Van Gets a GF!

Time for an update on what my characters have been up to over the weekend. Along with this screenshot of Roz in his newest gear because, well, if he’s not the center of attention he might shoot me with lightning.

Agent Van has hit level 40. Arv, son, you’re slacking … I’ve caught up to you! Hoth was fun, although I’d gladly trade my speeder for a Tauntaun any day. I say *was* because, well, I finished all of the regular quests there before I hit 40. I went there at 37 like I was supposed to. But it says the planet is 37-41! I guess they expect you to do group quests or PvP or Flashpoints as part of the experience. Bleh. Sure, there are always people looking for groups, but if I’m in the middle of a questline, I don’t want to stop and go run somewhere else to do group stuff with strangers. Flashpoints … without an LFD? How do I even find people who are looking? I’m not going to stand around the Imperial Fleet doing nothing while I try to find a group. Sorak, of all people, said it best when he told one of the other guildies that the best way to gain xp is ABQ (Always Be Questing). Of course, killing all the mobs in your path instead of stealthing past them probably helps, too. Bad Van! xD

So, maybe I will try PvP once just to see how much I suck at it. I did buy starship upgrades and try those. Of course, the ones I was doing were 20 levels below me, but hey … if that’s what it takes for me to get the hang of it, then that’s what I’ll do.

Oh, yeah, the GF part. He picked up Ensign Temple on Hoth. Unlike Kaliyo, Raina *likes* his light side choices. And she’s cute. I did buy her a customization, but I haven’t decided for sure whether she’s gonna use it or not. She wasn’t quite as tough as Vector when I first got her, but I dug some of Van’s old orange gear out of the bank (yes, I hoard! You all know this) and modded it up for her. Only one complaint … WTB the ability to turn off companion headgear plz!

Arelin hit level 23. He feels very powerful, force charging into action, smashing opponents left and right. I sometimes have trouble on elites, but I’ve learned how to make use of saber ward plus the heroic moment ability to get a second one … and usually manage to time it so I taunt off Vette just before she gets killed. Balancing his light/dark to stay in the gray can be a challenge. He’s sitting at +750, so I basically need to choose dark whenever it doesn’t cause Vette to lose affection. But it’s pretty fun to see how she has affected him and softened him up, especially in their private conversations.

One of the lockboxes that Quinn brought back from a treasure finding mission had blue pants that were an upgrade. So of course, I put them on. Imagine my horror when they turned out to be a skirt! Seriously. A skirt … on a Juggernaut! HOW is this heavy armor? I know, I know … I have no problem with it on my paladins (hell, I dress them in tier skirts on purpose) but Arelin is no paladin! This is like putting a skirt on a warrior. Not. Cool. He doesn’t look scary at all now.

Huh. You know, I just realized … Van and Arelin now BOTH have chicks that dual-wield pistols.

Roz’ziel is up to 18. He got that hooded top on Dromund Kaas and omg … I luvs it so much. And it’s orange! So get used to seeing it, because it’s not going anywhere for a looooooong time. And that headpiece is even better than the first one. As for his questing … he feels a lot like Arelin in many ways. I’m not sure he’d survive as well if he didn’t have a tank companion … then again, he might. But having a melee tank like Khemmy means that he has opportunities to get behind his enemies and maul them.

His choices are pretty easy … I think he’s got exactly 50 light side points, still from that quest in the tomb of Naga Sadow. Van tries to always be diplomatic and even-tempered and professional…although he *can* be pushed over the edge but it takes a LOT. Roz is basically the opposite, and is pretty much the ‘typical’ Sith. He treats everyone around him as if he is their superior. He is quick to anger, takes sadistic pleasure in torturing others, and always follows a policy of ‘shoot first ask questions later.'(or stab first .. w/e) Khemmy loves him for being an arrogant badass. Too bad he’ll never have a girl.

Also … well, Balmorra the third time through is growing on me. The music has always been great … it’s my favorite in the game, actually. I have zoned into the space port there and just stood around enjoying it while I’m eating dinner.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Side note: Have you seen any interesting player names in game? The Legacy system has allowed people to come up with some fun ones. So far my favorites that I have seen are Clint Eastwood and Brick Jaymes. I’m willing to bet there’s a Chuck Norris out there somewhere too .. probably one on every server.


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5 Responses to “Van Gets a GF!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    So why no pictures of Van’s GF? Now I’m imagining that she’s actually a protocol droid. With a little bow on her head.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I don’t take that many because I hate the way they don’t come in widescreen format.

  3. Slice Says:

    lol grats on 40

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats! You have officially beat me in leveling. Maybe once I finally kick this cold I will want to play again.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    Now I know why people like SW:TOR better than WoW, virtual girlfriends!

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