Van got enough Prize Tickets to spend on a mount at the Faire. I really should have gone to, I don’t know, Storm Peaks or something so I’d have a contrasting background, because this bear doesn’t show up very well. Use your imaginations I guess.


Now that I think about it … it would have been pretty cool to get the bird since Arv always rides the one he got from the TCG, we could hang out in front of the AH on them together … but I was won over by the bear’s dance. Plus, those birds are U-G-L-Y … kinda like Fayle. That won’t stop Kerick from grinding love tokens to get the holiday one though. Van is screwed since he has to actually do the holiday for the achievements.



What do you get when you combine Frenzied Regeneration, 130 stacks of Vital Spark, and the most awesome ass-saving spell in existence?

Totally makes going back to Firelands worth it just for that. Three or four more runs and our legendary will *finally* be finished!


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14 Responses to “Bears”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    You really do like laying your hands all over the tanks . . .

  2. ReversionLFM Says:

    Which is disturbing since both tanks have significant others in the raid… and they are both bears o.O

    Speaking of bears…. oh it DOES dance! NEEEEEeeeeeddd! Pardon me while I go home for lunch and run some Darkmoon dailes.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Oh come on, all that nice thick fur … I just want to pet them!

    That actually makes a lot more sense than laying my hands all over Arv’s and Fayle’s full sets of plate. =P

  4. Analogue Says:

    You can pet Squishi if you want, he’s MissP’s problem, just remember I’ve been working on my boomkin gear and know how to use Insect Swarm now…

  5. repgrind Says:

    *shrug* I can cleanse that, you know.

  6. Troutwort Says:

    Hmmm…that one spell was probably equal to the total amount of healing I did that entire fight.

    Also healing FL reminded me how critical it really is to have all you bitches STACK UP. I cry a little everytime I cast chain heal on someone and it doesn’t jump off them because they are aren’t holding hands with anyone.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Wow. How did Sorak get into Trout’s wordpress account?

  8. koalabear21 Says:

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

  9. Sorak Says:

    Cuz I’m awesome, bitches!

  10. wolfgangcat Says:

    Hope I have enough tickets this month to get the bear – it’s awesome!

  11. forthepie Says:

    My only critique:

    The last line should have been…

    Three or four more runs and our legen Wait for it dary will *finally* be finished!

  12. Troutwort Says:

    Healing rain is actually shaman tears because you won’t hold hands.

  13. Analogue Says:

    You know SOME of us healers are uber enough that we don’t HAVE to force people to stack….

  14. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Damn overachievers 🙂

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