The Collection Grows

So … I know I’m days behind, I took a couple of days off the dailies. But last week Van opened up the last vendor and obtained his Flameward Hippogryph.

That left him with just two lieutenants to kill to get his title, plus a potentially endless grind of bags without pets. So the next day he went out and did all his dailies again, bought his first bag, and ….

Hey now! Don’t be hatin! Remember how every time someone other than Van got a Frigid Frostling in their bag? Yeah.

Along with the Leaping Hatchling I had purchased on the AH before my dailies, that put me at 99. So of course I took some of the Champion’s Seals I’d been saving up and bought myself a Tirisfal Batling to get to the 100 and collect my Nuts. (ugh, that one’s gonna get comments from the peanut gallery, isn’t it) I didn’t screenshot any of those though, so here’s another of these two.

And THEN … well, the new expansion of the TCG came out this week. That’s where Arv gets most of his cool toys. Well apparently the Nightsaber Cubs are relatively common so he had an extra. See, this is why I have a recurring tag of ‘Arv rocks’ … because he does! Thanks Arv!! *hugs*


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10 Responses to “The Collection Grows”

  1. ReversionLFG Says:

    Comments? Peanut gallery? Now why would we do that? We are all very happy that you finally got your own nuts.

  2. Arvash Says:

    Lol, yw!

    One more joust, a couple more Troll frags for the Voodoo pet and redeeming my own Nightsaber cub and I should have my Celestial Dragon today

  3. repgrind Says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see that! You know … I still need to show you where to buy Withers, too.

    +10 internets to Rev for beating the SR guys to the comments ^.^

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats hun!!! My bag only had a level 82 green 😦

    Arv is indeed awesome.

    As for the peanut gallary . . .

    Guess Zarm was right . . . . . . . πŸ˜‰

  5. repgrind Says:

    Waitwut? You’re the one with the voice mod program, not me!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Arvash Says:


  7. repgrind Says:

    You providing the D.I.S.C.O.?

  8. Arvash Says:

    You know it!


  9. wolfgangcat Says:

    Wow! Grats on the pet! Now, please excuse me while I go vendor another lovely green from my bag….

  10. Ado Says:

    I got the pet in my first bag too. I was mildly suprised.

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