Nine is Fine

So on Friday, I mentioned that the weekend goal was to get Kale to Outland, with his professions up to date as well. Despite having Saturday night free because of too many missing raiders, I still fell short. I kinda got distracted, you see.

Falahla has been leveling a shaman on the Horde side. Yes, we have corrupted her further and drawn her into the SR fold. Muahahahah. Well, she was 84 on Saturday and really wanted to push to 85. So Saturday night and most of the day Sunday … we did dungeons. I don’t remember much about Saturday night, but Sunday we got Sorac to tank, Badoe to heal, Notari to dps, and I brought Junahu since she was also 84.  Despite being BM, which of course Sorak mocked me for, I didn’t do too bad. I learned how to work the trap launcher, I managed to misdirect  on occasion, and I didn’t pull my own mobs or let my pet run wild.  I even kited the adds on the final boss in Blackrock Caverns in my first Heroic and got complimented on it. I guess I have learned a FEW things from watching Ado. (I misdirected them to my pet who was on follow.)

So that is max level toon number nine. The original, first ever toon. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually play her some more. Definitely going to tame her some more pets now that she’s high enough. Ghostcrawler, I’m coming for you! Oh, and I have a very special pet in mind that is not rare. I will be posting that as a surprise sometime this week … maybe tomorrow depending on what I do tonight.

Who will be next? Dyle is closest at 79, but since Dizzee left him behind and has since been shelved, he has little desire to do more than make gold. Kalethos is a better bet. I did get him to 56 and his professions are getting there. His enchanting is lagging slightly down around 250 but his JC is 280. He did get to dungeon some with Kaelina, Arv’s former bank alt backstabber, but of course Arv has full heirlooms and has outleveled him quickly. He’s 60 already. But we had some good times while it lasted. Let’s just hope I make it all the way before Arv goes back to one of his Alliance tanks and I get distracted again. 😉


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6 Responses to “Nine is Fine”

  1. Forthepie Says:

    There is no shame in being BM. NO SHAME!

    In fact, I think there’s a talent that removes all shame..

  2. Gromitdaddy Says:

    I certainly hope you misdirected to sorak a few (dozen) times 😀

  3. repgrind Says:

    Yeah but it’s not much fun when he’s the tank.

    What IS fun is using CC as much as possible and watching him do everything within his power to break it asap. He hates CC.

  4. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Lol! And congrats on #9!!

  5. Sorak Says:

    CC is a crutch for the weak! Mind you we needed it….

    Anyway, it was good times, we’ll do it again this weekend! We need to get Shady geared up for 4.3!

  6. slice213 Says:

    lol grats nice! #9 you are crazy

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