Welcome to Eternity Vault

Wait, what? No Dragon Soul?? That’s right, bitches, now that Arv and I hit 50, they wasted no time in getting the very first official guild operation on the calendar. So after I finished up my rakghoul dailies on both characters, I used my fleet pass to return to Vaiken Spacedock. This is the scene that greeted me once I was fully loaded in …

Yeah. Ouch. So of course, I stood around in it and collected some rakghoul DNA for myself while we waited for everyone to log on. We ended up short only one person, so we pugged a very nice sorceror to fill that last spot and off we went. I had read about the fights beforehand so I had a little bit of an idea of what to do, but of course we also had the old reliable Adoe Addon with us, and he has pugged this stuff multiple times on multiple difficulties so he was well prepared to guide us through.

First boss is right inside, so while Adoe is giving us explanations, Arv gets too close and gets creamed for the first of his many deaths over the course of the night. Must be pretty tough going from an indestructible prot pally to a squishy dps. Someone battle rezzed him and we killed the boss. Belatedly, I remembered that I should be taking screenshots. Heck, these aren’t just first kills for me, they’re the guild’s first official kills as well!

Green clouds are good, mmkay?

Moving on. Next up we have Echo of Baine …. er ….. what’s this thing’s name? Oh, Gharj. Whatever he is, he does a stomp, and new islands keep appearing, and you have to run to them and I have no idea why.

The third boss is … a puzzle. Literally. There are two columns with four things on them that you turn and you have to get the correct symbols showing on each and both sides have to do it at the same time and … yeah. As you’re doing this, adds are coming out on both sides. So each side has one tank, one heals, and two dps, one of whom will be busy most of the time turning the things on the column. There was much death, even on the time that we finally succeeded.

The adds that you can see in the screenshot there don’t disappear when you successfully complete the columns, you still have to kill them. At the actual end, Zevaris and I were the only two left standing, and we had two big adds on our side when the other side was wiped out, sending their add over to visit us as well. He kited them around in circles, and I somehow kept him alive … although I had a few moments of panic when I ran out of energy and was all like ‘omg omg now what do I dooooooo’ but some fast thinking and a quick diagnostic scan got me back in business. Now, if I had only remembered that I have a freaking battle rez and even put it on my bar before the raid … oops? Oh well. We won. Mad props to Zug for the awesome kiting demonstration.

The next boss Arv has affectionately dubbed ‘faction champs’. Eight bosses, each player is assigned one and has to kill it. Yes, even the healers. There is no helping others in any way. Want to guess whose boss died last? Yeah, laugh all you want … we won, didn’t we?

And that brings us to … Soa. SOB is more like it. O.M.G. Eff you Soa. Seriously. Falling platforms, fall damage that has to be healed between jumps but don’t take too long or you’ll fall behind! Couple that with the craptastic abilities that pass for aoe healing on a merc and an operative and you have plenty of recipe for fayle. (The merc healing looked like a lot of fun though … shooting people with a pair of blaster pistols that shoot green healy goo ftw. Maybe I’ll level mine someday … ) We finally had Sorak go respec real quick and tried 3 healing it just to get through the mechanics of the platforms and get to see all of the phases, but we didn’t have enough dps then and hit an enrage, and it was past quitting time by then anyway. But for a first night, and dragging through fresh 50s like Arv and me, it went pretty well. They’re already talking about moving up to hard mode next week.

Back at the main section of the fleet, I turned in my token for a new vibroknife, and spent some of my commendations for the lowest tier chestpiece to give me the 2 piece bonus. Sadly, that meant changing the look that I had been wearing since Dromund Kaas.

Yeeeeeeeeeah. Hoods on assassins? Badass. Hood on Van? Suck ass. >.<

Oh, I almost left out the best part. While Adoe is giving us explanations before Soa, Sorak force pulled Slice off the platform and they both fell to their deaths. It was soooo awesome.


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18 Responses to “Welcome to Eternity Vault”

  1. slice213 Says:

    my thought when falling (thanks to Sorak) was….”why am i falling…..”

    I should have know better then Sorak asked how long was the run back in ><

    Soa now that people now the platforms better will be better healing wise IMO.

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats to everyone! While you were raiding, I was killing ghouls and looting treasure in Skyrim! 😀

  3. repgrind Says:

    Killing Sorak > killing ghouls

  4. forthepie Says:

    Damn, I’ll never catch you guys. Come on BW, release server transfers!

  5. repgrind Says:

    Sure you will. Rumour has it that several people will be taking a break next month when D3 comes out.

  6. Arvash Says:

    Moog tanking, me deeps and Sorak solving rubix puzzles? Unpossible.

  7. forthepie Says:

    Well hopefully, when server transfers open, I’ll have a 50 (pretty fresh) BH, a Sniper who is approaching 40 and a 43 Jedi Sage. I am going to spend most of my time working on the sniper as he can help me get my legacy level higher before the transfer. Sadly, he has to change his name, Zed is not available on DB

  8. repgrind Says:

    Heh. My first thought upon reading that was “Dawnbringer? We left that server ages ago!”

  9. forthepie Says:

    It’s the circle of life…

  10. gromitdaddy Says:

    Yeah, and I was just rolling around karate chopping and spin kicking mobs 🙂

  11. gromitdaddy Says:

    But it’s seriously hard playing anything one-handed

  12. repgrind Says:

    (do not say it. do not say it. do not say it.)

    See? I’m capable of behaving …

  13. forthepie Says:

    The internet is for…

  14. koalabear21 Says:


    LOVE Avenue Q

  15. repgrind Says:

  16. forthepie Says:

    Sleazing up a blog near you!

  17. repgrind Says:

    /blame Sorak

  18. gromitdaddy Says:

    Need to figure out how to put a pic herezz

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