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Sit Down Before Reading This

March 30, 2012

I am serious here. I have tears coming out the corners of my eyes and my elbow is killing me from hitting my funny bone when I fell off of my chair. It is that. Freaking. Hilarious.

Yes, it’s a ToR post … but it’s equally relevant to WoW, so no whining about moar ToR content, kk?

Server Types and You

Some of you may also notice a few new links in the blog list over there. As of right now they are not separated from WoW links. Perhaps they will be soon. The day is nearing an end though and I’m still surfing and finding awesome sites, so I have to put it off for now.

Screenshot Thursday: Sweet Headgear

March 29, 2012

For once, I am NOT hiding my helm. It  goes so well with Roz’s jewelry! If you look close, you can see his scar, too. It shows up much better in the conversation cinematics.

Yeah, that’s right. Even a badass, evil Sith needs good accessorization. (Is that a word? If not, well .. it is now, because Roz says so! Do not disagree with the word of a Sith.)

My Sith Boys

March 26, 2012

There will be WoW content on here again, I promise. Just … not today. =P

Friday night after downing Deathwing (see? WoW content!) I logged on Agent Van and got him to the end of his Chapter 1 storyline. And then proceeded to beat my head against the final boss for an hour or so. Dude … that last quest is A BITCH. I looked it up on Torhead and got a few ideas for strategies … and I did learn some things. Once my companion is down though, I’m reduced to kiting … and he has ways to immobilize me, but I have no way to slow HIM down. It takes him about two swings to smear my squishy healer butt into a new design on the floor. I’m bitching about it in chat to Arv, when Sorak logs on. He’s familiar with this quest and how buggy it is … although it would still be really tough even without the targeting bug … so he logs on Cayle and has me invite him and he comes and pounds the boss’s face in for me. And my legacy name wasn’t taken! Huzzah!!

After that, I decided that it was my turn to bash things in the face.  Or .. impale them on a lightsaber .. w/e.  So I spent some time with Arelin.  You remember him, right? Here’s a reminder …


Arelin started out as a badass. I mean, come on … a pureblood Sith, what else could he be, right? I was all like, yeah, he’s gonna be all dark and evil and … well, then he met Vette. And he tries to impress her … a Twi’lek slave! Like, what is he thinking, right? But he can’t help himself. And then he went through the initiation at the Revanite camp, and embraced their teachings. So now he seeks balance. He chooses dark side options when he feels the situation is right for it (i.e. choosing to kill someone who has done wrong) and light side options when appropriate, such as protecting innocents. Of course, this keeps his light/dark meter firmly within neutral territory. Revan would be proud. Yes, I can hear the peanut gallery out there ready to give me the speech about how you need to choose one or the other in order to get the best gear. I don’t care. This is who he is! His personality has grown and evolved as I have played with him. And I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with him. (Force Leap RAWRRRRRRRRR!!!!) So much so, that he is currently on that planet that I love to hate. Yes, you know the one …

To counter Arelin’s personality, and because Vector made me want to try an assassin, I made an Inquisitor. I gave him different hair, different jewelry, and a different scar … but he still came out looking like Arelin’s twin. I haven’t actually decided yet whether they are twins, or whether he should be a younger brother. I’m leaning towards younger brother. Yes Zari, that IS a mohawk.

Roz’jin was just … too troll. So I changed up the end of the name a bit to Roz’ziel. Roz thinks his brother is soft. He is all cold, dark hatred. He is in full agreement with the questgiver that believes pureblood Sith should be in charge of everyone else, and believes that non-Sith should be not allowed to learn to wield the Force. He did pick up some light points for feeding the alien in the tomb of Naga Sadow … his reasoning was that allowing the creature to grow strong and kill acolytes will involve a lot more fear and blood than stripping its power and letting it slowly starve to death. So, unlike Arelin, who cared whether the creature itself suffered or not, he only cared about creating more future violence.

Also, what is more badass than a lightsaber? No, Arv, two lightsabers is a good answer, but not the one I am looking for. How about … a double-bladed lightsaber?


It seems appropriate to me that the two brothers’ personalities turned out this way. After all, Arelin went the path of Juggernaut, which is capable of a tank role, protecting others. Roz went Assassin … ok, yes, they can tank too, but somehow a stealthy light-armor wearing tank is too weird for me to process.

P.S. If anyone knows how to change the settings so it will save screenshots in the same resolution as I am playing in, please do share. WoW saves them in 1440 x 900, why must ToR save them in non-widescreen icky 1024 x 768? It squishes them and makes everyone look anorexic and I HATES IT!

Oh Look – a Post!

March 23, 2012

Except I have nothing to say, really.

We did raid this week in SR. We are sooooooo close on Heroic Ultraxion, and it is extremely frustrating that we haven’t gotten him down. If one person dies, we are screwed, no matter how fast they pop or get b-rezzed. Oh well … an extra 5% is being taken off the boss health and damage again on Tuesday, so next time we raid, his head is going on our guild wall.

Agent Van is just shy of level 30. I’ve sort of been skipping over regular quests and fast-tracking his class storyline in an effort to get my Legacy sooner. I got the quest where Vector joins you as a guest, and was worried at first …like omg he wears light armor and isn’t a tank I hope I can keep him alive sort of anxiety. But as it turns out, he kills things so much faster than Kaliyo (who I have geared for damage reduction and shield absorption) that it actually works out better to have him along. So even though he’s not an official companion yet, I’ve already started gearing him up  (i.e. I crafted him an earpiece with my Cybertech). In fact, playing around with him has influenced my future character creation … Slice and Sorak can prance around in their sissy dresses and play with sparks … my light armor wearer is going Assassin yo!

Hmmm. There’s a good topic for discussion … my first WoW toons were ranged (hunter and mage) and …. well, I haven’t *really* played a ranged class since. Almost all of my playtime is on paladins and DKs. Yeah, my paladins are healers, but they melee for questing and dailies and the occasional raid boss. Agent Van is technically … well … he’s Operative not Sniper so I guess he counts as melee even though I play him like ranged, but he’s really a healer so I’m not sure what to count him as. So anyway, the point is, at one time I would have discounted the melee right away and picked the ranged class, but somewhere along the line my tastes flipped and now I am pretty comfortable with melee (prefer it actually) and even look at the class description and get excited when it mentions stealth. (Thank Agent Van for that .. omg the things I can sneak by!)

Ok. I know this was short and boring … not even a screenshot! … but there hasn’t been much to talk about and work has been extremely busy … stupid nice weather has jump-started the touristy season by a couple of months.