Leave Those Dogs Alone

Alright, first night on Heroic raid content.

Shannox is supposedly the easiest one. Instead of killing the dogs, you alternate trapping each one and just DPS the boss. We started off two healing, but since we hadn’t perfected dropping the stacks yet, it was pretty brutal. So after a couple of wipes we went to 3 heals. Huh. The logs say it took 10 pulls. It didn’t feel like that many.

I was mostly just making sure Cayle stayed up, and of course I helped out elsewhere when I could. As you can see from the screenie, I used pretty much all of my coolodowns .. the damage on Heroic is noticeably higher. Plus with the increased amount of kiting that needed to be done, I felt like I spent more time running than I did casting. What I would have given for one of Alysra’s feathers ….

We blew Beth up on normal and she finally dropped the shield. Arv joked that now I could DE the one he made for me. As if! Plus, the colors on the crafted one match my gear much better …

We tried Rhyolith a couple times on heroic. I gleefully noted that the obsidium whatchamacallits could be stunned with HoJ. I didn’t try Holy Wrath but I bet that works too if you have it glyphed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t on our list of fights to do on Heroic this week, so we moved on pretty quickly. It seemed pretty easy to me, though, and I think once we do it for real we will get him down in just a few pulls.

Alys took forever because Pix was working on the staff quest.  I still had plenty of fun jumping up and down and all around while casting at the same time. That’s one fight mechanic that I will never get tired of. I’m looking forward to seeing her on heroic though, because the nerfs gutted that fight so hard on normal.

Baleroc … was on the list. Baleroc sucks. I don’t even know how we’re going to do this for sure. I need to find some videos. The 25 man stuff I looked at yesterday just confused me. I need to see how it’s handled in 10s. Zarm told me to heal 3 crystals instead of the 2 we do on normal. But he’s doing the first crystal too, which means Arv is getting no heals other than beacon for that amount of time. Then there’s the Countdown thingy … and Cayle giving me his STDs … tonight we’ll be fresh so maybe it won’t be as confusing.

And they want to do Domo on heroic too.  Again, the strats I read about are not the same as what others (Khizzara I’m looking at you) have been using and what we are planning on doing, so I have no idea how that will play out. At least on that one I know they won’t be trying to 2 heal!


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17 Responses to “Leave Those Dogs Alone”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Grats on the first heroic kill in there!

  2. lorenthar Says:

    Heroic Rhyo SUCKS. That fight is sooo RNG based, its just plain luck. Even looking at WoL.. only 7% of the pulls are successful? Harsh. Grats on the Shannox kill though!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Huh … well, we didn’t get that far in the two pulls we did, but there was some bad driving involved, so I assumed once that was worked out it wouldn’t be bad. I guess we’ll see when we get to it.

  4. slice213 Says:

    Heroic domo in a nutshell

    Pull boss.

    1st scorp

    Right before 1st flame scythe people disperse.

    1st cat

    7 jumps. Be sure to watch the timers – dont get hit by the jump.

    2nd scorp

    once again move before the 1st flame scythe

    2nd cat

    see above

    etc etc etc

    The searing seeds wlll be the same. Flame orbs handlers will be a bit a tricky situation, people need to communicate well and rdy to move to swap and rdy to move to not get jumped on.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Well that’s pretty much what I saw in the strats I looked at yesterday. But that’s not what you e-mailed us last week! You said we were doing scorp phases … so now we’re not?

  6. slice213 Says:

    Yeah that was my bad. It was before i understood the concentration mechanic fully! sorry!

  7. koalabear21 Says:

    Don’t you know that Slice changes his mind every 5 seconds?

    By the time we get to Domo tonight he will have a different strat

  8. repgrind Says:

    Ok good. I was kinda worried about how we were gonna pull off doing those. lol

  9. khizzara Says:

    Well, we’re not sure we’re keeping our heroic Domo strat. Sure, it got him to <1% health, so I'm sure it would work, but there might be an easier way. Our Disc Priest found a strategy that is basically never allowing Staghelm to do his specials at all — no flamescythes OR leaps. We might try that one just to see how it goes. Though I dunno, we got him so close with the other strat that I'm not sure it's worth changing it up. I'll keep you posted.

    Here's the link to the unusual strat our Disco Priest found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efS88FCK08o&amp;
    It's in French as far as I can tell, but it's pretty obvious what they're doing. And they came up with this strat so they could kill him with undergeared alts because this method has a lot less incoming damage.

    Out of curiousity, did you use our strat for H. Shannox or come up with your own? If your own, how did you do it?

  10. repgrind Says:

    I believe it was pretty similar to yours. I know most of us read yours (or get it sent to our email by other group members) so whatever you do is always at least used as background. I believe Slice usually tweaks things to our group makeup and strengths though.

  11. khizzara Says:

    As Slice should, really. 🙂

    I was just wondering. Also, if you’d thought of any extra tips that we could use I’d steal them. 😛

  12. Troutwort Says:

    Heroic Domo:

    There’s a cat and a scorpion. NEITHER ONE IS GOOD! They are not friendly, some people like cats, but they are weird anyways. No one wants a pet that poops in a box in your house. Gross. So watch out. Sometimes there’s also this Flame Sword, no hand holding or other affectionate times during this. Pretend people have cooties. Then there might be more cat and/or scorpion. It’s hard to tell. Listen for cat sounds. Seeds will burn and also Orbs of Fire show up. These too are NOT GOOD. It’s best just to try to win at this point. Don’t let your hairs catch on fire. Then bam, dead.

  13. repgrind Says:

    You have earned the Wrath of PJ. He curses your new digs with piles of orange cat hair.

  14. slice213 Says:

    @ Khizzara

    I did use your image on setup. It was very clear. Like you we cleared add’l trash.

    I think the only thing we really did different was have our arcane mage and MM hunter assigned to break facerage and primarily the kiters for him.

    Also at a certain point to help out heals and riplimb tank, We killed him an an opportune moment. 30 seconds of not worrying about him helped a lot it seemed. (he only has 4 mil and half of that can be done by the tank on him easily)

  15. khizzara Says:

    Yeah, I was wondering if it might be worth it to occasionally kill Riplimb, but we never tried it.

    We don’t have a Hunter, so our Arcane Mage and Shadow Priest were our Rageface breaking/kiter types.

  16. Firelands Nerfs…yes I know it has been talked to death. « Orangeslice > Other Sodas Says:

    […] few things Repgrind mentioned a few. The damage he deals is quite a bit more, but nothing that couldn’t be […]

  17. slice213 Says:

    Yeah raids may not need it at times, but only having to worry about 1 tank and one set of jagged tear to reset helped out a bit. Also all the traps could be used for evil Rageface. 🙂

    Shadow Priest would be awesome for kiting rageface, especially glyphed for a reduced CD on Dispersion, would be quite nice.

    Your image made things easy for people learn the setup and not go all scattered all over the place, for the most part.

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