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Ultra Disguises

February 29, 2012

As Slice has mentioned, we’ve been having some fayle on heroic Ultraxion. Morchok, no problem, we downed him in three pulls. Yorsah’j … ummmm … brutal. Just … brutal. Ultra though … it *seems* like we should be able to do it, we just need to tweak a couple of things and, well, have people hit their buttonz at the right times.

Ok so I need more than a couple of sentences saying ‘yeah we keep dying’ … so how about some screenshots? I am taking the first Hour of Twilight with Arvash, so I thought, ‘hey! I’ll get a cool screenshot of the two of us alone in the twilight realm!’ (hawt) Except … Arv unknowingly derailed my plans with his extensive collection of toys. (I asked him last night how many bag spaces are dedicated to the stuff he usually carries, and he said 20-22 … o.O)

So I think I’m going to be hanging out with a sexy belf, and instead I get:

a Darkspear warrior

an Iron Dwarf

a Druid of the Flame, complete with a couple of fire elementals from our shaman

and a Red Ogre

Maybe I should have slipped him some Savory Deviate Delight, huh? I could have added to the collection. lol.

Seriously … WTF Arv?

February 23, 2012

You all saw that abomination I posted yesterday. That was hardly enough to prepare you for this ….

So, in the interest of slightly making up for the pain that Arv’s last two outfits have caused, allow me to post some eye candy that I have screenshotted recently.

Stormy has filled in for our Crits raids a couple of times recently. I think he did an awesome job on this outfit. The hat is just far out, I love it.

Yes, it’s Slice. I wonder if he changes HER hair every week, too …

This is actually Van inside CoS in his ret gear. It looks just as badass on a human as it does on his normal sexy belf form.

There, now I feel a little better. But seriously Arv … WTF dude?

Lil’ Tarecgosa!

February 22, 2012

She’s so cute! /squee

Ok, ok, I know you want the whole story. So last night the plan was to finish up our last staff run in Firelands.

I started by logging in to my bank alt, standard procedure you know, and snapped this shot real quick because Arv and Wega are just so cute standing by each other. If only I had known exactly what it was that he was digging out of his bank at that moment ….

Not ten minutes later, I zone into Firelands to this …

Hartbane, you have some stiff competition for that Rainbow Knight title, my friend.

Sooo we zoom through and one shot the hell out of everything in sight. What do you do when you get to Rag? Have a dance party of course.

Then when he dies you have a major strategy session on how to loot the stupid quest item from the center of the lava pool. We had this massive plan centered around something like 9 healers (6 shaman lmao) with bloodlust and spirit link totem and bacon and a resistance elixir and a speed potion …

And then when we GET the item Fayle is all like ‘do the RP later we need to kill the first four bosses in Dragon Soul so we can start right off with Heroic Ultradragon tomorrow.’ So while Lyssi is doing the RP stuff and Arv and Shady and I are all watching, the rest of them head to DS. Little note for any of those doing this quest … even though you have to RAID to get to this point, you can’t be in a raid group to finish the quest line. Why the hell do they do that? I don’t get it. But whatever. So it didn’t complete anyway and we had to put it off til after the raid was over.

Of course, once the raid was over, guess who was RIGHT THERE watching the RP with the rest of us?

If you guessed Fayle, you win 10g.


Hmmm … so he watched the RP AND bought a pet? And then was dumb enough to stand still in Cowtown so I could screenshot it … muahahahah.

Ok Lyssi, I totally admit that you being able to turn into Tarecgosa is pretty cool. BUT the dragon that *I* can turn into can be ridden by ….

DAMMIT! Ok, fine, you win. =P

Heroic Morchok

February 17, 2012

Home sick, day two. Cold symptoms – you name em, I’ve got em. Stuffy head, fever, sore throat, cough, headache, chills, sweats … I think the ONLY thing I’m lacking is a runny nose. I want to go back to bed, but I need to get this up while it’s not old news.

Wednesday night (alternating between freezing cold and sweating to death) we finally went ahead and flipped it to heroic. We’d been stalling because of personnel issues, but we’ve got our full roster including fillins pretty much geared up now so … I think we’re out of excuses to put it off. hehe.

We started out with me and two tanks on the mirror and Slice with the rest of them on Morchok. I’d read you needed extra healers, not extra tanks, so I dunno where they found this strat, but … there was much confusion on my side about how the crystals work.  Slice and I swapped sides then and we made some progress, and then I was like ‘um .. .are we 2 healing this?’ Yes, really, I was so sick I didn’t even realize it until a few pulls in. We’d made progress enough though for Adoe to analyze the dps output and determine that we were in no danger of hitting the enrage, so Shady switched to resto and chain healed the crystal group on my side, while I soaked stomps and kept Arv and Stunnah up. (yeah baby!) Somewhere in there Zarm had also switched to kitty instead of bear.

Seriously, holy pally is great for stomp soaking. We did wipe once when I fell behind and didn’t catch up fast enough, but with PoTI (which I still keep 3 points in even though it’s been nerfed somewhat), my armor and health pool, Divine Protection on a 30s cooldown, and of course the emergency measures of bubble and LoH if things get real serious … heck, it was FUN!

Oh yeah, you want a screenshot, huh?

Oh yeah, those dead people? Apparently after Morchok falls over, Kohcrom still has some health left. So while my side was all patting each other on the backs, he was over there killing Slice and Fayle. Muahahahahah.

Stunnah, dude … you have Destroyer’s End and you’re still wearing Ambassador? :p

Ok, let’s see if I can get these right. I never realized how dark it was in there. Or maybe it’s just me this morning.
The dancing bear is Zarm, then Liyhe, then me Vanicus, then Pix ruining yet another screnshot by putting up his Mage Armor right over Cayle’s face (wait, maybe I owe him 10g for that!), Arvash is behind us on his statue, ummm I’m pretty sure the troll in front is Adoe and the one behind him is Stunnah based on their armor and choice of tabards, then Lyssianna, and Fahalala on the very edge of the shot. If anyone can figure out why there’s a wolf with its nose up Adoe’s rear …

Oh, and Deathwing dropped another tentacle sword, so now Arv and I can make worms together! 😀

ON that note … cya Monday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz