Yes, this post will have more screenshots of alts. Don’t worry, Van got leveled too! He hit 46 last night, and right afterwards, Moog took him and Arv and Hotsoup to … Red Ryder? Red Rover? Oh yeah … Red Reaver. Compared to the pug Colicoid War Games I healed a few nights ago, there was little challenge here. Yay for geared tanks that outlevel the FP! Van got a nice rifle that was an upgrade over the one he had equipped. I like its graphic better, too. The high point of the evening was when Arv got knocked off a bridge to his death. Sorry Arv, but you KNOW that was freaking hilarious. And then on the last fight, we really had no idea what to do with the adds … I guess there’s a certain way to kill them … so it took like 10 minutes … but it was GREAT practice at keeping my buff up and keeping probe stacks on everyone. If done properly, I can go forever without running out of energy. Hey, it IS just like playing a paladin! >.>

Ugh, why did I not take any screenshots?! /headdesk
Oh well, I’m sure there will be many FPs in Van’s future. I’ll just have to get some then.

After that, I logged on Arelin and headed out in the desert to finish up his quests. You know how he couldn’t do that last class quest until he brought Quinn for heals? Yeah, well … on this next one, the bitches knock out his companion and make him fight two strong mobs at once. He’s 27, they’re both 28. His strongest healing packs are for level 24 so they’re .. meh. I gave up after awhile and figured I’d come back later after I level once. He did ding at the end of the night, and besides being able to now use the level 28 stims, he also learned a new last stand type ability that increases his health by 30% for x number of seconds. I also replaced a couple of his mods with ones that have higher endurance. I’m hoping that I can keep him up long enough to down one of them next time. Of course, I am going on the assumption that once I beat one, that one will stay down. We’ll see.

Anyhow, once I gave up on that I still had the rest of the Czerka stuff to take care of. While I was deep inside the Czerka Labs, this person started announcing in general chat that they had already taken the balloon ride and would force pull anyone up to get the datacrons that wanted them. Well, I’ve been reading some, so I know what datacrons are, and had considered going hunting for some, but ultimately decided that could be put off until Van gets to 50. I know that some require more than one player in order to reach, as well. And here we have someone offering to help players get some … very vocally I might add. So when I finished my questing and she was still advertising, I responded. She invited me to a group and I hopped on my speeder and rode across the sands to the far edge of the zone. She pulled me up, still mounted, and there it was.

This was taken after I had already clicked on it. Beforehand, it had a triangle floating above it, like the ones that indicate an available quest. This one gave me a blue matrix shard. These go into your mission items tab, and once you have three, they can be combined to create an item for your relic slot. Different color combinations do different things.  I recommend the article ‘Datacrons, Matrix Shards and What To Do With Them’ for more information on them.

There is a second one off a small platform below this one. This sorcerer who was offering the help, Kaelea, was SO AWESOME. She told me where to jump down, how far to RP walk along the edge, had me look down and spot the ledge I needed to be on, and instructed me to back slowly off the edge so I would fall and land just on the edge of the small platform. The datacron itself was nestled into a small alcove there. This time I took a screenshot before clicking it, so you can see what it looks like when you first locate it.

This one gave him a permanent increase to his strength. Plus 3 I believe.

Kaelea was still advertising in general as I rode off and headed back to turn in my quests and train my new skills. She was even encouraging people who were there on alts to get their mains, guildies, etc. I briefly considered it, but decided that I really want Van to experience the balloon ride himself. Stupid? Perhaps. But it’s all part of experiencing everything the game has to offer. So yeah … my alt gets datacrons before my main. Reminds me of a certain troll I know …


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5 Responses to “Datacrons!”

  1. forthepie Says:

    I am concerned that at some point datacrons will be required for raiding. That will make me sad. I suck at jumping games.

  2. Sorak Says:

    From what Adoe tells me, nightmare modes are a cake walk. I doubt you’ll need the extra padding from datacrons.

    What we do need are more lvl 50’s!

    Get shit done!!!!!

  3. Ado Says:

    We’ll need some people on tonight to do the new FP and start getting black hole comendations. I’m looking at you Sorak!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Sorak texted me before I even left home for work. He’s downloading the patch. I expect by tonight he’ll have already done everything and be back to watching Narutard.

  5. forthepie Says:

    Do you guys hear that? The weeping and gnashing of teeth from the PvP players who are /ragequit and maybe even /wrists because BW pulled ranked WZ from the patch at the last minute?

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