More Mounts!

Or: What to do when you go 7/7 in one night and have another whole raid night to fill.

We’d spent a Sunday awhile back working on ICC achievements. Most of us just needed Full House and Orb Whisperer. So I showed up at the entrance to Icecrown Citadel on Saturday night in my full set of Sanctified .. .whatever the hell the paladin T10 was called. It’s totally going to be Kerick’s main transmog set, he looks very awesome in it.

We had tried to do Full House the time before on heroic. That still doesn’t work very well. This time we were on regular and also had our Adoe Addon present and functioning, so it was easy.

Orb Whisperer we actually *did* do on heroic …

We also did Lich King on Heroic *and* did the achievement again at the same time.  The idiot paladin needed a couple of tries to get the timing on cleanses perfected … but the shadow traps weren’t too much of a problem. I think it took us maybe 3 or 4 pulls before we got into the rhythm of the fight. Then it was cake.

Two people still need to do the first two bosses on heroic, and that’s it, so we’ll probably come knock those out this week sometime.  The other 8 posed for a photo shoot.

Yes, I posted the one with Kisara and Kerick in front because we are awesome. :p

We also went and killed a few dragons … Malygos, Halion, Sartharion … just for the hell of it.


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7 Responses to “More Mounts!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Addoe Addon FTW. I was really glad we could get Orb Whisperer on heroic, it meant that Falahla and maybe someone else got the drake that night instead of later.

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Woot! You guys look awesome taking over Dalaran on creepy mounts like that!

  3. Falahla Says:

    I was very glad we were able to Orb Whisperer on heroic! I would have understood if we had decided it just wouldn’t work and needed to do it on normal but I’m happy I got my mount….which helped me get the 100 mount achievement this weekend as well. Good times!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Shhhhhhhh ……that’s part of tomorrow’s post! 😉

  5. My dragon-mounted raid is cooler than yours « Looking For More Says:

    […] Friday night, we headed for ICC and that old friend of ours, Arthas, on Saturday. Repgrind has a writeup too which you should totally read but my screenshots are cooler so […]

  6. navimie Says:

    Grats repgrind 🙂

  7. khizzara Says:

    Grats on the mounts, everyone!

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