A Zari Rant

If you read Zari’s posts over at Mohawk Troll, you know what is coming. You have been warned.

So, with my leveling buddy offline this week, it is my opportunity to catch my shaman up to his DK. Saturday  I spent doing other things (curse you, Trout, for introducing me to the SIMS)  but Sunday I woke up and logged on with the full intention of getting as many levels on the shaman as I could, interspersed with some healer CtA on the mains.

The day started out fine. The levels were flying by; I got to 40 and got fast rams, I hit exalted with Darnassus and bought cats … and then I started getting SM:Cathedral in my queues. OMFG Blizz, what were you thinking when you redesigned this hellhole?? Ok, fine, so there are NPCs fighting most of the mobs in the courtyard. But … since there are NPCs fighting most of the mobs in the courtyard, that means there are a bajillion little fights all going on, and 9 times out of 10,  the dps in my groups are all off fighting their own little battles.

First run in there, the tank kinda wanders around doing nothing for awhile, while I’m busy trying to figure out exactly which group he’s going to pull. The cat druid runs off and almost dies because he’s behind a pillar fighting something we don’t even need to fight. We get to the actual cathedral, and the cat is fighting 3 mobs while the tank runs around a pillar and pulls more stuff and I can’t heal them both because of line of sight and … the freaking cat says ‘heal’ … we all die, I mention something about line of sight, and I drop the group.

Second run in there, the tank is great. She takes her time and gets aggro on each group. The cat druid, meanwhile, has run up the stairs and is fighting something of his own. I’m all like ‘if you run out of line of sight and fight things that the tank isn’t tanking, you may not get heals.’ The tank says ‘I approve.’ The druid? He says ‘I’m not new at this.’ Yeah, ok … in the cathedral we go clear the corners and kill the undead guy in the backrooom. While we’re pulling him, the cat is standing in front of Whitemane saying ‘what about this boss?’ … I say ‘We’re killing a boss right now. I thought you weren’t new at this.’

Third run in there, the tank runs past everything and up the stairs, leaving us to fend off the stuff that is aggroed along the way. This whole courtyard scene is reminiscent of the first run, but not through the fault of the dps. We stay together and kill stuff as a group, even though the tank has aggro on approximately none of it. The first pull inside the cathedral is about the same, stuff everywhere with no aggro on them, so they’re all beating on me. We actually may have lived if I hadn’t gotten locked out of my spells by one of the warrior type mobs, but I did and we wiped. The tank says something along the lines of ‘healer you suk’, the mage in full heirlooms retorts that I’ve been keeping them all up despite his lack of having threat on anything, and the tank drops group. The paladin we get as a replacement does not have RF on … but somehow it doesn’t matter. He uses his abilities and holds everything on him and we breeze through the rest of the place.

Dire Maul: East. Bear tank, not too bad. One of the DPS drops before we get to a boss, and we get a hunter. Tank is getting ready for a pull, targets a mob … and the hunter shoots it.  Bear sits down and says ‘Ok huntard, you pulled it you can tank it.’ Now, I’m not saying I disapprove. Quite the opposite in fact. BUT … when the mobs started in on the other innocent DPS, well, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So I healed them as best as I could but lost the cat. After the pull, the hunter defends himself, saying he only shoots whatever the tank has targeted.  Despite both he and the tank having perfect grammar and punctuation, they argued back and forth throughout the fight with Lethtendris. Hunter is mad at being called a huntard, but can’t seem to grasp the concept of waiting until the tank has actually hit the mobs before shooting what he has targeted. They continue to argue after the boss is dead and looted. Between that and the fact that half the group went down the ramp and the other half has backtracked to the other tunnel, I say eff this and drop group.

Razorfen Downs. Pick up quests, tank starts going ‘backwards’ through the instance… i.e. toward the dead side, not the quillboar side. Someone asks why he’s going backwards but he doesn’t answer. The boomkin keeps asking if I want him to heal since he has more mana. Finally I say ‘No, I do not want you to heal. If you wanted to heal, you should have queued as heals.’ After some more whining, he drops group. The tank laughs, says ‘what a scrub’ … and pulls the abom before we get a replacement. New DPS (a very GOOD hunter) pops in after we’ve killed Glutton, and we stand around for a few minutes while the tank …. does nothing. I guess he was chatting in guild chat or something. Finally we get going again and he leads us up the hill to the final boss, we kill him, and … that’s it. BLIZZ … WTF?!? I mean, I LOVE how you put the quests RIGHT INSIDE THE DOOR … but could you have made it impossible for people to skip half the dungeon when I have quests that I’d like to freakin do?

Dire Maul: West. You have to actually kill a few things to get to the questgivers here. Why? Hell if I know. So we’ve killed some tree pats, and while the tank is bent over the mob looting, I grab my quests. Tank sits there … and sits there … and sits there … in the meantime, another pat has come along. The huntard kites it away from where the tank is apparently AFK and I have to follow to heal him because he has ranged me (thus my reasoning for saying huntard). Sometime during this, the tank comes back and, without even bothering to notice that none of the rest of the group is near him, he pulls a group of treants. He’s getting dangerously low as  I run back over in range of him and start healing him. AFTER I have already started healing him, he yells for heals. Like wtf dude? STFU before I decide to STOP healing your ass, and next time, pay attention and don’t stealth afk you dumb … ahem. Anyway, we go kill the tree boss, and everyone but the tank runs back up the stairs. We wait around … and wait around … and finally I’m like ‘Where are you going?’ I get no response, then a couple minutes later the tank is hollering ‘heals’ again. Oh fer Uther’s sake … what now. So apparently … you no longer have to kill the crystals upstairs in order to open the door, because they were down in the hallway already. But my quests require me to go upstairs and talk to the spirit. So once again … you can skip most of the place and at the same time, ensure that no one gets their quests done. I mentioned something about wanting to do the other part of the instance because I had the quests. One person told me to shut up and another said ‘QQ moar’ … yeah ok, I waited until the tank pulled a group before pulling a Slice on that one. Bitches.

FAIL, Blizz, FAIL. You did a great job on most of the lower level instances. But holy cow, some of these level 40ish ones are just plain stupid, ESPECIALLY in a full pug. Now, if I had my sweet little pocket tank with me, I would be guaranteed to get to kill whatever I needed to kill. And if someone asked to do the quests, he would be cool with that, not tell them to shut up. Arv, no more vacations, get yo ass back here nao! Kkthxbai.

I was so pissed by the end of the night, that I threw together an elemental spec and threatened to quest my way past this section of dungeons. If you look at Kriann on the armory today, you will see that I am not making that up. On the other hand, I did get her to 43, so … I only have about 15 more levels to go. Considering she started at 27 before the weekend, I am halfway there.

Zari, thanks for letting me borrow your ranting for a day. 😉

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19 Responses to “A Zari Rant”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Ele is super fun for questing though! I got most of Anastrophe’s 74 levels from questing, although I do a few dungeons to keep my hand in. Dwarf shaman girls are so cute!

    We made those two at the same time last year at Thanksgiving, I really should get Anast finished by this Thanksgiving. She still has her pilgrim hat in her bags.

  2. slice213 Says:

    +1 to you. The lvl 40 dungeons are bad. the in the high 40’s is stupid BRD ><

    Pulling a slice is ok. especially in the 40's range.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Ouch hun


    This means MOAR SIMS!

    I ❤ the Sims!

    Now I need to go play that game. Cause you know, I need more distractions from packing. 😀

  4. repgrind Says:

    Oh, and thanks to Sorak and Zarm for dragging me along to ZA when I was in a crappy mood from stupid pugs. I know, I know … a troll dungeon as a mood booster sounds wrong, but it worked.

  5. zarigar Says:

    Hee…I don’t know what’s worse: people who don’t know anything or the people in heirlooms who think they know it all.

    When I was leveling with Arv there were lots of times when pugs wanted to do quests and he would ignore them. We laughed. Good times.

  6. ReversionLFM Says:

    wait… they redid SM?? Why didn’t I get the memo!

  7. Arvash Says:

    I love it when dps pull before I do, then they run around wondering why I’m not taunting off them. “Keep running, bitches!”

    I had a run last week on Val where I encountered some dumbps. We were on the last boss in Gnomoreagain where I was waiting on the Holy priest to get all mana’d up when the huntard in the group decides to pull, locking the priest outside. So the huntard is kiting the boss with the warrior in tow, who was also pulling on his own in the run. So I stood there at the entrance with the ele shaman, who probably found it just as amusing as I did, admiring how big the room was with all the pipes and intricacies while the huntard is screaming obscenities about us not helping. They managed to get the boss to 25% health in the 2 minutes they spent running around before their health got pretty low and I really didn’t want to run back if we wiped, so I joined the fray, with the shaman behind me, finished the boss, got my bag and left saying, “Peace bitches!”

    If you have quests in Blackrock and I’ve completed them along with my guildies, good finishing them some other time, pugs. That place is already annoying enough….

  8. repgrind Says:

    Just had to come see if I was caught up to you yet, didn’t you? :p

  9. Arvash Says:

    I’m actually disappointed you’re not there already lol j/k

  10. zarigar Says:

    lol dumbps

  11. Troutwort Says:

    “…with Arv there were lots of times when pugs wanted to do quests and he would ignore them. We laughed. Good times.”


  12. repgrind Says:

    Yeah ok fine. I didn’t say he would *do* the quests, I just said he wouldn’t tell them to ‘shut up’ … at least not in party chat. Whispers are a different story altogether. =P

  13. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Lol! Good rant :). Once again i feel honor bound to point out that that’s what happens when you “fayle” to call in the right people for the job 😉

  14. Cayle Says:

    When you fayle, you win!

  15. khizzara Says:

    Questing to level can be a lot less frustrating, and it can actually be faster than leveling through dungeons if you find yourself sitting in queue for too long and then getting fail groups. With guild perks and full heirlooms on it’s possible to ding in 3-10 quests at level 20-50ish. Save your sanity! Level through questing!

  16. repgrind Says:

    Yeah well … not surprisingly, that didn’t last long. I logged on last night, put on my resto spec, and queued right up. Fortunately, I got a very nice group who ran the entirety of RFD, including the side escort quest. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy questing. I just like healing even more. :p

  17. khizzara Says:

    Yeah, I usually end up leveling through the dungeon finder too. I’m bad at taking my own advice. >.>

  18. Leit Says:

    Those instances are poorly set up for quests, but at least they’re mostly manageable in terms of mobs. Problem comes in with Scholo and Strat, where tanks’ favourite trick is to pull half the instance, leave loose mobs beating on the healer, die and then claim the healer sucks. Seen that so damn many times while levelling alts.

    Thankfully the old-world quests were actually redone quite well.

  19. repgrind Says:

    Thankfully, I got my real tank back over the weekend. Yesterday, once we got high enough level, four of us queued specifically for SM:Cath … he wanted to see me flail on my druid when he pulled all of it at once. I won that one, I kept everyone up and still had mana … funny how that works when your tank actually has aggro on all of the things!

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