Eight to Go

So … someone forgot it was raid night last night and we had to start late … so we didn’t get Beth down. So no more news on the raiding front. Well, other than this ….

Yes, it is my fail huntard … and look, who is that in front of her? It’s none other than Arioch! Sweet! I have recount turned off and asked not to be told how bad it was … although Fayle confirmed for me that it was, indeed, bad. Well, I really was just there to get the achievement anyway. Next time I’ll bring Roz, at least he has (and knows how to use) AoE.

Yesterday Zari expressed his condolences on Van’s hated standing with the Sons of Hodir. Well, last night while we were waiting for slacker Zug to log on, I went back out to blue lady village and continued my work on the questline. Before I took off on the Drakkensryd I noticed that the daily to beat the victorious challengers was up, so I took it. I’m sitting there chatting away as I open the bag, not really paying attention too much, when I glimpse purple out of the corner of my eye. No. Way. Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t get a damn holiday drop to save my life (or anything other than aged yolk) but I get a bear on the first try?

Yeah. So. I finished up the Drakkensryd and that put me somewhere in the middle of revered? Really? Or maybe it was a couple of quests after that, I don’t remember, but still …. Ok. I bought some more commendations and clicked  them and went off to buy me some ice mammoths. Yes, even the big multi-passenger one that costs 7k. Hey, when you’re *this* close to that 100 mount award, you get what you can. The bear and two mammoths put me at 92.  I thought I might hit 93 when C’Thun’s voice came blasting out of the speakers, but alas, the alert was only Vyragosa (again).

I think Van’s next project is going to involve the slaughter of a crapton of ogres over in Lyssi’s favorite zone. Hmm … will the Mag’har even talk to me? I might have to visit Hellfire first.

Oh yeah, and one more thing because he is just too damn cute. Yes, I bought one just for me, not to sell on the AH. SR hasn’t corrupted me completely… yet.



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10 Responses to “Eight to Go”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Poor Kerick is going to be jealous of not getting cool toys and mounts. You toy with a paladin’s heart at your own risk!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Kerick has things that Van doesn’t. He has the Red Proto-Drake, he has the Violet Proto-Drake, he has the Subdued Seahorse, he has the Rusted Proto-Drake … he has a Disgusting Oozeling!

    Oh yeah, and the Headless Horseman mount. >.>

    And Anzu!

    And a Brewfest ram.

    And a Frigid Frostling.

    Can I stop now? Kerick is plenty spoiled, don’t let him fool you!

  3. slice213 Says:

    I need to work on rep in Outlands for the mounts there, tournament and Tol Barad dailies as well…..72 mounts for me i think atm.

    Atgh! so close on beth eerrr well woulda been a kill imo…stupid boss ate a spiderling and we lost a DPS at the start of p2…so close.

  4. Matojo Says:

    Congrats on the bare!

    Those guardian cubs really are ridiculously cute. I’m holding off on buying one ’til the prices completely bottom out.

  5. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Grats on the bear!!!

  6. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats on the bear! I think I got it on my first try with Tatia too. Pissed off my guildie who still doesn’t have it

  7. khizzara Says:

    Haha! I got the polar bear the first time I did the quest too! I didn’t even know a mount was a possible reward, I just did the quest because it was there. Some of my friends were really irritated with me.

    I skipped Hellfire on my Mage and so the Maghar wouldn’t talk to me when I got to Nagrand. However, I just went and slaughtered some Ogres and got my rep up to friendly. It didn’t take long.

  8. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats on the bear! First bag? *mutter, mutter* took me about what…almost 2 years?

    On the bright side, you never have to look at Gretta again. On the down side, you will never know the joy of tossing all those flipping snowballs at her 😀

  9. repgrind Says:

    Oh don’t worry, my other toons have been snowballing her for years. 😉

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