Pet Parade

The pet collections never stop growing. I’ve noticed a trend in which healer Call to Arms shows up quite frequently for regular heroics throughout the day on Sundays in my battlegroup. My guys are typically both capped by then, but that won’t stop me from queueing anyway! I even accidentally queued for a troll one once, and it went just fine. My main complaint with them is that they just plain take longer, even with a good group. If I’m there for VPs they’re worth it … if I’m not, they really aren’t. Unless I still need Mojo … maybe Van should be doing them more.

Anyway, on to the collection.

1. Healer Call to Arms – Van now has three of the Alliance Argent Tourney pets; two from CtA and one that AngerFork brought him when he transferred to Drak.

2. NOT from CtA. Found him on the AH for a price that I felt was reasonable. Spend 5k gold or farm Zangarmarsh forever? Sold!

3. Healer Call to Arms. No, Dyle isn’t 85 yet! Van got this one but he already has one. I felt it would go best with Dyle, I mean really, what Forsaken wouldn’t want a sweet little White Kitten? He’d be licking his lips if he had any.

4. Healer Call to Arms. SCORE!! This is another one that I have farmed endlessly and given up on.

5. Crafted. I logged on to Sanbec last night and cleared a bunch of stuff out of his mailbox that needed to be disenchanted, and afterwards, I had enough mats to make the Lamp.

Sadly, it is Tuesday … which means everyone’s VP will be reset and CtA probably won’t be up again until Sunday /sigh



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7 Responses to “Pet Parade”

  1. slice213 Says:

    lol best thing i have gotten out of CTA was only pally…..leaping hatchling….sigh

  2. Lore Says:

    Become a tank, then CtA is always up!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Ugh, not worth the stress, even for CtA. I’d rather go fishing.

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    In my very first CtA I got a white kitten, which I sold for 500g. Ever since then I’ve gotten flasks, mostly agility or Stam.

    I’m jealous of your awesome pets :-p

  5. repgrind Says:

    The amount of gold I could get for them *did* cross my mind briefly … but it’s too easy to make gold in other ways for me to give them up.

  6. Troutwort Says:

    I do CtA Healer quite a bit, even mid-week, you just have to find the right downtimes, sometimes immediately after work, before peak time or else pretty late into the evening, post-peak time. I’ve been able to score them quite frequently. Also early mornings as well. I have yet to get a pet though.

  7. navimie Says:

    Oh grats on the CtA pets! I hardly ever see healer CtA up, and I’ve only gone once. But I am glad you got your Firefly for so cheap!! And Disgusting Oozeling /envy!!! I want one! I am hanging out for the alliance Argent pets…. I can only hope!

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