A Pleasant Disguise

So, what do you do when your raid’s leather-clad rogue chick and fireballin’ dwarf lady run off and become Sith?

Well, for starters, you replace the rogue permanently with a well-dressed, meter-topping shadow priest.

(Insert screenie of Bocat here. HOW is it possible that I have NO screenshots of her? Really?? Must rectify soon.)

And, at least for one weekend, you replace the missing dorf chick with … another hot dorf chick!

This isn’t just any old dwarf though … it’s our favorite Mohawk Troll moonlighting on the Alliance side. Hey, if I can have multiple paladins, he  can have multiple shaman!

We actually had a pretty good week, despite the holes in our roster.  Friday night our OT/dps was sick, but Grom handled those duties very well.  So we got another spriest to cover the open dps slot. Then Ado’s computer got sick, so we had a ret pally from the guild fill in. Now, if you’re keeping count, we already have 2 priests and 2 paladins on the regular roster … so adding another of each meant we had SIX slots on the same token for the night.  There’s a reason I always joke that we should change the guild name to Priests and Pallies. We got to Ultradragon but called it there for the night.

Saturday we got Ado back. Still had Grom OT. But we got Cael to bring in his lock. We made quick work of Ultra and moved on to our progression fight of the gunship. We didn’t get it down, but we made steady progress and were getting to phase 2 regularly. So I think it won’t be long before we manage to kill it. We actually were one tanking it, which seems to be doable with a bear tank who can dodge a lot of the stacks.

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18 Responses to “A Pleasant Disguise”

  1. Analogue Says:

    It was so awesome having Zari along! Yay!

    And you got tier gloves didn’t you? I swear we had lots of priest/pally tokens drop…

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, so I have 2 piece now. And still wearing 3 pieces of the previous tier, so I have two mana regen bonuses. I don’t really *like* the T13 2 piece, but I need it to get to the 4 piece. I much preferred the T12 one .. since I use holy shock on cooldown it was a guaranteed mana return. For the T13 bonus, I am not very good at using Divine Favor as often as I should, so that’s something I need to work on.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    If it makes you feel better neither the rogue or the mage were actually playing SW


  4. Troutwort Says:

    That is one nice looking lady dwarf. There just aren’t enough lady dwarves these days.

  5. zarigar Says:

    I am so frickin’ adorable.

  6. slice213 Says:

    zari is cool? Does not compute

  7. repgrind Says:

    Oh hush, you. I ❤ Zari.

  8. Sorak Says:

    Zari, you spelled Fugly wrong….

    Try again

    And no, it’s not spelled Cayle…..Bitches, I preempted you!

  9. Leit Says:

    T12 4sets were great pretty much across the board. Priest especially took a huge downgrade in tier bonuses for T13.

    If you’re making P2 you should get it down really soon. 1-tanking seems like a good way to introduce much pain, though. Are you keeping the tank up and losing raiders to other attacks, or is the debuff killing your happy fun bear? (I’m curious)

  10. Analogue Says:

    The one tanking is working surprisingly well. A few times we lost Rev to the debuff but it was a combo of debuff + one healer down + two healers stunned. We’re thinking of seeing if Hand of Whatever clears the stacks like we used to do on Halfus.

    Still having trouble with people standing in bad (myself included!). Once we get better at that we’ll be there – many of our attempts that got to P2 we got the dragon to leave, so we’re close.

  11. repgrind Says:

    You spelled Fayle wrong.

    Ana beat me to the answer while I was walking to work, but she is totally correct. We have too many people standing in purple circles/shockwaves. Our raid isn’t always the fastest at processing all of the things that happen in a fight, but once we get it down, we’re fine. It just takes us extra pulls to hammer it into our brains.

    There was one pull that was going extremely well, then the dumbass paladin didn’t watch the timers close enough and lost the happy fun bear due to the damned spell lockout. There is NO excuse for that. I have so many options I can use there instead of something with a cast time .. WoG, Holy Shock, LoH, HoSac and a bubble, any of my cooldowns or hell, even just *gasp* freaking do nothing for 2 effing seconds! But nooooo, I had to go and try to cast something like a damned idiot. I was so mad at myself I threw the headphones down and had to step away from the keyboard for a minute.

  12. Sorak Says:

    Did you punch your monitor in the throat?

    Or start flipping desks while yelling “DOMINO MOTHER F*CKER!” like Arv at Nef?

  13. repgrind Says:

    No but I did slam the keyboard down and throw the headphones. I think I scared the dog just a little bit.

    Ahh bone warriors … such memories.

  14. Leit Says:

    The other option is to ignore the timers completely but stay outside of his lockout range. It makes running out of the scab patch he chucks down much harder, and if people aren’t watching their positioning you can end up with folks miles from the nearest Mobile First-aid Unit, but at least you don’t have to second-guess trying to sneak in that flash of light before tthe yell lands. 😀

    I don’t know if Hand will clear sunders, but keep the idea in mind for when you do Madness. A hand in the right place can completely negate the tentacles’ Impale attack.

    That sounds suspiciously back-of-a-volkswagen-ish now that I think about it.

    Had those moments where electronic devices suddenly become the proxy for all the ills of the world. Personally I tend to just wake the neighbours with a pretty decent berserker impression.

  15. repgrind Says:

    True, but since they wouldn’t let me keep Alysrazor’s feather once she was dead, I have the same options while I’m moving as I would have standing in lockout range .. instant casts. For me, personally, standing in close is better. Then again, standing in melee to heal just comes naturally to me, so I’m always more comfortable right up by the boss. I wonder why that is, considering my former mains were a hunter and a mage? I kinda went the opposite now, playing paladins and DKs almost exclusively.

  16. Arvash Says:

    I don’t flip desks; I wait til I have enough stars, then I spam my Select button…take that, Sandman!

  17. wolfgangcat Says:

    Meter-topping Spriest, huh?
    The only meters I can top are parking meters…especially when a certain hunter *cough* starts with an A *cough* blows me out of the water 😉

    I haven’t checked this with our resident math guy yet, but I believe the formula is accurate:

    Hunter DPS = ((Bocat DPS) x 2) + 5000

    I’m not giving up yet 😀

    *runs off to practice dancing + casting for stupid boat fight*

  18. repgrind Says:

    There have been several fights where you were on top, even when Ado was there. Of course, someone *cough* also starts with an A *cough* hasn’t been logging our raids lately, so I don’t have WoL to prove it, but trust me … I’ve been very impressed lately with the state of your DPS.

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