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So, I’ve sort of been after Sorak to go kill Cho’gall again since Van never got a chance to get T11 shoulders. I really want to use his Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore with his ret spec and don’t really have an armor set to go with it.  So I figured T11 would pass until I found something I like better.  (Side note: Kerick is wearing T11 for his ret set and wielding the Honed Voidaxe from the Ring of Blood in Nagrand … remind me to screenshot that one of these days. He looks great in sky blue.)

I couldn’t look at Van in his T12 dress with belt and gloves that match the warrior tier anymore though, and that Firelit Greatsword is ok, but … well, I acquired the last piece I needed for this other set over the weekend when I was working on BC rep, and decided to give it a try.

This is *mostly* the Warlord’s green-quality set that randomly drops in Outland. I decided I wasn’t fond of the shoulders though, and opted for the Warmaul ones instead.

The Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran drops off of Moroes in Karazhan. The set is topped off by the very awesome Nethersteel Claymore, another green-quality BoE from Outland. I am a sucker for long, straight, balanced blades like this. Sorak even asked me when I showed him my set “what sword is that?” so it does stand out from the crowd of epics that people tend to mog.

Again, just like with his main spec set, the guild tabard is a perfect complement to the set.

Arelin can finally wear his Tankatronic Goggles ALL OF TEH TIME! Yes, while a good number of people out there are turning their helms INTO the Horseman’s Horrific Helm … Arelin mogged his away. Belf + goggles = win. (But not the 359 ones, those are UGLY) He actually kept the look of a fair amount of the actual armor he has on. His gloves, boots, and belt all match the T11 warrior set, so I mogged his T7 Naxx shoulders, chest, and legs to go with it, since the shoulders have a similar color of aqua in them. I would love to mog that Reforged Heartless onto the offhand as well, but since he’s currently wielding an axe there … I’m SoL for the moment. Ignore the tabard, as he is still working on rep. His armor set would look great with the sword I wanted to use on Van, too bad it’s DK tier. Maybe I can get the guild to take him to kill Marrowgar on 10 man. Or, hell, Arv and I can probably 2 man that. Except he has a mace right now for his tank set … sigh. Same problem Kalyon is having, except he wants to use an axe instead of the mace he has.

You’ve seen Kale’s Conqueror’s set before, so I won’t go into details on the armor itself. He just wanted to show off the Razzashi hatchling he got in his satchel last night. Learning that also got him Stinker. One more point of ilevel and he can start getting into ZA and ZG.

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4 Responses to “More Mogs”

  1. Sorak Says:

    you need a pic of GTL in his pimp outfit!

    Btw I think you have more belfs than I do!

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Van looks awesome.

  3. Hartbane Says:

    You will be happy to note.. I changed hart’s Transmog set around 🙂 still have the rainbow knight set of course, i just changed his main set lol

  4. Arv is the Bestest Pal Eva « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] ok with my holy set. Then I thought hmm … what if I mog my ret set back to that Warlord’s set that I was wearing awhile back? Except, once I put on my current ret set I realized that a) it […]

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