Two Healing Baleroc

There’s been some discussion going around a couple of blogs that I read this week about 2 vs. 3 healing in 10 mans. The original post at Murloc Parliament feels that the healers are being punished for doing their jobs well when forced into 2 healing encounters. I can see how people would feel that way. Personally, I enjoy the challenge … as a paladin, the only way my mana pool is ever stretched is if  I die and get brezzed, or we 2 heal, and I really dislike dying. Please note that this only applies to non-progression content … and Staghelm. (Flamescythe can DIAF ….along with those dang cat adds) So basically, anything that’s not the two final bosses in Firelands. Also note that I am never the one who is asked to switch to DPS. Part of this is because my raids don’t want to lose beacon, and part of it is because we have enough melee and/or have other healers who enjoy swapping. (Zarm gets to whip out his fire kitteh staff.) My opinion on the subject of two healing would likely be different (vehemently against it most likely!) if I was the one having to dps.

A response post from lonomonkey indicates that the fight in question here is Baleroc. Apparently they are not making the enrage timer. Heck, we had issues when we first faced him, barely making the enrage even when solo tanking it. If they are using the traditional 2 tanks, 3 heals, 5 dps model, then I am not at all surprised that they are having problems. Obviously my first suggestion to them would be to try one tanking it. This can bring up other issues though if they don’t have a tank with a viable offspec. We had to bring in a dps and sit out a tank one night on it, because his offspec just was not going to get it done. He has since taken the time to work on his gear/spec and is able to fill in as DPS when we need him to.

This brings me to last night. We had been discussing 2 healing Baleroc in SR, but ultimately had decided on previous weeks just to steamroll him like usual to get to the progression stuff faster. Well, last night we were missing our main tank, which meant Cayle had to tank it instead of his usual role of soaking the first crystal. So we brought out the backup plan of having Slice go shadow to soak the crystal. (We use a method of having one person soak an entire crystal to build mega-stacks on the heals super fast.) To further complicate matters, we did not have a fillin for our vacationing tank, so we were 9 manning. With people in different roles than normal, it took 5 attempts.  Was it stressful? Actually … no. Not really. In fact, seeing those awesomely huge stacks was pretty exhilarating. I did have to ask for support heals during decimation blades, but for the most part, after the first two  crystals, the tank was my sole responsibility. I had to get a screenshot of the stacks, it was amazing.

Anyway, my suggestion for their raid is to try the single tank method first, assuming their group composition can handle it. I wouldn’t recommend trying to two heal without trying one tank first. Again though, it totally depends on your raiders. What works best for one group may not be a good idea for another. I don’t get the huge stacks like that in our Crits raid, because we don’t soak a full crystal with one player. Minor tweaks in strategy, but they make a difference. (Those ultra stacks are overkill btw … I only need about half to 2/3 that many to be effective … and we won’t even mention Zarm’s stacks. He’s a beast.)


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13 Responses to “Two Healing Baleroc”

  1. slice Says:

    it was quite interesting. Ugh I am with you on DPS..if I am in a healing role, its a fundamental switch in thinking to swap to DPS lol. I was looking for my penance button in that fight.

    Blarg soaking is hard work. one second to early on dispersion and I am dead.

    But the HoS on the early stacks work out really well (good call Van). then AM later on and then Dispersion.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah well … after the HoS almost killed me in the previous attempt, I bubbled myself when I used it on the kill. You can see bubble still on CD in the screenshot. xD

  3. Analogue Says:

    Let’s try this again… WordPress for Ipad comment failure…

    Yeah, I think we’re going to change things up a little on Baleroc this week because Grom is out. Might try having Squishi tank the whole first crystal, then go cat. I don’t intend to two heal it any time soon though! Not when our dps has been solid. I’m willing to two heal Shannox, Ryo, and try on Alys if we need it for some reason. Beth might be doable if I use my mana gear. But Staghelm is right out. Die you stupid flaming scorpion.

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    I love how I asked “Did you Shadow Word: Death?”

    “. . . maybe . . .”


    THAT alone was worth it

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  6. slice213 Says:

    lol cheating pallys

  7. Cayle Says:

    Where’s our 2 heal, 9 man attempts on Domo?!

    I think if we pushed out a littlemore dps, we coulda downed him!

    Tonight I am not going unholy, you guys seemed to manage to get to 9 scythe’s w/o any problems 2 healing it and missing AMZ.

    IMO 2 healing is the way to go, speeds the encounter up, as well as gives our healers something to do. I’m pretty sure when Liyhe, Vanicus and Zarm are healing, they are in relax mode.

    I know Zarm is watching TV, probably Liyhe as well.

    Make the healers whack-a-mole faster!

  8. repgrind Says:

    Dude … we are NOT 2 healing Domo. That was all 3 heals.

  9. Cayle Says:

    yea, nm, lack of sleep is no good for me!

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  11. navimie Says:

    Hm, this has given me food for thought repgrind. I will ponder this post further, it’s made me have some startling revelations!

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