Day of the Dead Flaming Giant

Is it just me, or is Day of the Dead just about the most annoying in-game mini-holiday? I mean seriously … at least for Harvest Festival we got to learn more about Uther or Grom, and even got a readable non-soulbound book from the quest. Do the quest once, get the book, and you’re good to go. Pirates’ Day? Head to Booty Bay, do a dance, get a cheeve.  Ok, so Day of the Dead *does* have a cooking recipe. But the one-day-only pet? Yeah, the only way to even know there’s a quest, is to go to the graveyard outside your race’s capital city (that means Silvermoon for belves .. you non-RP server guys DO remember how to get to Silvermoon, right?) and use a marigold item you buy from the vendor to see the questgiver. If you don’t know ahead of time what the quest giver is going to ask you for (one piece of the bread you cook with the special cooking recipe) you may need to buy multiple flowers.  And then you get the Macabre Marionette. Now, don’t get me wrong … he is adorable. But he’s not a real pet. He disappears the next day. I basically made sure my three mains had the recipe and was done. Waste of time.

So … raid night. Zone in and … oh hey, there’s only 7 people in the raid! Let’s see … Zerl is always last minute because of family time, Zug is online on the wrong toon but afk watching movies, and … wait, where’s Arv? That slacker. He’s off playing basketball so he’s going to be 30 minutes late. Well heck, we 2 heal trash anyway .. Zarm go tank, and we’ll get Falahla in here to get some rep! Trash is smooth, no problem, and Shannox is spawned long before Arv shows up. Well hell … he’s on farm anyway, right? Let’s just 2 heal it! So … with our main tank out and carrying along a dps who has been 85 for like 2 weeks (ilevel 352!)  and never even been inside Firelands on that toon before, we one shot the snot out of him. It wasn’t 100% clean .. we lost a dps, brezzed them, then lost Adoe later in the fight. But it wasn’t by the skin of our teeth, either. Cayle is rock solid. As long as we don’t get separation anxiety, I can spend most of the time relying on beacon and his own death strikes to keep him up while I fill the dpsers’ bars. Does it seem strange to be saying that about a DK, with their long-standing reputation as spikey tanks? Hmm … maybe I should dig through the logs …

Wait, where was I? Sorry I got distracted there. (loooooooooooooooooooooogs ……..nomnomnom) So anyway … he went down, Fahalala or however she spells the shaman’s name got shiny heroic ele/resto boots for her very first loot out of Firelands, and then we got Arv back. We headed up to Rhyolith. Sometime in the couple of weeks since we last worked on him, the decision was made to 2 heal it and adjust the dps assignments.  So Zarm and I healed while Slice went shadow. We did a handful of pulls  then moved over to Baleroc, our other ‘farm’ content. I put farm in quotes because we have not killed him as many times as Shannox, but … I think it only took 2 pulls? Yeah, 2 pulls. I think I can remove the quotes now. Three kills is enough to count as on farm right?

Back to Rhyo. More pain. If there are any volcanoes left up for any length of time, the stomp just destroys the raid. So if we’re gonna 2 heal it, we need both excellent driving and a fair amount of luck. We are getting there though … we wipe once at 6% (or maybe that was before we went to Bale). Slice asks if we want to go try Beth and come back. Naw dude … 6%! We can do this!!  A couple more slight adjustments, because we are getting to Superheated and that just ain’t cool. We have to time lust just right. After what seems like an eternity, but was really only 10 pulls … he goes down.

As Stunnah would say … Yeay! And he dropped that BiS agility cloak that the 2 hunters and the enh shaman have been drooling over. Lyssi was all like ‘thank god now we won’t have to do him on heroic ever again’ but … I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him some more. Yes, the RNG can suck a LOT … but we have the mechanics down and, well … why pass up loot just because the fight is annoying? If we were voting, mine would be ‘give him a few pulls each week on Heroic but don’t waste all of our raid time on him.’

NOW we go on to Beth. We got some good looks at the fight, but didn’t make phase 2 … not counting one time when we made phase 2 with like, the 3 people up top as the only ones alive.  It seems quite chaotic … but then, regular mode seemed chaotic too until we learned it. I spent some time up top as well as some pulls down below to see if having my taunt down there would be helpful or not. I dunno if it mattered at all, and we’re going back to me up top tonight. It’s good to know all possible assignments though.

So … 4/7 heroic, bitches! Tonight we’ll be 5? Yeah, we can do it!


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12 Responses to “Day of the Dead Flaming Giant”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Slackers where’s the Heroic Rags? ;-p but seriously grats!

  2. slice213 Says:

    I cant do the safety dance in naxx so no way I am going to kill Heroic Rags 😛

  3. slice213 Says:

    …..why is it in all the recent killshots…I am almost dead EVERYTIME!

  4. Arvash Says:

    Cause tankards need moar heals

  5. repgrind Says:

    So I’m looking through the Shannox log … and Cayle healed himself for more than I healed him for. LMAO. I spent approximately half of my time directly healing him. I only threw 7 direct heals on Zarm, the rest was beacon. ( I need to fix that one sentence in the post, Cayle didn’t even HAVE beacon ! ) So that means I spent just under half of my time healing the raid.

  6. Arvash Says:

    Add management was really good last night, kudos to the dps for getting them down quick, I think we went into P2 with just the Spark up, giving the heals time to get peeps healed up and everyone else into position for the transition.

  7. khizzara Says:

    Yay! Grats guys!

    I feel the same way about heroic Alysrazor that you feel about heroic Rhyolith. I wish we never had to fight that damn bird again. But you know we will, because of the shiny loot. 😦

  8. Sorak Says:

    Shady, I demand a reprieve from your goons for that carry!

  9. zarigar Says:

    I’m sorry the Sons of Hodir hate you

  10. repgrind Says:

    Heh. I maxed my JPs again and needed something to spend them on, so I bought 20 Sons commendations and that’s how far they got me. I guess I should work on the questline first, it’ll give me bigger and faster rep gains.

  11. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Congrats yet again! Now our fri/sat group needs to catch up. I know we can, just a matter of… Something or other 🙂

  12. koalabear21 Says:

    Slice told me today that we dont have to do that fight on heroic again!

    So neener neener

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