Save a Horse

Ride a Paladin!

I used to beg Arv to buy me a bike. One day I caught one for a good price on the AH though and that put an end to that.

So I switched my wish list to a sand drake and have been bugging him for one of those ever since. I constantly tease him about it, and he counters by telling me he can’t afford it .. and follows that with how close he is to getting a million gold. >.<

Van's little bit of pocket change has been growing steadily … actually, it's been increasing ever so much faster now that the mule and his other cronies are off playing in space. Arv and I have the gem market to ourselves now more or less and we've taken full advantage of that fact. So when my 'huge' bankroll hit 60k, I decided to see just how close I was to getting the mats I need. Let's see … I have the recipe. I have 10 truegold. Over the course of another week or so, I checked the AH for cheap volatiles to transmute another truegold, and bought the final bar when some showed up for only 400g each. Then it was on to the flasks. I bought a few herbs, but I sent my mage out to grab most of what I needed. Not paying 50g for a stack of herbs when I can farm a stack myself in 10 minutes. I had a stack of albino catfish stashed away, so I turned all of those into Deepstone Oil and am selling the leftovers on the AH.

I made the flask on Sunday and saved it to use last night before the raid, when everyone was on to see it. And of course, to make sure that Arv got the first ride.

Ouch! Hey, are those spurs you’re wearing?!?

Sooo …… now that I’ve got my sand drake, I need something else to try to get Arv to buy for me. Hmm ……oooh, I know!

ARV .. buy me a seahorse ^.^


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5 Responses to “Save a Horse”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    You’re so…large!

  2. repgrind Says:

    inb4 slice can say PG-13!!

  3. telanarra Says:

    Slice has no grounds to say pg-13 about anything. Just ask him about drunken vent ramblings.

  4. Navimie Says:

    How did I miss this? Man you have got the most awesome friends.

    And you already HAVE a seahorse!

  5. repgrind Says:

    My *Alliance* paladin has a seahorse. Van wants one too. :p

    Hmm … my Alliance funds have been growing, too. I should probably look into spending some of that next.

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