Number 8

Some people have some catchings up to do, mon. *looks at Arv*

Not sure what I’m going to do with him. We HAVE been doing semi-regular alt runs of T11 though, so I’d like to at least get him geared enough for those. I ran a regular HoO last night because my ilevel was only 321 … all five pieces that dropped that I could have used had spirit on them. So Lyss hooked me up with some crafted purples (thanks chica!) and I bought some 353 gloves off the AH for 280g. I stuck a spirit cloak from ZG in my bag and managed to hit that magic 329 needed to get carried in heroics. Now I just need some nice guildies to queue with. *looks at Arv again*


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12 Responses to “Number 8”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats again hun!

    No worries on the cloth stuff. I had 42 pieces of dreamcloth just sitting there. I’d make bags but I wanted to make sure I had cloth to make the BiS stuff for the clothies in the guild.

  2. slice Says:

    Grats on #8 you crazy person!

  3. Sorak Says:

    8 is great?

  4. zarigar Says:

    mages need on spirit stuff all the time…you’ll just blend in with the rest of the pugs

  5. repgrind Says:

    I let the resto druid have it all. Well, ok, I actually won the cloth spirit boots on a greed roll, but as it turned out, I’m already wearing ones of the same ilevel that *don’t* have spirit, so I vendored them. :p

  6. Arvash Says:

    Grats on number 8, I’ll never catch up to you now, I know you have 25 more level 80 alts somewhere hidden on other servers waiting to hit max, lol

  7. repgrind Says:

    lol. Nah, closest is the hunter at 81. Then there’s a DK at 76 somewhere else that will probably never get touched, although I have briefly considered fac/server changing him so he can get Alliance AT pets for Van. Not sure yet whether it’s worth the money though. Then Dyle at 69, a bank alt rogue at 43 … everything else is below 30. I think. Wouldn’t surprise me though to see one of the 20-something shaman be next.

  8. Arvash Says:

    repgrind —-> maxlevelaltgrind

  9. repgrind Says:

    Dude, I only have one more than you … =P

  10. zarigar Says:

    Dizzee is going to be stuck in outland forever

  11. Arvash Says:

    Not after Arv gets 15 more achievee points

  12. repgrind Says:

    I guess Dyle better be getting his clothes back from Kruppe then. He’s gonna need em.

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