10 and fully prepared. I suppose I could have reset the final floor or something but … meh. I decided to go for it.

Too bad it was so late when I finished this. There weren’t as many people on to see it. Heh. Oh well. Now I have to decide whether to keep going or call it good. Heck, my normal barbarian had no problems one-shotting the Butcher .. surely this one can do it, too! It would be a shame not to put this mighty weapon to use that the Skeleton King so graciously dropped for her.

A New Tradition

May 24, 2012

You remember how I used to post a shot of each one of my toons as they passed through the Dark Portal into Outlands? It was sort of a rite of passage that each one got screencapped. Well, after Monday’s little adventure where 3 of us all posted shots of our D3 characters in the same spot (and I later stumbled upon a blog that I haven’t read before with another of the same pose) I have decided that each one of my toons that passes the spot will get their own screenshot. So here is my barbarian posing by the rainbow. Stunnah wouldn’t stand still long enough for his wizard to be in it though. heh.