3 Fayles for Monday

Because Mondays make me grouchy … so I’m not feeling the kittens and rainbows or … what was it, Lyss? Sparkles and Butterflies? Yeah … definitely more of a Fighting Shih Tzus day. RAWR!

1. Zari heals Fayle … bad Zari!

p.s. Badoe is a far better name than Eltard!

2. Sorak kills himself when his engineering tinker malfunctions. Bad Sorak!

4.203 Kisara [21:48:21.984] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 13294
[21:48:22.980] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 13294
[21:48:23.907] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 3742 (O: 9552)

3. Arv fayles at queueing as a group and enters the dungeon without his healer. Bad Arv!

Ok, I feel a little better now. Back to the 4 lines ringing simultaneously. I can’t wait til stupid Labor Day is over and the season winds down. Eff summer! /rude



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13 Responses to “3 Fayles for Monday”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Yes it is Sparkles and Butterflies!

    Haters gonna hate

  2. slice Says:

    sparkles and butterflies…..sigh…its monday….hearing that name makes me want to hurl

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    You like it

  4. repgrind Says:

    Mission accomplished! I’ve made someone else’s day miserable to go with mine. :p

  5. Arvash Says:

    I defer my Fayle Award to Liyhe for drinking outside the gate to Mags and no, I did not pull Mags either, so another Fayle Award to that person lol

  6. Cayle Says:

    You guys named an award after me….

    I feel honored!

  7. Analogue Says:

    Wait, Rev wasn’t in your Mags Lair raid, so how did the pull happen without everyone inside?

  8. zarigar Says:

    where’s my 10g?

  9. Ado Says:

    I like how Sorak greets me with “Badoe!!” when I log on now.

  10. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Hang in there girl, it’ll soon be time to go kill things!

  11. repgrind Says:

    VAN SMASH!!!

    crap. I been hanging around Arv too much. I haven’t demolished any desks or monitors yet though.

  12. Gromitdaddy Says:


  13. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Grom kil nao?

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