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Did You Miss Me?

December 29, 2011

Yeah right. You really expect me to believe that?

I got home Tuesday evening and had a couple of hours or so to collect presents before it was time to jump right back into raiding. We cleared to Madness and made a token attempt or two at it before calling it for the night. Got back to Org, turned in my tokens, and gemmed/enchanted/mogged/reforged my shiny new 2 piece. Ride back into Cowtown and there’s a hitching post set up. I don’t know the people using it so I whisper Arv ‘that’s not yours, is it.’ Of course, that prompted him to get his out too and invite me to a party so I could play.

It’s all fun and games until someone puts your eye out with a starfish.

And of course, Arv didn’t stop with just horses and starfish. We had to have as many toys out as possible … that’s the way things are with him. Plus he had to show off his new helm that completed his 4 piece.

Yesterday I had the whole day to play. I goofed around and finished collecting presents and then cheated on WoW for the afternoon with some Sims3 Pets. What?? You guys were all playing Star Wars anyway, you wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t told you. Logged back on a couple hours before raid time and decided to get a couple things out of the way.

ELGAR! You might want to stop reading now. No, really. Stop here.

Ok, you can’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Awwww. Who’s the widdle cutesy wutesy crustacean?

Of course, part of the reason I went to work on getting him was because I’m pretty close to finishing the fishing achievements, but the main reason was because I got a red winter helper box to complete Van’s Christmas pet collecting, which left me one pet shy of the Littlest Pet Shop. Pinchy completed it.

So now I have my very own Celestial Dragon. Arv’s not in any real danger of me catching up to him since he has all those TCG pets, but that won’t stop me from trying. Can you imagine the pet battle teams we can build, having 150+ pets at our disposal? Hehehe.

Deathwing last night. Multiple sub 5% wipes. Next week, he is dying. We just have to fine tune that second phase now that we are consistently making it there.

So anyway … hope you all had a good Winter Veil and are ready for tons of new posts. I’m looking forward to another year of shenanigans and it will all get posted right here.

A Week’s Worth of Crap

December 22, 2011

I was hoping to have a very short post tonight consisting solely of Deathwing’s demise. However, someone *cough Sorak cough* got Soraked tonight and we had to cancel the raid. After going 7/8 last night and getting him to 11%. I hope you gave those dishes a super good washing there, busboy slacker.

So here, have something to keep you happy until next week. I’ve been too busy playing on my 5 day stay-at-home vacation to actually post anything. And I’ll be too busy over the next several days to even play. Sooooo…….. I have a lot of screenshots saved up.

Van and Tel did some snowman dancing.

Crits downed Ultradragon. They even let me get the blue crystal of super Holy Radiance love.

Kerick got a new pet in his CtA Satchel.

Arv made some changes to his outfit. He’s calling himself a White Knight now. I’ll just leave it at that … the hair kinda leaves me blinded.

No arguments from Wega, though … she definitely approves.

Elgar shows off his latest transmog set … oh wait. My bad. That’s actually Ragle.

Dyle helped Arv kill the Greench … and this nelf warrior who was persistent despite repeated failures to kill Arv one on one. He died even faster with me there. Of course, Arv being Arv, out came the D.I.S.C.O. and the flag of ownership. Party on!

Salti pinged Kerick when he found Burgy Blackheart while out farming herbs. It was rather comical with two healers trying to kill him. Of course, then we had to put on our hats and have a sea horse parade.

That’s it. You’re lucky I didn’t bother to screenshot Kerick and Kalethos both killing Deathwing in LFR, or Vanicus and Kalethos both getting Merrymaker, or … yeah. Hell, I’m going on almost three years’ worth of screenshot heavy content here. You know there will be more. Sometimes I just get tired of screenshotting every little thing! lol. I regularly hold back some that I just run out of space to post. And now it is going on 1am and I am rambling and I should really gtfo and get some sleep before tomorrow because airports seriously harsh my mellow and it will be better if I am well rested. So yeah, happy holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate, and I’ll see you back here next week.

Hold up bitches. You know who you are. You’re not off the hook. I’ll be checking in on guild chat. You have been warned, slackers. Remote app ftw!

You’re A Mean One

December 16, 2011

So, when I first read about the changes to Winter Veil’s quests involving Metzen the Reindeer and The Abominable Greench, I was both excited and appalled.

The Good

A chance every day at a pet in the bag! Hooray!

The Bad

A chance to not get a pet in the bag every day! (Van has struck out 3 holidays in a row now)

A group quest, not a dungeon. Will I have to fly to Hillsbrad every day? Will I be able to complete the quest if I don’t have a group, or will I have to fight to tag the bitch like with those lieutenants up on Sethria’s Roost that Kerick still hasn’t been able to complete? How big of a clusterfuck will this be on my PvP servers?

Well, let’s find out! I’ve got 45 minutes before I have to leave for bowling.

I decided to start with Kerick, since it at least would eliminate the whole PvP situation. The answer to the first question is … yes. You have to fly to Hillsbrad every day. From Ironforge. Well, when you’re a paladin with 310 flight + Crusader Aura, it’s not so bad. Kerick has it easy. So he flew out there, and hung in the air over this huge yeti with 3.4M health. Yeah, even if I go ret that ain’t gonna happen. As I’m hanging around, Arv whispers me about the new boots and gloves he found that are a better match for his transmog outfit. So I logged out and hopped on Wega to go check him out. (WHY did I not screenshot him? Total fayle there on my part. You’ll just have to take my word for it … he’s hawt.) When I logged back over to Kerick, the yeti was dead, the reindeer was standing in the middle of the clearing, and the bags just inside the cave entrance were sparkling. Swoop down, talk to Metzen, grab a bag, hop back on a mount and fly up into the air with my quest completed! (Proof that I’ve gotten used to the PvP servers. This is habit now, to never leave myself vulnerable. If they’re ambitious enough for an aerial attack though, they deserve the HK.) I check the guild roster and see that Bocat is on her way here. Excitedly, I inform her of the development, and I wait for her to get there. She’s all like ‘Will I get flagged if I pelt the Horde with snowballs?’ Um, no, not unless they are flagged. So I wait for her to get there and complete her quest, and as I’m flying away, I see her tossing snowballs at a belf. Haha! Kerick got some racecars or something, so he can go all Initial D on the raid Friday night.

Ok, time for bowling league.

Get back home, and it’s Van’s turn. Hop a zep to Tirisfal and fly down to Hillsbrad. A shorter trip than Kerick has, but there’s also that PvP issue. Plus the small population on Drak. I get there and the only other person around is a single Worgen hunter. I watch the dimwit pull the yeti and get stomped.  Then I’m all like ‘Arv, come kill this!’ So he and Stunnah group me up and I share the quest and summon them to Hillsbrad. We … well, I’ll be honest, we actually wiped on it the first time.  There are a couple of things to watch out for on this fight.

1. If a snowman appears next to you … RUN AWAY. It will do a frost nova that freezes anyone caught in it in an ice block.

2. If a decorated tree appears next to you … RUN AWAY. The Greench will soon be leaping to that spot and hitting everyone nearby with a knockback that does damage, throws you in the air, AND causes you to take fall damage when you land.

We completed it on the next try, with a little help from two others who showed up. Hearthed, turned in quests, queued for a dungeon. Inside the entrance to End Time, Arv opens his box. Darn, he just got some toys. Then Van opens his. OMG!

Awww……he’s like Pebble’s coal-colored cousin. So cute.  So Van won’t have to do the daily more than once.

We ran several dungeons, so it was midnight when I logged on to Kale to get his done. Firetree was a completely different story from Drak. There were two others on the zep with me. When I got to the site, there were several Alliance down below. There was some discussion in general chat and it became obvious that there were more Horde around than just the two others I had seen. I said I could heal if we had a tank handy, and I flew over to Tarren Mill to swap specs. Eventually we had a large enough force gathered to just land down there and pull him. Some of them invited me to a group.  Things were going well and then suddenly the hunter and his pet both had poisons. Uh oh, looks like the rogue is back.  I see the cat druid materialize just behind me and off to my left. Crap, I just know I’m about to get stunned. But no … he … cyclones me? Really?? During the few seconds I am cc’d I see the Greench go down and Metzen come walking out. You KNOW what I did when the cyclone wore off, right? Run right up to the reindeer, talk to him, head to the cave, grab a bag … and as I’m turning around, the mage is making a portal back to Org. Score!! I gtfo of Dodge then and there, leaving the people who actually wanted to PvP to fend for themselves. Eff that, I’m outtie! Unfortunately, no pet, so he’ll have to go back.

All in all, the quest was not as bad as I was expecting. However, right now *everyone* is doing it. I’m afraid that if I don’t get the pet early, I may be stuck having to actually beg people to group up and come kill him with me. I much prefer the holiday bosses that are instanced and can be queued for. But hey … it could be worse, at least I don’t have to actually tag or kill the beast myself. Maybe when Kerick is level 90 he can go back to Sethria’s Roost and solo stupid Kelbnar for his Flamebreaker title. >.<

P.S. Vacation starts at 5pm! Woooooooo! So … if the blog is dead for the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m too busy playing to bother posting. I’ll try to post once or twice though.

Stupid Dragon

December 15, 2011

Awfully quiet around the web this week. It’s almost as if half the people in WoW were off playing another game or something …

We started fresh this week after last week’s extension. We knew that now that we had downed the first seven, we could do it again. We one-shot ping pong dude nicely.  We got Stunnah in  to pickpocket Hagara. We had some fun playing in Hagara’s ice walls. >.<

We two healed Ultradragon, with Slice getting the red buff, and myself picking up the green and then replacing it with the blue for funtime Holy Radiance spam.

I still hate Spine. It goes against my nature as a paladin to ignore the tanks and concentrate solely on the people with the debuff.  I really had to force myself to avoid looking at Arv’s bar. I confess, I  forced myself so well and was so focused in on the pink bars that it took me by surprise when suddenly we were in a cutscene. (I have my frames set to turn the bars pink when people get the debuff.)

So we cleared 7/8 on Tuesday night no problem and had all of last night to work on Madness.

The Deathwing fight itself …

I guess I’m glad it is appropriately difficult for an end boss, especially one of the entire expansion. But man … it’s quite a ramp-up from the previous fights. One death and … argh why is work busy on a rainy morning in December? … one death and we’re pretty much done. And those damned tentacles really slam people hard. And when the deaths don’t happen until the fourth platform, we’re 10 minutes into the fight and then have to go back and do it all over again.

So we tried a few different things. We tried 1 tank 3 heals. We tried 2 tank 2 heals. (ha! wtf were we thinking?) We ultimately went back to the ‘traditional’ 2 tank 3 heals. We tried swapping Nozdormu and Kalec around because we’d had problems stacking for the Elementium Bolt on the fourth platform last week.  We never did actually make it to the fourth platform doing it that way. We tried some strange order that was supposed to save Alex for last, which involved killing Kalec … first? Second? Whatever it was, without the extra damage we could not kill the bloods. It was rather hilarious really. So we pretty much eliminated anything other than Ysera – Alex – Nozdormu – Kalec.

We made it through the fourth platform and into phase 2 once. We sort of made it through the bolt more than once. But damn … that damage is rough.  And just getting that far … if people don’t spread out enough we healers expend too much mana on the previous platforms healing multiple people up from getting crushed by the tentacle. We learned, through trial and error, that one of our tanks is going to need Pain Suppression or HoSac on the second impale of the third platform. Arv is going to need a little something extra on the fourth right after that bolt because it seems to come at the same time as an impale.  We have to fine tune everything on that final platform some more, really.

Someone commented last night about how all we’d done is fine tune for hours. Well … that’s how you learn the fight. We made progress. We won’t be fine-tuning for months like on LK. But it’s gonna take us another week maybe two. Especially if we don’t have the same 10 people every night. But we will get him. And that’s all that matters.