I’ve had it. Here is how last night went.

Zone in to BRD. Tank says ‘doing the short version.’ Hooray. Tank then goes … to the first boss. Which of course, is not the section it actually queued us for.  He then stands around like an idiot not knowing where to go, obviously shocked that he didn’t get a bag for dungeon completion. Mage takes charge and says ‘follow me.’ I stick around for the rock dude and the houndmaster and decide I just can’t take this again. I pull a Slice.

Queue again later. Oh boy, it’s BRD. Tank kills the same first boss, turns in the quest, and people drop group.

WHY, Blizzard, WHY don’t you have it just drop us past the Grim Guzzler if it has queued us for the end of the dungeon anyway? Maraudon drops you at the waterfall when it queues you for the Princess, why doesn’t BRD do that too?

So I took that blank offspec of mine, plugged in some ret talents, and dug through my bags and bank for the pieces I had tucked away in anticipation of this event. A nice 2H axe off of the last boss in BRD. A relic .. tanky, but still, it had strength instead of intellect. A belt and gloves of valor, left over from pre-Cata Stratholme. Yes, yes … I realize I could have maybe got lots of gold for them on the AH. But I was planning on using them for transmog anyway, so w/e.

The Warchief’s Command Board wanted me to go to Silithus. Ummmm …. no? So I went to Undercity and the board there said Blasted Lands. That’s more better! So I headed out there and within an hour or so I dinged the two levels and went through the Dark Portal.

Ok, so now I am 58, my JC is over 300 … and my ******* enchanting is stuck at 270. I have piles upon piles of dust but most of these late Old World recipes need essences. It’s the same damn roadblock I ran into with Dyle. But where Dyle could send a max level toon out to solo some dungeons and snag all the greens for him … Kale is stuck checking the AH for mats and/or items to DE. His JC patterns yield mostly dust .. you need weapons to get essences. Blargh.

P.S. Ret is OP. Even in half intellect gear (like leather kilt and vest lolz) I was disintegrating stuff. I’m half tempted to faceroll my way through Outlands and just skip dungeoning altogether. It’s not like I need the practice healing, right?



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12 Responses to “Argggggggh!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Aww, poor Silithus. Nobody ever wants to visit.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I actually had just spent a good deal of time there leveling herbalism and mining on the DK. It’s just a pain to get to, plus since the Dark Portal is right there in Blasted Lands and Outland was the goal …that made more sense.

  3. slice213 Says:

    too many pallys

  4. Troutwort Says:


  5. repgrind Says:

    Oooh, the guide on WoW Insider says I can queue for the Headless Horseman at 82. I hope that’s correct … Dyle can get that far easy!

  6. khizzara Says:

    Let me know what enchanting mats you need and I’ll see if I have any squirreled away on my banking toon.

    And yes! I hate how BRD doesn’t give any indication of which section you’ve been queued for. Stupid dungeon finder… 😦

  7. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Go for it!!!

  8. repgrind Says:

    It’s the nether and eternal essences. Not sure when I’ll get back to working on them though. Hallow’s End! I gots trick or treating to do! 😀

  9. wolfgangcat Says:

    Hmmm….ret sounds interesting…disintegrating stuff? I like the sound of that 😀

  10. khizzara Says:

    I mailed you the nether and eternal essences that I had in the bank. I hope it helps!

  11. repgrind Says:

    Oooooh thanks! You are awesome. 😀

  12. khizzara Says:

    You’re welcome! Let me know if you need anything else, I still have quite a few enchanting mats lying around.

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