Baleroc Not so Heroic

Plus Some Mounts and Pets

After banging our heads on Baleroc the last couple of weeks, this week we decided that since logs show most guilds killing Rhyolith next after they’ve downed Shannox, that we should work on him instead. I was happy about it, I needed a break from Bale. It sounded easy. It’s not. I don’t really know what our problem is, besides there just being zomg adds everywhere. Throw in the random factor of active volcano placement and there are suddenly so many ways it can all go to hell. We don’t have adds beating on people much; with two hunters to MD and Arv’s many AoE threat abilities, they stick to him pretty good. But they aren’t dying fast enough and neither is the boss. We did have at least one DPS who was having computer issues on the fight. On heroic, we’ve just barely got the dps even when everyone is able to fully contribute. Part of this, I’m sure, is because we’re 3 healing it, but we tried 2 and unless the stars align perfectly, the damage is just too much for us right now.

So with a couple of hours left of raid time for the week, we flipped it back to normal so we could move on. No problem easy peasy. Same thing on Alysrazor, we sent extra dps up and shaved some time off our record. Arv got new shoulders! Now he matches again. Too bad he won’t hide the silly helm, but he says he’s keeping it showing as long as he has to wear a dress. lol.

So, at Baleroc we flipped it back to heroic. After all, we’d worked on it a lot and we had more than enough raid time left. It took us …. four pulls. /facepalm

As you can see, we still just barely made it, as he is 2 seconds into his enrage .. which is why Arv is dead. He must have died just a split second  before I hit the screenshot button .. you can see the (- Devotion Aura) scrolling up my screen still. This is with 1 tank, 2 heals, 7 dps … so yeah. Our dps seems positively godly on normal … on heroic we are squeaking past by the skin of our teeth.

Totally psyched to get him down though. 2/7 heroic! I know, I know .. nerfed heroics blah blah blah but you know what? I don’t care.  We are here, we are doing it, and it is current content. We’re pretty damn happy and proud of how we are progressing.

Oh yeah and we totally one shot Rag, too. On farm, bitches!


So last year, 4 of my 5 Alliance toons got the Reins of the Headless Horseman. Now we are 2 days into Hallow’s End, right? The first day, 4 of them got the pet and one of them got the mount even though he already had it. My Horde toons? Some masks. Last night, log on and the first one that does it (my warrior Sanbec) is the one that doesn’t have one.

Yeah so … besides rings and swords and helms, my Alliance toons all have the best part already and sort of don’t even *need* to queue anymore.

My Horde toons? Well … my hunter got the sword. That’s it. Van better get a damn mount .. I’m still miffed that he didn’t get a Frigid Frostling at Midsummer OR a Brewfest mount. My Alliance toons got Brewfest mounts. Is Blizz trying to tell me something here?

And the Pet

So after the weekend of huntering and messing around with my Skoll named after Arv’s hunter, and naming my blue dog from Boring Tundra after Arv, I decided I needed to tame something special for the sole purpose of naming it Arvash. But what? It had to be perfect. So I was mining in Tanaris on my DK on Kargath the other day and ran across these …

Alright people, I *know* what kind of comments you are capable of. Get to it. 😉

Oh Arv, Stunnah said to tell you that the facial features are a very good resemblance.  Um … just how long of a walk is he gonna have from the stadium?




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17 Responses to “Baleroc Not so Heroic”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Pretty pretty pink princess Arv! 😀

  2. Sorak Says:

    Ahh Arv,

    Whenever I see the color Pink, I shall think of you.

    All those feminine hygiene products should have a pic of you on the box!!

  3. Forthepie Says:

    Raid mark = Pink whatever (egads been so long since I raided or even played WOW)

    Also, Blizz is telling you, they love Alliance more (see AV map layout) and Horde players are stronger because they are not coddled. OR..alliance players are all girls and get the pretty cosmetic things.

    For the Horde!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Dude … it doesn’t get much prettier or cosmetic than blood elves … see the other pics there if you need proof!

    Fayle is very pretty tanking the floor.

  5. slice213 Says:

    pink eyed snakes… Arv!

    But yeah Baleroc was quite smooth. just a little more getting used to it and should be even easier next time!

    And damn the HHM….need one on my priest!

  6. Arvash Says:

    wow…just…wow…at least I match the guild tabard, for now…

    as for Stunnah, I’m leaving his punk ass to sleep with the downtown bums after the Monday Night game…

  7. Analogue Says:

    Grats! 2/7 heroic, impressive!

    Blizzard is telling you that the Alliance is more awesome. Listen to them!

  8. Ado Says:

    The baleroc kill was a lot of fun. It was classic progression; learn, practice, perform. Boss dead. That he dropped a crystalized fire stone was an added bonus.

  9. khizzara Says:

    Grats on Baleroc! You should write up your strategy so that we can shamelessly steal it from you. 🙂

    Also yeah… Heroic Rhyolith is an RNG bitch. (Can I say that on your blog?) It’s funny because we’ve killed him four times now, and the first two times we got him down really easily, but the last two times have been a real pain in the ass. I honestly thought we might not get him this week, but he finally went down on the last pull of the night. Ugh, stupid rock giant…

  10. repgrind Says:

    I’m not very good with strategy … maybe Slice can post something about it. It’s pretty much all in the crystal rotation and where they move to once they have the debuff … which of course, I am paying almost zero attention to unless they get too close to me. I am frantically spamming heals on either the person on the crystal or the tank, depending on when it is in the fight and whether I or the other healer have the debuff or not.

    One thing I *can* mention which I have left out is that I swap a trinket and two pieces of gear out for the fight. I put in the, er .. what is that rep trinket again? The +spirit with an on-use intellect buff from Avengers of Hyjal … Fiery Quintessence? yeah. I swap that in place of the Eye of Blazing Power … and then swap in the non-tier gloves with spirit and the tier chest in place of the tier gloves and non-tier chest, so as to keep my 2pc bonus. Hm, I wonder if I could get by without that extra spirit on the gloves … wait, I have 9% mana left there, maybe not. So I trade some passive intellect on the trinket and more haste than I’d like to give up, for, well, more mana regen.

    Crap lunchtime. bbl

  11. Sorak Says:

    We set up 3 zones in a semi circle behind Baleroc.

    1st zone if for melee and soakers

    2nd zone is left empty so people can dodge between each other and not pass tormented while moving to the person you’re connected with.

    3rd zone is for ranged (including healers to stand at)

    In the 3rd zone, everyone has their designated spot to stand. We went with a 6 person rotation for soaking, 9 stacks per person. S priest soak the entire 1st crystal solo. The non healers should have a range finder of 6 up so they do not pass the STD.

    if a healer gets connected the other person moves to them, healers do not move

  12. repgrind Says:

    Or if you’re Sorak and you get connected to a healer, you carefully bypass the healer you’re not connected to so as to not pass the debuff, and then stop about 3 steps short of how close you need to be to the healer you ARE connected to, and you blow up the raid. 😉

    Also, Slice DID post our strat up on his blog this afternoon. Thanks Slice!

  13. Troutwort Says:

    Big Red Snake.


  14. Navimie Says:

    Grats on the kill! And those damn mounts, I haven’t been able to get one for years.

  15. Gromitdaddy Says:

    That is a good color and look for Arv 🙂

  16. thugtacular Says:

    i walked quite a while last night after the game but it wasn’t because arv left me. apparently arv didn’t have his RL mini map open and we navigated the whole circumference of the stadium before we made it out remotely close to where we parked. can you believe the ravens lost!!! IFQ. and the whole night i said, yo man, i should probably put on my jags jersey. and that dude arv was like “nah man, wear your ravens one.” oooo the trash talking i endured that last night.. that jerk.

  17. repgrind Says:

    You really wore the Ravens jersey? Haha, good move. :p

    I bet he walked you all around the stadium on purpose.

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