Sixth of Six 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. Arioch tagged me, and I said I was going to post it tomorrow … but I’m sick and there is no guarantee that I will get it done. So I’ll do it now. She also tagged Zari, so if I get mine done before him, I can tag people that he would tag and get away with it. Muahahahah.

I admit, I stole this part right off her page.

•The rules are as follows:
•Go in to your image folder.
•Open the sixth sub-folder and select the sixth image.
Profit! Publish.
•Challenge six more saps and link to them.

So … I don’t have subfolders, but I do have LOTS of screenshot folders, so I’ll just pick the sixth one in the list.

Yeah, that was back when I was running 10 AND 25 ICC twice a week on two toons … and filling in for alt runs on Kerick as well. Hey look! I beat Ado on the meter! *flex* Yeah, yeah, ranged and blood beasts blah blah blah.

So … my turn to tag.

1. Lyssi!  Zari, you can have Slice, I won’t be mean and steal them both.

2. Trout! I know he has screenshots, even though he doesn’t post them as often as he should.

3. Analogue! (or Rev … I just think of her first because .. you know .. healers …)

4. Bocat! Hopefully not a shot of her dead.

5. Grom! I bet he has some lying around somewhere, and we need to get him to post more often!

6. Hmm … how about Khizzara? She hasn’t posted in a long time, but I know she’s still playing. Maybe if I give her a poke it will get her back into the blogging mood.

Aight, I’m going to bed. Oh. Crap. There’s a raid in 2 hours. Um … nap then? Eff it .. maybe I’ll just log in and get my dailies done so Van stays on track to get his pet and mount from the holiday.

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12 Responses to “Sixth of Six 2012”

  1. Navimie Says:

    Yay! more screenies are awesome!

  2. Sixth… « Armaggedon's coming! Says:

    […] Sixth of Six 2012 by Repgrind […]

  3. Troutwort Says:

    I’m on it! I don’t have subfolders either!

  4. Analogue Says:

    I’ll see what I’ve got…

    That SS is from before Rev and I joined crits, you’ve got some old stuff!

  5. Screenshot Fun: 6 of 6 « Looking For More Says:

    […] Repgrind tagged me with a meme and I thought hey, why not. […]

  6. Arioch Says:

    8-10k DPS. Those were the days.

  7. And the Number of the Counting Shall Be Six | Says:

    […] Repgrind […]

  8. khizzara Says:

    I did it! I returned just for you! Don’t you feel special? :)

  9. Syrco Says:

    Oh, I remember when I did that many ICC runs a week, don’t miss it :P

  10. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Does that mean I have to find two screenshots? One for you and one for Rev? Sigh. Okay, when I have a few spare minutes at home :)

    Or maybe in the middle of a boss fight tonight? Then Ado won’t feel so pressured by my low dps.

  11. Sixth of Six 2012 Challenge « WoW Misadventures Says:

    […] just read this on Rep‘s site and I’m up for the […]

  12. 666 Times 2 « DoTs & HoTs – Damage over time is awesome! Says:

    […] I got tagged twice so I figured you bitches can have DOUBLE the […]

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