Heroic Domo

We started pulls on Domo late Tuesday. We studied three different strats … no leaps or scythes, cat ONRY, and the normal strat from regular mode. We started out with the cat mode strat. I ain’t gonna lie … I hate cat phase. When they nerfed Firelands and made it possible to stay in scorp for more than a dozen flame scythes,  I cheered. Wait, ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, because I was still pissed that they nerfed the shit before we could finish it … and we *would* have finished it … but that’s a horse corpse that’s been kicked enough times.

Anyhow, we started with cat onry, and it was … meh. Playing to the gimmick part of the fight and using it with finesse is not really SR’s specialty.  So we went to an adjusted normal strat and made improvement. Came back last night and fine-tuned it some more … having Cayle stay out in melee, and I think Vysh too for parts of it, although as the fight wore on he would get called in to help eat scythes and toward the end even Cayle was made to ‘stack up, bitches’. I believe the numbers we used, or tried to use, were something along the lines of 12, 7, 6, 7, 4 … I dunno. Slice called out the moves and we did what he said. This won’t work for everyone … you need some pretty decent dps and you need cooldowns to deal with the scythes.  We have .. Divine Guardian, Aura Mastery, PW: Barrier, Tranquility … and then we also have two hunters so we have two snake traps, plus both of their pets and Lyssi’s felpuppy to help soak the damage.

Adoe immediately ran to trade chat after the raid to link his heroic Fandral’s Flamescythe and ask why it wasn’t turning his pet into a fire kitty.  /facepalm  … Well, he *is* a troll  so I guess  I should expect it. hehe

The kill put us at 3/7 heroic and moved us up to … I think 5th on the server?

So can we kill Beth now? I want to hear Arv bitch when she won’t drop his heroic chest. ^.^

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15 Responses to “Heroic Domo”

  1. slice213 Says:

    yup 12,7,6,7,4 were the numbers.

    1st scorpion – for scythe 7-8 Divine guardian, 9-10 PW:Barrier, 11-12 Aura mastery. Tranq when needed

    For the 1st scorp – Cayle (frost DK), Vysh (enhan shaman), Adoe were out to maintain concentration – for 8th scythe Adoe came in to help soak. Hunters were throwing snake traps – toward the later ones. Pets were also used to help soak.

    1st cat – seven leaps. Move pre-emptively to not get hit. Watch the time and the energy bar.

    2nd scorp – everyone but Cayle came into soak as raid cooldowns except AM are not up. For the seeds – raid really has to watch for this. No pre-emptively dumping it with Ice block or bubble. Move out with less then 5 seconds and back ASAP.

    2nd cat – assign people and work out a rotation – about 5 stacks. Don’t stand right up in the orbs face in case an orb soaker is jumped, the area around the orb is still clear. This is where high concentration helps as I was spamming to keep orb people alive. By the second cat will want him sub 25% if not more.

  2. slice213 Says:

    Next week Heroic Rhyolith and Beth’tilac.

  3. Sorak Says:

    We got a while to go but….

    I suggest ppl go get their DDR on………we’re going to hafta learn to dance in a video game for H rag!

  4. Ado Says:

    “yup 12,7,6,7,4 were the numbers. ”

    That last 4 was when we moved out from scorp phase and we killed him during that next cat phase. There might have been one jump but that was it.

    As for the trade chat trolling, I got three whipsers telling me it was druid only and 1 telling me I was a huntard. The responses in trade chat were still going when I logged to check my AH posts. It was fun and I plan to troll again!

  5. slice213 Says:

    lol what trade chat fools. 2 BIS when it come to heroic hunter weapons are the upgraded ranseur and the heroic flame kitty staff.

  6. ReversionLFG Says:

    Grats… or bah! Argh, I hate being in the alt run. I think I have only gotten to really strategize on 2 or 3 bosses this expansion. /whine

  7. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Awesome!!!!! Congrats!!!

  8. slice213 Says:

    ok….the new header for the page… it.scares me….

  9. repgrind Says:

    Sorak thought it was time for a change.

  10. ReversionLFG Says:

    Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

  11. navimie Says:

    Grats Repgrind 🙂 and guild of course! ;P

  12. Sorak Says:

    That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I said you need a new banner…..

  13. repgrind Says:

    Well I was gonna put Arv in a dress but …

    and you know you love having your artwork displayed, don’t lie :p

  14. koalabear21 Says:




    . . .

  15. khizzara Says:

    Belated grats on the kill! Even though I think I already said grats in game, hmm…

    As a Resto Druid who has both the normal and heroic versions of the Flamescythe, I have to say that Feral Druid tears are delicious. lol

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