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September 30, 2011

A Guest Post by Sorak

Some of you may know I play a rogue named Kisara.  This rogue has been shook down for “protection” money from one notorious Falahla…  I figured I better pay up if I don’t want my legs broken!  So I gave her what she asked for and quickly left her presence! 

So here it is, a few hours before raid night and I’m getting ready to restock on poisons.  I make my way over to Jasper Fel my supplier,  when I run into Falahla…

Below is the sight I was greeted with!!!!

Needless to say I vanished and GTFO! 

All I gotta say is you better watch your back Falahla!!!  Yer goons won’t be around you 24/7!!  And when you least suspect it, I’ll have my revenge!!!!!


Yes, I am Crazy

September 30, 2011

So, some of you may have noticed yesterday a comment I left on Khizzara’s blog after she mentioned they are in need of some extra bodies.

Yes, I did fill out an app.

Yes, I did transfer the already existing paladin. Was I tempted to roll a new one? Sure, but this one had no reason to stay on his original server, was already 30, and already had trade skills started.

I got there, and his name was already taken. Oh well, Galor wasn’t my favorite name anyway. Let’s see … Valor? Taken. Kalor? Eww, too close to Kallor, the name of someone in a book I am reading who I am NOT at all happy with at the moment. So I mucked around and tried a few things, combining letters and names of my other paladins, and came up with Kalethos. Yeah just, uh … don’t look at that gear. He was ret until level 30, mmmkay? I did level to 31 before transferring, so that he could take 1000g with him instead of only 300. Once I got to Kargath, I whispered Khizzara and since she was busy fighting Rag, I busied myself with dailies, training archaeology, and a visit to the salon. Then I figured I’d queue for something … O.M.G.

WARNING: If you transfer, your addon settings *cough Healbot cough* probably got reset. Check them before you queue for a dungeon!

We run in, the dude (Tauren pally omg why do I do this to myself I should know better by now arrrgh!) pulls, I right click expecting Holy Shock and get … Holy Light. Erm … ok what does the left button that is supposed to be Holy Light do? Oh, that’s Flash of Light. So I have these two spells … I don’t have Holy Shock or WoG bound to the frames, so I’m gonna have to target the tank and use the keyboard bindings if I want to cast those spells. Yeaah .. that didn’t work so well because I just wasn’t used to having to do it, and it didn’t help that the tank pulled the Houndmaster and stood facing him while ALL OF THE DOGS freaking stood  behind him and ate his butt off.  (Mmmm rump roast .. now I’m hungry) We wiped, I fixed my Healbot settings, apologized, and we pulled again. And he let them eat him again. I had to spam FoL to keep his sorry hide standing. Other than that, the rest of the run was fine. I dinged. I got Seal of givememanaforjudginguntilitchangesinthenextpatch.

Guild chat was enjoyable. I could tell from their series of blogs (Blog of the Treant, The Warchief’s Command Board, Transmogrify Me!, Holy Word: Delicious) that they would be a fun bunch to hang out with. So far, they have proven me right, in just an hour of chilling on the server. We’ll see how things go, I may have a little time on my hands now that Arv has gotten Dizzee to 80 and might spend some time questing instead of dungeoning. Dyle doesn’t *need* to max out his level, just his professions. Of course, if Kale wants to work on HIS professions, or at least the JC part, he’s gonna need a source for ore … i.e. I’m gonna need a farm toon …

Hmmm you know, I haven’t done the DK starting zone in awhile. ^.^

So This is It

September 28, 2011

Firelands is done.

Slice picked up a shadow spec for the night and Zarm and I 2 healed everything. Except Staghelm … I would have liked trying that one, too, but Slice was anxious to get on to Rag so I didn’t push it. The bosses up to Rags fell over even faster than they did last week. Arv and I were put on the floor for Beth … I think we were both asleep by the end. We sent extra dps up top and they had her at like 47% when she came down off the web. No joke. I used my Guardian almost right away just because … hell, it’s not like I *need* cooldowns anymore. It’s quite sad, really. Alysrazor died at the end of a complete cycle, before even flying off to begin the next hatchling phase. /yawn

Drink up, Arv. It’s time to get serious.

‘Serious’ apparently means the wrong paladin taunts the boss during the stackup seeds phase. We won’t go into too many details, but my thumb slipped a bit trying to cleanse someone (hi Arv!) that wasn’t far enough out of the flame wall and Hand of Reckoning is there on that Opie ring that opens up if my mouse isn’t over  someone’s health frame and … yeah I went splat pretty fast. Epic Fayle.

Second pull some dumbps gets launched over the edge so we wipe that one up too. (bye Slice!)

Third time is a charm. Ado had come up with a plan for handling the giant Meatwads in phase 3, and as far as I could tell, it worked pretty damn good. Well enough anyway that no one died … except Ragnaros.

There’s no boss body, so we danced around the giant treasure chest that magically appeared in the center of the room instead.

And the group shot …

LtoR: in the back row there the troll is Adoe, then Vyshus (who is no longer a goblin *sob*), Lyssianna, and Zarm. In front we have Cayle, me (Vanicus), Pix and all his mirror images, Liyhe, Zerlegen, and Arv on his pedestal. Wait, I got all 10 in one pic? That’s a first I think.

We took a vote on what to do tonight, and alt run was the winner. Guess who is tanking? I bet I can’t tank floor as good as Cayle. Although, someone else was the Death Count champion last night …

Crap, I was supposed to pick on Sorak today and I think I picked on Arv more than him. Oops?

It’s Not Just Nelfs

September 27, 2011

So … apparently whining yesterday worked. I finally got a mount, and it was even on one of the paladins! Kerick’s reaction says it best:

Also, it’s nice that they finally put prize tokens in the bags. The less of that ram racing I have to do, the better. Although, beyond the Brew of the Month Club for Dyle, there’s nothing else I *need* besides a pink elekk for Van. Anything else I pick up with tokens is a bonus.

Ok, on to the main subject for today. After I finished my Direbrew runs and checked in on my multiple AH businesses, Arv logged on. ‘Yo, I’ve got an hour before Kerick goes to Black Temple, wanna do somethin?’ Well, he was eating and knocking out his own 15 Direbrew runs, so I thought ‘hmmm maybe this would be a good time to tank something.’ Somehow, just knowing that Arv was online gave me much more confidence than I’d had the day before. I did groan a little when the loading screen for Deadmines appeared, but then I thought ‘You know, none of these people know me. To them, I’m this character … they don’t know I’m scared, they just see a hot belf in BoA plate. They don’t even know I’m a girl!’  And yes, THIS TIME I was wearing my damn helmet. >.<

So yesterday, Arioch posted about her low level experiences on her baby night elf druid. Well, no, it’s not just night elf druids that are being dumb. You should have seen the tauren druid in this run.  Let me start at the beginning. A couple times on the way to the first boss I notice there’s a bear. Well there’s also a troll druid in the group as kitty, so I don’t think much of it, I just assume it’s him … it wouldn’t be unusual for a kitty to mess around in bear. Not saying it’s correct, just not unusual. During the Glubtok fight, I notice a bear AND a kitty. Wait, wut? Oh, the bear is the … healer. /facepalm

Ok, first pull out of that room cleared, now there’s a side tunnel/alcove/dead end on the left, and the main tunnel going straight ahead and to the right. I move forward and pull a solo miner … and watch in disbelief on my minimap as two orange dots and a pink dot go down the side tunnel and enter combat. The mage stayed with me. He got to stand around and look fabulous while I mass rezzed the others and asked ‘Why you not follow the tank?’ The kitty asks ‘Just who is tanking here? I followed the bear because I thought he was the tank.’ Apparently, the shield icon next to my name and the fact that I’d been doing the leading/pulling wasn’t enough? I know what Arv is gonna say to this part … if they don’t know I’m tanking, I’m not pulling fast enough. Yeah so .. let’s fix that.

Back to the main tunnel, everyone rezzed and ready to go. I toss my shield .. right at the same moment as dumbdruid tosses roots out on the mob. W.T.F.  He continued to do this on almost every pull. We made it though Helix, cleared through the trash in the next tunnel, and ran into Foe Reaper’s room. I’m thinking ‘oh god which idiot is gonna run the prototype’ when I realized oh … there isn’t one in regular. Thank god! Pull a harvester, kill it, dumbdruid pulls the next one. Dude. Kill it, I’m at half health, he pulls another one! I’m like omg stop it and rush over and throw my shield and get aggro … and of course he’s too busy pulling more to heal me and I die. Kitty druid pipes up ‘I should not have to heal the tank. You are an idiot.’ Boss is pulled … we down him, but the dps are done with this guy. Kinda funny that they issued the vote to kick instead of me. But I was all for it! We got a cute little gobby shammy and the rest of the run was clean for the most part. Oh and yes, the previous healer‘s spec was feral. /sigh

Arv and I had a couple of dumb Tauren druids in our UP runs, too. Two in a row. Both moonkin who never used moonkin form. Both who stood around scratching their butts most of the time instead of dpsing. One of them afk’d in the middle of the Skadi fight … in the frost breath … I was lmao as he flopped down dead in it. Hell no I’m not healing him through it!

So anyway, yeah … dungeon #2 went pretty well as far as my role went. I gained two levels, got a nice new weapon, and learned Lay on Hands, so maybe now I’ll try pulling faster.