Bye Bye Birdie

As the title implies, we downed Alysrazor last night. We killed Shannox and Beth’tilac first, then skipped straight over to her. Unfortunately, Sorak’s ISP decided to be disagreeable last night, so there are no logs. /sadpanda … I am addicted to my logs now, man! Oh well. He still managed to play … from his laptop on wireless or something. Not optimal but oh well.

These first two pics are from one of our wipes. We made it through a full cycle, then lost a couple people right before it went back to phase 1, so the wipe was called. Well hell, if we’re wiping and there are feathers lying there, I’m gonna check out this whole flying thing!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And yes, I was meleeing her like a good little pally. What?

Oh hai little hatchlings. You look small from the air.

The kill itself was all kinds of messy. Oh, we made it through the first cycle nice and clean. Then in the second phase 1, Slice managed to get himself killed somehow. I curse the lack of logs!  DPS were busy interrupting/killing adds, and Zarm was too busy tanking, so it took a little while to get a brez out … meaning for a good 15 seconds, I was solo healing ALL THE THINGS. I had to run to the middle to reach Zarm, and throw a LoH on Arv when the hatchlings decided that was a good time to tantrum and … well, all I can say is, being able to cast on the move is OP.

Then in the second tornado phase Cayle is running near me and all of a sudden I hear the belf death cry. I guess that non-optimal setup caught up with him. Slice is all like ‘Don’t worry about it, keep going’. We make it through the rest of that cycle fine, and we’ve got her down low when it goes  back to phase 1 for the third time. I don’t really know what happened then, and Arv is probably happy there are no logs to show, because I think he stood in fire or something … whatever it was, he went down quick. I picked up his hatchling and got it imprinted on me, then bubble tanked it and spam healed myself for as long as I could … this whole time Pix is up in the air slamming Pyroblasts up the bird’s rear. A couple more people fell after I did, but …

Yeah. Whew! Glad that one’s over. We almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory there.  Hopefully our next kill is cleaner at the end but hey … we did it. AND we successfully two healed it with disc priest/holy pally, which means we got SR to STACK correctly for Barrier and Holy Radiance TWICE in one fight. Now if we can just get Cayle to spec unholy for tonight’s Staghelm kill … we may have used up our weekly allotment of miracles though.

Mug shot L to R: Zarm, Liyhe, Adoe, Cayle on the ground doing his impression of himself tanking floor during the fight, Vanicus, Pix, Lyssianna, Zerlegen and his pet Adoe (lol), Arvash in his uglyboots. Vyshus is around somewhere but he wouldn’t hold still. I think he had too many energy drinks.

After that we had lots of time left, so we went and killed Baleroc and Rhyolith. Now, you guys know what a pita Rhyolith has been. We have had nights in both raid groups where we did nothing but wipe 20+ times on him. Well, as I was running back from one of the Alysrazor wipes, Analogue whispered me telling me about the hotfix that had gone through on Rhyolith yesterday. OMG. We one shot him, no problem, it was so easy. He dropped this mage sword … Volcanospike. Slice was saying my name before I’d even looked at the loot. All of our other casters already have staffs. In fact, we’ve had so many drop, that most of them have one for offspec too. Yes, it has hit and it’s BoE. I looked at it carefully and weighed the options before equipping it. Yes, I have a mage that just dinged 85 … no, he doesn’t deserve it.  Besides which, it was looted to me for Van to use. If I wasn’t going to equip it, I would give it back to the guild. I looked at the stats …

Yeah, too big of an upgrade to pass on in hopes of getting the mace off Rag soon. I’m sure he’s going to be a jerk and not drop it, just like Beth is doing with my shield. She dropped TWO staffs last night, can you believe? /sigh

I messaged a friend who also plays a holy pally, showing off my new toy.

Him: That’s a mage sword.

Me: I know, but no one else needed it and it’s a huge upgrade.

Him: The crafted mace is better.

Me: How so? (I’m thinking to myself … wait, doesn’t that thing have mastery?)

He links it to me.

Me: Yeah, mastery. Yuck!

Him: Don’t tell me you’re a haste stacker.

So some good-natured ribbing and defending of positions ensued. Both specs are viable, depending on your group makeup, usual healing assignment, and personal playstyle preference. It’s pretty neat actually, that there are some options. But other than a couple of fights, I’m rarely just healing the tanks. I love the haste to spread holy lights across the raid. MOAR HASTE NOM NOM NOM. So yeah, I still want Rag’s sexy mace … but this is too many stats to pass up until then.

Plus, I think my friend is just jealous because Van is so sexy. 😉

Ok, except for the boots. *sigh* Please, Staghelm, drop boots tonight PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE. /beg


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88 Responses to “Bye Bye Birdie”

  1. Analogue Says:

    You’re the best dressed Paladin in the whole BX expansion, that’s for sure.

    Grats on the kill! We are starting her this weekend after we one shot all the other dudes (and if we don’t, I blame Log.)

  2. Analogue Says:

    BC expansion, I swear I typed BC.

  3. repgrind Says:


    There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t one shot the other four. Sorak even commented after we killed Rhyo that we’ll be one shotting him in Crits this week, too.

  4. Ado Says:

    That fight was a lot of fun to beat. We worked hard to get it down. Staghelm is going to be cake compared to this. We got him down to 35ish on our 4th or 5th pull.

  5. Arvash Says:

    I think we got him down to 20% last night. He’ll be at 0% tonight, for sure.

  6. slice Says:

    Ugly boots are ugly. Yeah our last pull he was at 17% ish? Comparied to Rhyolith and Alysrazor…Staghelm is like ummm…..are you sure you are not a T11 boss?

  7. Arvash Says:

    Rags definitely does not know how to choose his gatekeepers, seems like Bale and Stag should be running around in the front, with Rage and Rip.

  8. repgrind Says:

    Occu’thar dropped two pieces of PvP gear for us. >.<

  9. koalabear21 Says:

    grats again on your sword 🙂

    Domo should go down tonight. Sorak DID spec for Unholy, although Slice and I were talking about it and it really isn’t needed. We got him down to 16% without most of the raid knowing the fight so I don’t forsee us having an issue.

  10. repgrind Says:

    I know he did, he even reforged (!) but I couldn’t resist taking a poke at him anyway. 😉

  11. Sorak Says:

    So I did it…..

    I spec’d and reforged / ABR’d into Unholy.

    I know we can do it w/o AMZ, but the real reason I did it was so now I can hold it over Lys’s head so she’ll change to a more burst damage tree for Rag!

    Spite goes a long way with me!

  12. repgrind Says:

    See?!? I knew he’d have ulterior motives.

  13. koalabear21 Says:

    Doesn’t matter

    I’m not changing to another spec that I don’t know how to play unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

    With our raid make up it shouldn’t be an issue

  14. Arvash Says:

    Haha! Tyrone has to go arcane, maybe you can make us some cakes, since Pix doesn’t like to.

  15. repgrind Says:

    Mage and two hunters is a pretty good amount of burst, isn’t it?

    It’s crazy here at work again, I haven’t gotten a chance to look at Rag and might not before I get home.

  16. koalabear21 Says:

    yes the 2 hunters and 1 mage should be plenty, especially if Zug goes back to Arcane (which he might want to for this fight, but not necessary).

    honestly I think Slice is just over-worrying about our ability to handle adds

  17. Sorak Says:

    Tyrone doesn’t back down from a challange.

    L2 play non wanding spec!

  18. repgrind Says:

    Resist the urge to grammar hammer …. resist the urge to grammar hammer … aw, fuck it.

    l2spell challenge! You have not gotten it right once. :p

  19. koalabear21 Says:

    He speaks Engrish like Slice

  20. repgrind Says:

    onry onry onry onry onry

    We are so bad. xD

  21. koalabear21 Says:

    we’re bad? it is the Asians that started it!

  22. Sorak Says:

    sigh bitches

    it even comes up in red! that’s what I get for commenting / doing dailies / working at the same time

  23. koalabear21 Says:


  24. Troutwort Says:


    Oooh, it’s so sparkly!

  25. slice Says:

    Orly? I hab no ideal wut u r takling about,. engish? onry!


  26. koalabear21 Says:

    I read that and just giggled like a madwoman imagining his voice repeating it

  27. repgrind Says:

    You people are so weird. No wonder I fit in so well. ❤

  28. slice Says:

    ok…who cares about a bird!!!! APPEARENCE CHANGER….time ro farm old priest tier sets….sorry not raiding tonight.

  29. koalabear21 Says:

    You do realize that isn’t happening until 4.3 and you wont have space to store them yet.

    Sorak is right, you are such a girl

  30. repgrind Says:

    Ahahahahahahah! OMG. Complete with Engrish even. I am rolling over here.

  31. Lore Says:

    Totally not jealous of a fugly BELF… And yes.. I will stick with Mastery>Haste.. But you said you had a disc priest.. Which shields would be worthless.. And you want to complain about boots? Just wait for 4.3 and the transmogrification (sp?) Then you can go back to the lightbringer/judgement set! (I know grom will be stoked about this) People are gonna be going back and farming old content finally 😀 Oh yea.. in case you didnt know.. if your toon is tagged in WOL.. theres a link to it right from your toons sheet on Totally sweet..

  32. khizzara Says:

    Yay! Grats! Alysrazor is a tough fight, I hope we can down her again this week.

    And yes – your DK absolutely should go Unholy for Staghelm! Anti-Magic Zone is just amazing for that fight.

  33. slice Says:

    Ok…I am going to retract my statement. TIme to do old content…must have all tier sets.Well at least the shoulders and chest piece at a minimum. Would like to have shoulders, BP, hands.

  34. repgrind Says:

    Yeah Khizzara, we totally linked your post to him .. to our whole raid group in fact. 😉

    Tagged in WoL .. huh? I haven’t really looked at Wow Heroes much since the new armory has most of the info right there now.

  35. repgrind Says:

    As far as the armor sets ….. meh. I ❤ my battle dress. Kerick will totally be rockin T10 bitches! Just like Tirion. (shut up! I don't wanna hear it)

    Not sure on Van. T12 is quite sexy IMO.

  36. slice Says:

    /squee….want 4.3 NAO……time to save JP and buy the sets that i can….><


  37. repgrind Says:

    Moar Engrish!! MOAR!!! Slice, dude, you are totally making my day over here.

  38. slice Says:


    Transmog taht shit and my PIMP

  39. repgrind Says:

    I can haz Val’anyr? 😦

    Still swooning over Kerick in T10. So hawt. Thank god I saved all that awesome stuff, like the shield from 25 man Marrowgar.

  40. koalabear21 Says:

    I’m getting this – for Lyssi.

    I love’d it so much that Millea was still rocking it in ICC

  41. tirthedk Says:

    Depending on when you get there, 20% down on Domo can be hell in a hand basket, because it is usually proceeded by people getting themselves killed on Burning Orbs.

    As far as Sorak being Unholy, it is a huge help, but really isn’t needed, like was stated. Since you are rolling a Disc/H.Pally and a Prot Pally tank, the three CDs they provide is more than enough.

    The only thing that an extra CD does is allows the raid to save it until the second cat phase, when the other three will be on CD and people are randomly running out for Searing Seeds. Then you could use AMZ to negate one swipe, effectively allowing you to take an additional swipe in that phase.

  42. Troutwort Says:

    I am so glad I saved all my Tier sets, Priest T5 was amazing, I can’t wait to rock that all the time. 😀

  43. tirthedk Says:

    Also, an affliction lock will be WAY better for Rag than the other two specs. The only case you could make would be for Demo, but you don’t really want the adds touching you, so getting close enough to them to pop Hellfire probably isn’t a good idea.

    If you look over WoL, affliction is currently the highest dpsing spec on the fight. Looking over the different specs, it seems that between their different aoe spells (Seed for Aff, Hellfire for Demo, and….pretty much nothing for Destro), seed is just much more powerful for the way the adds work.

    Anyway, you can’t play a guilt trip on someone when they are playing the right spec. They just got one over on you Sorak.

  44. Analogue Says:

    Let me know what old gear you need for Kerick. His hair is too awesome for lame tier gear.

  45. koalabear21 Says:

    I told him last night that Aff is the top spec right now Tir, they just don’t like to listen :-p


    back to the fun wardrobe options!

    found my shoulders!

    I can farm this probably solo 😀

  46. repgrind Says:

    T10 is not lame! It is awesome and he has all of it. Look through the archives. See how hot he is in it! … hang on, I need to turn up the a/c

  47. slice Says:

    Agreed Tir. The extra CD does not seem really needed. All it will be serving is if people cannot execute that portion of the fight, the loss of DPS I do not think it is worth it for the domo.

    For the rag fight-true per WoL aff is highest DPS. But does not help with the actual mechanics. Adds get to the hammer, game over. Sure if an aff lock could stay on boss 100% of the time perfect. But those adds need to die. In reality, all 3 flavors of lock bring nothing for the add phase in the form of slow, stuns, roots, knockbacks etc. So what does that bring the raid…nothing except for pure DPS, in the form of DoTs. Not burst on demand.

    True I have not seen the fight, but with 8 adds forming in the transition, I am not convinced that a DoT class could bring the pain in time. Sure the Sons of Flame (166K in 10 man) get slower as they get damaged, but they spawn in random distances from the hammer. Could an aff lock do enough dmg to one that may be close? Who knows.

  48. repgrind Says:

    Well there’s one way to find out … pull him. See what happens and if adjustments need to be made, make them. We’re pretty good at that.

  49. slice Says:

    True. But Lyss knows i like to argue for arguements sake!

  50. koalabear21 Says:

    again, exactly what I’ve been saying

    I swear he has me blocked out

    that won’t help you in the long run babe :-p

  51. koalabear21 Says:

    Even though you are usually wrong

    This reminds me of an arguement we had about not enough spirit available in firelands . . .

  52. repgrind Says:


  53. slice Says:

    Meh. With the spirit on T12 it makes up for it on items in FL that do not have any. Disc is fine with it. Holy I am still not convinced.

  54. koalabear21 Says:


  55. slice Says:

    4.3 with bring the Deathwing encounter….hmmm. Cata is shaping up to be a shorter expansion than I thought it would be.

  56. repgrind Says:

    I dunno. I heard a rumor that it might not be the only time we fight him?

  57. slice Says:

    In a console RPG, there are many times when the final boss may face you in battle prior to the “final” battle, but in an MMO where there is not a real story line, I would think facing DW over and over again would cheapen the final DW encounter. So if 4.3 is DW raid 1.0 and 4.4 is DW raid 2.0 I am not sure I would be happy with that.

  58. Arvash Says:

    WTB moar comments

  59. repgrind Says:

    Inorite? I wonder if we could get more words in the comments than are in the actual post … I KNOW we’ve more than broken the record for # of comments on a single post here.

  60. Arvash Says:

    you trying to get Over 9000? lol

  61. repgrind Says:

    lol :p

    I’m not quite as awesome as you yet, but I’m getting there!

  62. Ado Says:

    I’m just happy that I kept all the epic ranged weapons my toons has ever used. I’ll have a tough time deciding between the golden bow of quel’thalas and the legendary. Heck I may even go for a Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix!

  63. Ado Says:

    Also, more comments.

  64. slice Says:


  65. repgrind Says:


  66. Ado Says:

    did you just fail at a fist bump?

  67. tirthedk Says:

    Holy is extremely weak and under represented in FL, be it 10/25 difficulty, simply because it can’t keep up with the damage being put out and conserve mana like it needs to. Disc is just superior in this content.

    As far as the adds, they spawn locations are not random. There are 9 predetermined spawn locations. 1 spot is taken by wherever the hammer lands, the other 8 are used by the adds.

    Let me see if I can shop some pictures to help you out with this:

    Now, if you look at this picture, you can see the spawn locations labeled from left to right, 1-9. Rag’s hammer will only fall on one of three locations, spawn point 3, spawn point 5 and spawn point 7.

    If the hammer falls on spawn point 5, then the hammer will be extremely close to spawn points 4 and 6, which is where you need stuns.

    If the hammer falls on spawn point 3, then 2 and 4 will be closest. If it falls on spawn point 7, 6 and 8 will be closest.

    The easiest way we have found to deal with this is to utilize stuns (such as glyphed Holy Wrath, Concussion Blow or Hammer of Justice) on those particular spawn locations.

    Obviously, a high burst dps is needed to get them down, however, tanks can be utilized to do them. I know that on Tir I am able to handle two at a time thanks to HS.

    The basic idea is to get the furthest adds (depending on spawn location) down to 50%. At 50%, the adds move slower than a character who has walk turned on.

    What we do, is assign people based on dps and class to the adds, from left to right. We number the spawn locations (subtracting the spawn location for the hammer) from 1-8. 1 is usually our prot paladin. 2 is our ret paladin. 3 is our Hunter. 4 is our arcane mage. 5 is our other arcane mage. 6 is our lock. 7 is our enh shaman and 8 is me.

    Death grip is EXTREMELY helpful on this fight, because as long as the adds are 5 yards away from the hammer, they can be Death Gripped back, slowing their progress.

    In another note, an affliction lock cannot stay on Rag 100%, because during each transition phase, he goes away. The idea of the transition phases is to put your weakest burst dps on adds that are further away from the hammer. The idea is to get your add down to 50% AND THEN switch to adds that are closer to the hammer and kill them. Its all about being able to switch on the fly, and regardless of the class or spec, this is all on the players, not the spec itself. In reality, if we could all bring frost dks and Boomkins to Rag, we would.

    As far as your raid setup, an Affliction lock is going to be best in the end because you will need the Seed of Corruption aoe on the Fire Elementals that spawn in p2 from Molten Seeds. Of the three specs, Aff has the best aoe for the way the situation is designed (ranged aoe vs close range aoe.)

    As far as the extra CD on Domo, it is something that isn’t needed on reg, however, I like to train raiders for HMs personally. Having AMZ will allow you to stay in Scorpion phases longer, which is greatly needed for added dps. You need to be able to soak at least 7 for each long scorpion phase and 4 during the short scorpion phase to make the fight easier. The problem is that you will start to lose people after the short scorpion phase if you soak less than that, because people will still be dealing with Searing Seeds while getting pounced by a flame kitty. It gives people time to be healed up before exploding from a seed and getting pounced at the same time.

  68. Arvash Says:

    So if we down Rags before 4.3 comes out, does Sorak give us all 4k gold a piece?

  69. tirthedk Says:

    Also, we two heal Rag.

  70. koalabear21 Says:

    Yes Arv I think that was the plan

  71. Arvash Says:

    I think Tir just solo’d your words in post vs. words in comments.

  72. slice Says:

    yeah i have read the rag is 2 healable. More dps on adds the better.

    thanks for the pic. That makes a lot more sense as to how adds spawn.

    So at 50% health the adds walking at the speed of a walking toon. Hmmmm.

  73. tirthedk Says:

    I was attempting to score a crit with my Wall-o-Text…looks like it was only marginally effective.

  74. tirthedk Says:

    You would do best to have Zarm tank and have Fayle be frost for Rag. With Chillbains, it will make adds a joke in p2.

  75. repgrind Says:

    Yo Sorak!! Go respec back into your kiting spec, bitch!!! LMAO

  76. slice Says:

    Nah you failed in the wall of text crit cause you used spacing! Run it all together and it would been a huge crit.

  77. tirthedk Says:

    I was attempting a crit on Vanicus/Arelin/whoeverthefucksheleveledthisweek.

  78. tirthedk Says:

    ….that just didn’t sound right.

  79. repgrind Says:

    Wow, that was almost as good as my comment about taking Arv’s pants last night before BH. ^.^

  80. Arvash Says:


  81. koalabear21 Says:

    No the pants comment wins

  82. Arvash Says:


  83. Arvash Says:


  84. repgrind Says:

    lol Arv. Looks like I win. 😀

  85. zarigar Says:

    I just lost half a day reading all these comments

  86. repgrind Says:

    Sorry Zari. At least there was some Sorak bashing included for your enjoyment.

  87. 2011 in review « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] you guys should really check that out and go back to that Bye Bye Birdie post and read the comments. Damn, those were some good times. I miss you guys. Fuck Star Wars. […]

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