Legendary Crits

Or: Now I REALLY Don’t Have to See Firelands Ever Again (Unless I Want a Purple Birdie)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been firm on my ‘Just Say NO To ToR’ bandwagon. I held out along with Zari and a couple of others in the SR ToR Haters’ Club. One of the others transferred off the server. Arv … he caved and started playing ToR when someone had an extra copy lying around and gave it to him. Literally everyone else in SR, including former members who have left WoW, is playing. Sorak has been on me to join them since … well, since before it was even released. Last week, he dangled the 7-day Free Trial carrot in front of me. I told Zari I was just saying yes to appease Sorak and get him off my back. I could claim it wouldn’t run on my cpu … I could get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to download 25gigs at 230kb/s and say screw this … I could play an hour or two and say I didn’t like it …

None of that happened. Ok, the second part almost did … good GOD that’s a long freaking download on my slow ass old school DSL. But it was worth the wait. I’d looked up the classes ahead of time, so I wouldn’t waste playing time figuring that out on the character creation screen.  I don’t know if I just happened to choose well, or if all of the classes are this interesting and engaging … but Agent Vanicus hit level 15 before I logged off last night. I can see myself having multiple Imperial Agents in the future, because I love the cover system and really had a hard time choosing Operative over Sniper … but the healer in me won out.

Ok, I could go on and on but I’d better get to the WoW content, eh? The point of all this is, I forced myself to log out of ToR Sunday night to show up and see if our final Rag kill in Firelands was going to go off. That meant that Ado and Shady had to log out too, and then we talked Slice and Lyssi into joining us. We managed to scrabble together 10 players and headed on in. It took a couple of pulls to work out the kinks, especially since a couple people either hadn’t been there or were there in alternate roles.  But …

Falahla grabbed the heart and off we went to Stormwind.

Then we all crowded around outside the guild vendor’s shop, much like we did after the guild hit max level, and sat around admiring our Lil’ Tarecgosas.

I actually did not run right back to ToR afterwards. Fyuria wanted me to craft a Vial for him, so I hopped on Karius and helped him out with that. And of course, my reward was the first ride.

Then I decided that Karius’ outfit was really bad and spent 45 minutes mogging a new one … yes, for a toon that collects dust. No, you can’t see it … it isn’t finished yet. =P

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32 Responses to “Legendary Crits”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Everyone loves the dark side, we have cookies 😀

  2. Analogue Says:

    Silly Sorak….

  3. Sorak Says:

    Ana you should play w/ us in ToR!

    Nothing like having someone smash the butt end of a rifle into a republic citizen to make you smile!

  4. Ado Says:

    And then gunning down said citizen’s crew.


  5. Arvash Says:

    And stabbing them with dual swoosh swoosh!

  6. zarigar Says:

  7. repgrind Says:

    See Zari? They’re so evil! They need me and my Light 1 rating to counter their darkness.

  8. Sorak Says:

    Actually we need you to stop reading and continue to space bar!!!!!!!

  9. repgrind Says:

    Space bars are for jumping …

    and how else am I supposed to know why I’m there or what the mission is if I don’t read/listen to the conversations? Dur.

    Black Talon seemed incredibly long for a first flashpoint. I shudder to think what it must be like in an at-level group instead of having a level 50 decimate everything for me. Of course, the best parts were when my choices overrode yours and we saved the captain and took the traitor general captive instead of killing him. 😀

  10. Sorak Says:

    Actually BT is the shortest FP there is….

    You’d know if you’d space bar!!!!!!!!!

    O btw….

    Grats Shady on bigger staff!

  11. Troutwort Says:

    I’m with Zari on this one. 😉

  12. slice213 Says:

    highfive for lightside points!

  13. Arvash Says:

    Lightsiders are weak, they don’t know the real powah of the Darkside!

    Oh, BTW, you Lightsiders can go Republic, don’t taint the Empire with that mess, kkthxbai

  14. repgrind Says:

    I know a certain marauder who will not be getting any heals in the future.

    You better kick it in gear, boy! I’m catching up … only 7 levels behind!

  15. Arvash Says:

    Pffttt….that’s what companions are for, no need for any Lightsider heals

  16. repgrind Says:

    Huh. Sorak uses his companion too, but not for heals. He dresses her like a tramp and slaps her across the face.

  17. Arvash Says:

    So you’re saying he’s Jabba and his tramp is Leia?

  18. repgrind Says:

    Dude, did you just call Sorak a Hutt? ROFL

  19. koalabear21 Says:

    Well if the giant worm suit fits . . .

  20. Sorak Says:

    <—-Large and in charge bitches!

  21. forthepie Says:

    Welcome to space. Wait until you get a ship then your hate for C2/2V will be complete.

    Also, what server are you former WOW folks playing on? All my other friends got caught up in PvP and I have no desire to play that gear game at 50. I do like the lower level PvP warzones but I really want story and PvE.

  22. Sorak Says:

    Darth Bandon
    Evil Empire!

    Come join us, we have cookies!

  23. Analogue Says:

    I was kind of ready to get back into SW when Mass Effect came along… and I only have limited gameplay hours if I’m ever going to get this novel done. But we’ll definitely stick bad guys over on your server if we decide to play some Sith.

    The Republic side is fun, though! I had a blast playing a Republic trooper for a weekend there. She was so earnest and dutiful, it was painful and awesome at the same time.

  24. repgrind Says:

    Republic is fun huh? But … my pureblood Sith warrior can smack his companion! Or will, once he gets one.

  25. ReversionLFM Says:

    Yes but I have a wookie.

  26. repgrind Says:

    Bares, wookies … I always knew you were a furry. :p

  27. forthepie Says:

    Wookies are freaking all win. He has an ability called Wookie Toss..which can get you in trouble when he tosses said mob into another group of mobs…but hey…

    I will say, once you get past Tython the Jedi stories are awesome. Tython is pure phail (20% more fail)…so much running and backtracking.

  28. repgrind Says:

    I think you mean fayle …

  29. AngerFork Says:

    Been holding out on the TOR bandwagon, but it’s becoming very tempting.

    Not sure that I really have time for another one though…but I do want to see the companions.

    What’s your fave class so far?

  30. repgrind Says:

    If you’re asking me … well, you probably shouldn’t, since I have one class at 15, one at 7, one at 6, and haven’t even tried the Inquisitor yet, which people say is a lot of fun. I probably like my Agent the best, but that’s a combination of liking the class itself as far as abilities and flavor, liking the class storyline, and liking my character’s appearance and personality (some of which is, admittedly, purely in my head as RP and not actually in the game).

  31. AngerFork Says:

    Actually, that makes you a perfect person to ask. I’ve long felt that it would be better if I could just get over the initial hump, but I couldn’t care enough about my characters to do so.

    Sounds pretty cool though!

  32. repgrind Says:

    Also, the more I read about Operative healing, the more anxious I am to get moar levels on my Agent and actually try it out. Damage dealing is fine for leveling, but it can’t hold my attention at end game like healing does.

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