Blowing Through the Tier

Last night we were missing two or three of our core, but we had enough people on to fill in and make a raid group, so we decided to knock out some T11 since there is still gear and tokens that people could use. I looked at my collection of Zul’gear and decided that was a good idea … I still have a list of things (chest off Magmaw, legs off Halfus, helm off Ascendent Council) that would be nice upgrades for me. And of course, I still want Maldo’s Sword Cane …. ok make that *wanted*.

This is not the sword I was looking for … but I sure ain’t complaining! It’ll do until the  caster axe drops in Firelands. 😉

Poor Arv got himself all stressed over the Bone Warriors and then it was so nerfed they practically fell over on their own. I told him he could probably take a nap and kite them at the same time now.

We had one super-epic wipe at Chim that I am kicking myself over for not getting a screenshot. We’re getting set up, almost ready to pull, when I see a goblin rocket arcing through the air towards the sleeping boss and then hear Vysh say ‘oh shit’ in vent. You know how things go in slow motion sometimes? That’s how the rocket was, I was like …O.M.G. … plenty of time to hit print screen but did I? Sigh. Oh well. It was hilarious, we all busted up laughing as we all died.

Plenty of time left so we hit up BoT as well. Nothing of note there, really. I think we wiped once on Council but I don’t remember why … I think we pulled people off the fire guy and then he did the shield or something. Cho’gall was deaded quickly and then we STILL had time left. Do we have BH? Nope. Guess we’ll go to Throne!

There was some time to kill while Ado and Slice were setting up the positions for Al, so Arv started prospecting ore while I dug through my bags to see what kind of entertainment I could come up with. The end result was this …

Palabunnies! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So we sped through the entire T11 content in one raid session. No really, there’s not anything to actually be impressed with there. T11 is officially NERF CITY. But it was cool to get titles and achievements for some people that still needed them, and we got quite a few achievements that I didn’t have yet! Not to mention gear …  I love my new mace!

After that was all over, I went to do my dailies. Yes, at midnight … again. You’d think I’d learn … but they wanted to do a troll before the raid and …

anyway, while I was doing that, the guys were busy marking their territory again. In truly epic, SR fashion, of course. Since I really couldn’t be there at that exact moment, Zug was nice enough to take a screenshot and send it to me, so credit for this one goes to him.

Arvash, Zugzuug, Cayle … front and center. No big surprise there, whenever there’s trouble to be found, you will find them at the center of it. ❤


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20 Responses to “Blowing Through the Tier”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I’m still waiting for the guys to get some sort of ban for their AH tactics.

  2. Win! Says:

    LOL look at the screen shot and the guy at the very front “goldcapwhat”

    poor guy, false advertisement

  3. repgrind Says:

    And he doesn’t even have shoes. At least Ahmule has shoes …

  4. Arvash Says:

    Hey, hey, hey….my sheit’s legit! You’ll see no AH greifing from me. Talk to that donkey orc over there….

  5. repgrind Says:

    Guilt by association

  6. Arvash Says:

    Thanks for turning me into Bugs, just in time for the parrot to swoop down and eat me

  7. repgrind Says:

    Dude … did you see how many feathers that bird lost when he saw the glowy wings suddenly pop out of my ass?

  8. zarigar Says:

    That will be sad when there is no raid due to all the bans.

  9. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Nice! Wish i could transfer pryncess for 1 night… She could use all that gear 🙂

  10. repgrind Says:

    Grom, we’re doing an alt raid on … I think Monday. You should bring Myste!

  11. Gromitdaddy Says:

    I might actually be able to

  12. gromdred Says:

    What time, and is it happening tonight?

  13. gromdred Says:

    of course, these raids have ilevel minumums don’t they?

  14. repgrind Says:

    No it was changed to Thursday. I think I told you that the other night but you were kinda busy. You have a calendar invite, just log on Myste and check it.

  15. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Damn! Pryncess will be doing yet another round of firelands trash. Can’t get them to even try anything else >.>

  16. gromdred Says:

    Any chance of doing the real id raid thing with pryn to get her some quick vp’s?

  17. repgrind Says:

    When? We probably won’t be running dungeons until … well, I don’t know when. We have raids the next three nights, and then the Alliance raid Fri-Sat. Might be time for a heroic before a raid, but there are also dailies then, too.

  18. gromdred Says:

    Was thinking about the above mentioned alt run on thursday

  19. repgrind Says:

    It doesn’t work for raid groups, just dungeons. 😦

  20. gromdred Says:


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