Roz of the Desert

So, you know how I said on Friday that Roz was parked until the event is over because I’ve seen enough of Tatooine? And I was going to get Kroy off of Korriban instead? Well, that part was done on Saturday. Here he is on the Fleet checking out his shiny new offhand saber.

Sexy! But I got as far as picking up the bind point at the Wall on Dromund Kaas yesterday and … just wasn’t feeling it. I guess it’s too soon for a fourth trip through DK. I logged him out right in the middle of the jungle and popped over to Kerick. CtA was up so I figured what the heck. Yeah. What was I thinking. End Time, fortunately on the final boss. Good DK tank, two ele shaman, and a warrior. Wait back that up a second. TWO shaman ya? And neither one knew how to hit the $@%@ hourglass or hit heroism. High point of the encounter was when the tank called for lust. I laughed and said heroism and we got it. But seriously … I don’t like to sound like an elitist jerk, but this late in the xpac people should know how to play their toons. I collected my goodie bag (complete with a dragonhawk pet that I had JUST purchased on the neutral AH on Friday night, go figure) and got out of Dodge.

So, back on ToR. You know what? I feel like playing Roz. So what if he’s heading for Tatooine. I mean, it’s not like I don’t *like* the place. So I got there and as I’m going around town doing the introductory questline, picking up barrels of whatever … I hear the telltale humming sound of a datacron. It’s very faint and probably not even noticeable if you don’t know what it is. But now that I’ve heard them and found a few, I am always on the lookout. So I spot it on a roof across the street from the market area, on the building the bank is in. And I run circles around town trying to figure out how to get up there.

So close yet so far. As I was standing here on this rock ledge, a sorcerer came along and asked whether I was looking for something. I nodded over yonder at the datacron and he said he thought he knew how to get it. So I followed HIM in circles until he decided to google it. It turns out I had been on the right track. At one point I had actually been standing looking at the thing you have to jump on to start off the obstacle course of nightmares. This thing right here.

Then you run across that thing onto the other roof and down to another roof and across a wall and over a thing sticking out of the wall until you are standing on this ledge looking at this lovely narrow set of girders that you have to jump on.

Yeah. I fell so many times there that my Pale Rakling gave up trying to follow me and wedged himself into the wall and stayed there until I later dismissed and resummoned him. Eventually though I finally made it past that part and onto the walkway that leads to another pair of tricky jumps onto pipes. You can see them in the background on that last screenshot … the circular thing sticking out of the wall and the pipe just to the left of it. I never did make those. My new buddy Vandel eventually did though, and had some fun using Force Pull to grip me to him. Well, I guess I *am* using the Flyboy title. Heh. The rest of the jumps after that were cake, and we soon arrived at our goal. And had a dance party, naturally.

So I collected my +3 cunning (lol), Vandel logged off, and I went about finishing my quests. I finished up the first round of quests just outside of Mos Ila, and got to the part where Andronikos Revel joins me as a guest prior to becoming a full-on member of my crew. I checked him out. No, that doesn’t mean I took his clothes off! (although the thought is tempting) Hmm … double blaster sniper like Vette and Temple. So we can go in as double dps and I can flail around and hope to survive. I was already doing that with Khem. Especially the flailing part. Neither dps spec had really taken hold for me. So I figured, now that I have Andy, I can go respec and pretend to be an awesomesauce light-armor tank like Zevaris. So I flew back to the fleet and respecced as tank. And got infected and blew up, of course.

Back to Tat, Andy in tow … we have a Jawa shaman to kill. That one single quest was enough to sell me on it. We’d come out of fights with me at nearly full health and not a single scratch on my blaster boy. I felt indestructible, invincible, like I could take on anything, including …


What?? Don’t look at me like that. I know, I KNOW … I’ve been killing those things in dailies on two toons a day since *last* Monday. But … he’s 26, he has his Custom-Built Speeder (thanks Hotsoup!), he knows where all the ship parts are thanks to Van and Arelin and most importantly for the one tucked away in the middle of a heroic area … he can stealth. I felt so confident in the new spec that I even jumped down in that cave with the elites in it and collected the willpower datacron from the ledge over the Sand People daily area. And no, I didn’t stealth past a single thing in there … each and every one fell to my double-bladed saber and Andy’s blasters.

I blew up literally 3 seconds after I took that screenshot.

So, that cleared up some of the indecision on what to spend the rest of my DNA on. Obviously, Van and Arelin can’t let the third string alt have both rakghoul pets when they each only have one. So that’s 120 DNA spoken for, leaving me with another 40ish plus however many I get tonight between the three toons. Thus, the final question comes down to whether I get a Pale Rakling for Kroy, or I buy a color crystal. And if I do, do I get one for Arelin, who’s already 35, or do I get one for Roz to stick in his bank until he’s 31? (He hit 27 turning in the daily at the mission box to end the night.) Ugh, fine, so maybe it didn’t clear up anything at all. =P


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12 Responses to “Roz of the Desert”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Do you know how long the event is going on for?

  2. repgrind Says:

    It ends tonight (technically tomorrow) at 2am CDT I believe.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Yay!! Then I can stop getting infected every time I go to the fleet!

  4. repgrind Says:

    But it’s fun! I love exploding. I’m going to miss it. 😦

  5. koalabear21 Says:

    Yeah I am not a fan. Getting stopped in the middle of a fight to bend over and groan just gives the mobs more of a chance to kill me.

  6. repgrind Says:

    You shoulda said something sooner. I’d have been happy to send you stacks of those useless vaccines I’ve been getting from the dailies that I never use because I WANT to blow up. =P

  7. koalabear21 Says:

    Not a big deal. I’ve just been avoiding the fleet. Nice to know I can go back soon though.

    I’ve been having too much fun in Skyrim to want to play anything else. I should probably get my warrior to 30 and finish the sorc with Slice. I think we are 47 now. I know I dinged 27 yesterday before I got distracted by breakfast.

  8. repgrind Says:

    27 eh? Does she like sexy pureblood Sith assassins? 😉

    Oh crap, I left my Sith are sexy tag off. Must remedy that.

  9. forthepie Says:

    I got the crimson rakghoul on my 3 characters high enough to do the quests, and the title on Peperic. Not that it matters, he only carries the Relentless title.

    Hoping they announce server transfers to the rest of the world soon. I want to combine my team into one server. Now to figure out which one.

  10. koalabear21 Says:

    Well her Sith corruption is starting to show. She has been making eyes at Quinn and for the most part he is enjoying it.

    I just got her to Tatooine but haven’t done more than pick up the starter quests. You’ll probably end up passing me with how Skyrim owns all of my free time.

  11. repgrind Says:

    Quinn. Heh. I amuse myself by using Punish on him and watching him cry and heal himself.

  12. I Still Love Tatooine « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] in Mos Ila itself, I decided I was getting that datacron on the roof even if it took all night. Last time I got it Roz had a sorcerer along with him who ended up pulling him up when they finally managed to make the […]

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