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CtA Finally Pays Off

August 31, 2011

No, it’s not a mount. I can’t be *that* lucky. But hey … it’s a pet that Van would otherwise not have access to, since I’m not crazy enough to transfer an Alliance toon over to do Argent Tourney dailies and funnel pets to him through the neutral AH. Ok fine, maybe I’ve thought about it …

Kerick got a blue quality pet over the weekend as well, but … well, you can buy the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot from two separate vendors so it’s not all that rare. He sent it to an alt. Still, way better than getting potions again.

You can view all of the crap I’ve gotten from Healer Call to Arms Loot.

3 Fayles for Monday

August 29, 2011

Because Mondays make me grouchy … so I’m not feeling the kittens and rainbows or … what was it, Lyss? Sparkles and Butterflies? Yeah … definitely more of a Fighting Shih Tzus day. RAWR!

1. Zari heals Fayle … bad Zari!

p.s. Badoe is a far better name than Eltard!

2. Sorak kills himself when his engineering tinker malfunctions. Bad Sorak!

4.203 Kisara [21:48:21.984] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 13294
[21:48:22.980] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 13294
[21:48:23.907] Kisara Rocket Fuel Leak Kisara 3742 (O: 9552)

3. Arv fayles at queueing as a group and enters the dungeon without his healer. Bad Arv!

Ok, I feel a little better now. Back to the 4 lines ringing simultaneously. I can’t wait til stupid Labor Day is over and the season winds down. Eff summer! /rude



Dear Fayle,

August 26, 2011

Thanks for the bear.




August 25, 2011

Billz poses as an NPC. Seriously dude, that is one kickin’ outfit.

Kerick posing as … Van? Well, this look *did* earn him a /whistle from Kisara, instead of the usual comments about his weight.

The secret is out. Arv wishes to be Tyrone.

Yes Arv, anything you send in e-mail is fair game for the blog. I’m guessing you won’t be surprised to see this posted though. :p