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Happy Hallow’s End

October 31, 2011

So how did your Hallow’s End go? Did you get everything done that you wanted to? I could have done more, but I managed to get the tops things on my list completed.

Alliance side, all five of my max level toons already had the title from last year. Four of them already had the horse. (Yes, last year was good to me.) So really, I needed rings and Creepy Crates, and then the Feline Familiar for Kerick. Fortunately, Sanbec, the one who didn’t have a horse yet, did get one. I got Crates on all five of them plus 3 lower level alts. It’s a quick and easy questline on Alliance side, since you don’t even need to leave Stormwind.

Horde side … well, Junahu was the only one with the title.  And no one had a horse. Obviously, with Van as the main over there, I had to do ALL THE THINGS on him. So he trick or treated all over the world … including Northend and Cata which are not part of the meta. He PvP’d. He doused the Stormwind wickerman. He got a crate and a kitty. He did NOT get a horse or a helm … although he did get the sword which might be nice for transmog. And, well … moar toys! He’s a bit miffed though, since this is the third holiday in a row where he didn’t get a drop.

The others just did the horseman run each day, as well as getting Crates on 8 of the toons there. Juna and Roz did some trick or treating while in queue, but nothing serious. Juna got a sword, which she actually equipped even though it has expertise, because that coupled with a 346 dagger is an upgrade over the green 318 polearm she was using. Arelin got a helm. I think they all got rings. And Roz got …

Could I have done more? Sure. I mean, it’s not a difficult title to get. But … I had other alts to work on. Like this one …

Yeah, that’s right, 64 and Hallowed. I figured since Kale is coming along nicely over there, I may as well do all of the holiday on him. Everything could be easily done, except for the actual horseman kill. But it’s easy enough to cheese your way into a run, when you have awesome guildies willing to queue up and one especially nice one willing to then drop so that your low-level behind can be invited in. Super special thanks to Khizzara (Kashina), Averry, Sweetcandie, Sebrithiel, and Branches for pulling together late Saturday night and getting me hooked up. You guys rock!

So who’s ready to powerlevel cooking on all their alts during Pilgrim’s Bounty??? 😀

Pre-MoP Pet Battles

October 28, 2011

You do NOT need Mists of Pandaria to have pet battles. You just need to have the right pets.

If you have Grunty the Murloc Marine (from Blizzcon 2009) and someone else has a Zergling (from the original WoW Collector’s Edition) the two will fight to the death.

The Clockwork Rocket Bots (Blue, purchased from vendors, or the original, from Winter’s Veil 2007) will fight each other regardless of color.

Perhaps rarest of all, though, are the Warbots that were given out through a Mt. Dew promotion in 2009. I don’t recall all of the specific details, but if you visited a certain website each day and voted for your favorite faction, you received some ‘fuel’ that could be put into the tank of your bot … either red or blue. Bots of opposite colors could fight each other.

So the other night, Zug is going through his bank and finds some fuel, so he asks if anyone else has any.  I guess he wanted bank space, and instead of just deleting it, he wanted to use it up. I’m sure you will all be completely surprised to find out that Arv had some fuel in his bank as well. I mean, you know, since he throws everything away and never plays with toys.

Oh, but wait … this is Arv we’re talking about. He can’t just have a normal sized pet. I swear he must have an entire bag dedicated to nothing but pet biscuits.

And of course, we can’t stop at just pet battles. We had to dig out a full collection of toys and have a party!

Well, no one can ever accuse SR members of standing around doing nothing, that’s for sure.

Heroic Domo

October 27, 2011

We started pulls on Domo late Tuesday. We studied three different strats … no leaps or scythes, cat ONRY, and the normal strat from regular mode. We started out with the cat mode strat. I ain’t gonna lie … I hate cat phase. When they nerfed Firelands and made it possible to stay in scorp for more than a dozen flame scythes,  I cheered. Wait, ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, because I was still pissed that they nerfed the shit before we could finish it … and we *would* have finished it … but that’s a horse corpse that’s been kicked enough times.

Anyhow, we started with cat onry, and it was … meh. Playing to the gimmick part of the fight and using it with finesse is not really SR’s specialty.  So we went to an adjusted normal strat and made improvement. Came back last night and fine-tuned it some more … having Cayle stay out in melee, and I think Vysh too for parts of it, although as the fight wore on he would get called in to help eat scythes and toward the end even Cayle was made to ‘stack up, bitches’. I believe the numbers we used, or tried to use, were something along the lines of 12, 7, 6, 7, 4 … I dunno. Slice called out the moves and we did what he said. This won’t work for everyone … you need some pretty decent dps and you need cooldowns to deal with the scythes.  We have .. Divine Guardian, Aura Mastery, PW: Barrier, Tranquility … and then we also have two hunters so we have two snake traps, plus both of their pets and Lyssi’s felpuppy to help soak the damage.

Adoe immediately ran to trade chat after the raid to link his heroic Fandral’s Flamescythe and ask why it wasn’t turning his pet into a fire kitty.  /facepalm  … Well, he *is* a troll  so I guess  I should expect it. hehe

The kill put us at 3/7 heroic and moved us up to … I think 5th on the server?

So can we kill Beth now? I want to hear Arv bitch when she won’t drop his heroic chest. ^.^

Crits First Heroic!

October 26, 2011

So, this last weekend we got our start on heroics. We had our full regular raid group on Friday, and despite all the excitement of Blizzcon, managed to put in some serious work on Heroic Shannox. We couldn’t quite get him, though, so after awhile we bypassed him and cleared out the other four pre-Domo bosses, vowing to come back Saturday night fresh and ready for a kill. Well, that didn’t quite happen, because our third healer couldn’t make it.  We’re confident enough to 2 heal .. well, the whole darn place now on regular if we need to.  But heroic? Heck, we still 3 heal it in SR, even after 4 kills … and generally not without deaths. So we flipped it  back to normal and breezed up to Rag. Three or four pulls on him and we’ve cleared Firelands for the week.

Now what? We have two hours left. We can’t just quit, even though a few people are chomping at the bit to go watch the Blizzcon closing ceremony and (yuck) the Foo Fighters concert. So we headed out to BoT. We never got a chance to do heroics in the previous tier before Firelands came out, and they haven’t been nerfed. ‘But wait,’ you say, ‘weren’t you not doing heroics because you only had 2 healers?’ Yes, that is correct. So why were we trying this with 2 healers? Um … because we could? And we did, although it wasn’t easy.

Actually, it was downright painful, but it felt darn good to get it down! Maybe next time we should go ahead and try Shannox anyway … if we swapped tanks so I didn’t have to keep up with the Shannox tank as much and could deal with the face rages … I think it might be doable.