Two part post. Ready? Go!


As some others have already pointed out this morning, this fight is mostly on getting the timing right for pushing THE BUTTON.  Of course, first we had to wipe on the trash a few times.  Most people’s bar mods were working fine by last night. Dominoes added a bar for ‘Extra’, although I had already learned how to keybind ExtraActionButton1 from the keybind menu, and/or make a macro to click it. So anyway … no one had an excuse anymore for not having THE BUTTON. (newsflash … from what I read/watched yesterday, there may be another button on the final fight) As Arioch said, though, the DBM timers were off a bit, and people’s personal timers for Fading Light are not identical, so people simply had to be responsible for managing their own button usage. The fight is a tight dps race as well, so if one person flubbed it up and died, it was a wipe. It took us … sigh … nineteen pulls to finish him off. Almost the entire raid night. L2PUSH TEH BUTTON!!11!1!

ha! Cute. Arv and I both have our Angry Men out at the same time.

This fight feels like it was designed for the new Holy Radiance. Yes, I am going to talk  about it again. Shut up! Any paladin who is still stuck in the old Wrath mindset of doing nothing but spamming big heals on the tank … well … maybe if you’re in 25 man you can do that? But only maybe. The 25 man videos on Learn 2 Raid for the last section of Dragon Soul are shot from the PoV of a holy paladin who is raid healing. Seriously guys … learn it. Love it. Raid healing is FUN. The logs say I cast exactly zero Divine Light on the kill. Four Holy Light. Wait, really? No Flash of Light. Only 2 Word of Glory. Yeah baby … I seriously went to town with my Holy Radiance and my glyphed Light of Dawn. And Holy Shock … because the 3x Holy Radiance rotation is far too killer on mana, plus I can get mana back with my T12 2-piece for using it. Check out Kurn’s awesome post for the glorious details on how best to make use of our newly powerful AoE abilities.

We pulled Warmaster Blackhorn four times, and made it just to the end of the three waves of adds before we got our ship destroyed the last pull, but .. yeah. We needed more than 30 minutes of raid time to really get the fight down. But hey … 5/8 for the first week of raiding? If you told me two days ago that we would be 5/8 in two days I would have thought you were crazy. Especially if you told me we would get the first kill on the server for the first boss. Not surprisingly, the two guilds who were ahead of us in Firelands passed us up last night and are at 7 and 6. Meh, that’s ok. We don’t need to be first. It’s enough for me just knowing that we don’t suck.

Ok, on to the stuff you guys REALLY care about.


Well, since you’ve already sort of seen them in the shots above, I’ll start with Arv and then Van. Yes, he mogged away the dress. When I saw him at the AH, I knew that Van couldn’t stay in his Firelands gear any longer, even though he looks great in it. He needed a change, too. Seeing the T13 on Arv, or at least, two pieces of it anyway, I am inclined to change my opinion on it and say that it can indeed look good. On a belf at least. Still think it’s going to make an already fat human look even fatter. He also threw in some of the blue T10, a Frostwolf Battle Tabard, a pvp helm, the lovely Neverending Winter from ICC, and the most awesome Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight from BWL. I gotta say, Arv … you do look sexier than you did in the dress. Nice job. Now we just gotta find you a different pair of boots …

Van needed something to spend JP on before the patch, so he converted it to the honor cap. I’d had my eye on this set but waited until the patch and void storage so he wouldn’t have to find a place to keep it. He bought the full set of level 70 Brutal Gladiator, and topped it off with the blue Wrathful cloak, Stormshield of Renewal from … one of the BC heroics I believe?, and the Crystal Spire of Karabor off of Illidan in BT. I couldn’t find a tabard I really liked with it, but the guild tabard seems to be working fine.

Zarm and Lyssianna … when I first saw Zarm standing next to me at the bank, I thought he was an NPC. No joke. This set is super sexy on a Tauren male. He is sporting the T6 Thunderheart druid set. Lyssi is looking good in the T5 Corrupter warlock set. The Red Riding Hood’s Cloak out of Kara is a nice touch.

Ugh. To whomever that is in the background … Bulwark of Azzinoth does NOT go with Judgement, dude. Seriously.

Junahu is showing off a set you aren’t likely to see very often. This is the Blessed Mail of Undead Slaying from the pre-Wrath Scourge Invasion event. I remember going out to Wintersping, EPL, and Azshara with Fiak, where we had to compete with paladins laying down consecration every freaking where in order to tag the mobs we needed to kill to get these things to drop. Not really visible in the screenshot are her weapons … the dagger Anarchy off of KT in Naxx, and a no longer available quest sword from one of the best questlines that no longer exists, Linken’s Sword of Mastery. All these neat stat sticks she has that will be useless in MoP … /cry … oh, and her bow is mogged to Arrowsong from Patchwerk in Naxx … her first ever raid weapon of which she is still very proud. Oh yes, and her Tabard of the Argent Dawn, which was also from the Scourge Invasion and is no longer available. It’s nice being able to show off stuff that people can’t get anymore.

And last but certainly not least, because he is sooooo super sexy … Kalethos. He has on a full set of the green Conquerer’s armor that drops in BC content. Topped off with that Loque’nahak’s Pelt, a green Spell-Breaker Shield, and the mace Will of the Fallen Exarch from Auchenai Crypts. The tabard, of course, is the Blood Knight Tabard that is only obtainable by belf paladins.

Oh yeah, the boots are something different, too. The Conquerer’s ones are straight gold, but I liked these blue-quality Shatari Wrought Greaves that have some red in them better. They were a quest reward for one of the quests in Shadow Labs. And here Stunnah was making fun of me for doing those quests while we were getting the guild cheeves for heroic TBC dungeons. Ha!

Ok. That’s a hell of a lot of stuff I’ve posted this week. That should keep Lore from bitching about not having anything to read. ^.^


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15 Responses to “Ultrashion”

  1. Analogue Says:

    You better get Alliance side raid mog pictures Friday night ;-p or we’ll feel all neglectified.

  2. Troutwort Says:


    I mean 5/8 is cool, but fashion time is amazing! It’s really interesting to see what people put on their toons now. I saw another priest with my outfit on!! But seriously, where does one get a staff anymore?

  3. repgrind Says:

    *cough* I hear Jaina has a staff *cough*

    Don’t worry, Alliance mogs are coming! I just haven’t had a chance to even PLAY Alliance since the patch. I was on long enough to mog Kerick’s gear and cry over being stuck with an axe instead of a mace, and make gems and chants for Kisara. Tonight is bowling … well, I guess I’ll get to play Alliance tomorrow? I need to get Kerick those boots!

  4. Arvash Says:

    Kalethos: “SPARTANS!! Tonight, we dine in Hell! THIS IS SPARTA!”

  5. slice213 Says:

    ….you didnt show my outfit 😛 lol although all did was throw on a mooncloth robe

  6. Arvash Says:

    I was surprised that the armory shows our transmogs.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Slice, you’re in there … but you turned sideways so you’re invisible.

    Yeah Arv, I saw that this morning and was like ‘oh cool!’ .. but it’s only working at the moment for the toons I was on late last night. The ones I mogged before raid time are showing their actual gear still, so I’m gonna have to log them in and out again to get the armory to update.

  8. navimie Says:

    Nice Nice looking lovely there ladies /wink

  9. Sorak Says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call Zarm a lady…

    Now Arv on the other hand he may not be wearing a skirt anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s still a bitch!

  10. repgrind Says:

    Dude … Zarm wears a gown. It’s a well-documented fact!

  11. Sorak Says:

    I say we sign a formal petition for Zarm to bring back the lightning feather shoulders!


  12. repgrind Says:

    Sure, I’ll sign that if Fayle will wear a dress.

  13. lorentharLore Says:

    I need something new to read everyday! Keeps me occupied at work, since no one comes on facebook to chat with me except grom. lol

  14. koalabear21 Says:

    Fayle will only wear a dress if it is Armani

  15. More Mogs « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] seen Kale’s Conqueror’s set before, so I won’t go into details on the armor itself. He just wanted to show off the Razzashi […]

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