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3 Peas in a Pod

July 29, 2011

… a guest post by Sorak




Battle Dress!

July 29, 2011

When the previews of the T12 armor came out, I was excited. A return to the war kilt of T10 suited me just fine! But then after I’d gathered my first 2200 VPs and went to buy my pants, I was shocked to find that they were, indeed, pants. I did some researching and found other armor previews showing the set with pants, and people saying that Blizz had caved to player complaints and reverted to regular pants instead. So I sighed and accepted my fate, although my guildies can tell you that I bitched about it quite a bit in guild chat. haha. Then maybe a week ago I was reading one of Kurn’s posts and she mentioned being unhappy that the tier chest is a robe. Waitwut? Back up there! It’s the chest, not the pants? A robe, not a kilt? Squee! /happydance … From that point forward, my next VP purchase was set in stone.  Of course, it helps that I already have the gloves from Rhyolith, so it makes perfect sense to get the tier chest for my 2pc bonus even though Alysra-ZOR drops one with better itemization.

I know many of my guy friends are complaining about having to wear this, but that’s too damn bad. I think they’re sexy!

It also does an adequate job of hiding the non-matching boots from the previous tier. Trust me, those blue things *really* stuck out with pants.  Oh, here, how about seeing what MY view looks like?

Very nice. I can’t even see the boots from my side. ^.^

Gonna be a bit before Kerick gets caught up, but he’s going to look hawt, too.

Farm Status?

July 28, 2011

After the awesome week we had last week with two new bosses down, I suppose it was inevitable that this week should be a letdown in some ways. However, I like to see the silver lining and point out the things the DID go well, lest we dwell too much on the bad and get discouraged.

Shannox was a nice, clean one shot. Arv and Cayle are great at getting their stacks reset. Would we one shot him if one of our tanks was out for a night? Meh, probably.

Baleroc was two shot.  I didn’t lead the healing this time. In fact, I had the fewest stacks of the three of us! But with all three of us having 75+ stacks …. well. Heh. Easy peasy.  I know it’s only the second week we’ve done him but I don’t see him being an issue in the future.

Beth, on the other hand … well, to be fair, we never HAVE downed her quickly. Four pulls last week was our best. And we were missing Adoe, who usually plays a big part in handling the spiderlings. Toss in a few of the usual small things that can go wrong and there you have it.

Ok, now, about Lord Rhyolith … no, you know what? Screw him. On our second pull Tuesday night, we wiped with him at something like 70k health. The five subsequent pulls were ugly. Last night we pulled him TWENTY-THREE times. No dice. Oh, we learned a lot about the fight. Like how much fire burns when there are three active volcanoes stacking the increased fire damage debuff on you … that sometimes can’t be helped when each volcano spawns clear across the effing platform behind him. It honestly was so disheartening that Sorak threatened to not post the logs (but he did anyway). Welcome to progression raiding! I’m sure some people were discouraged after the way it went, but I’m looking forward to kicking his butt next week. Even if it takes twice as many pulls.

Before I go, I just want to mention one more thing. I doubt our enh shaman Vyshus reads this, but I know a good portion of the rest of the raid does. He deserves a shout out this week. He did a much better job of surviving, he didn’t ankh on trash (yes, he kept asking to, but he didn’t actually do it unless we said it was ok), he didn’t shoot anything with his goblin rocket, he does a nice job driving Lord Legs, and his tremor totem timing on the core hounds was pro.

Bright spots, my friends. Focus on the bright spots. And kill that rat bastard Rhyolith next week. No problem, eh?

Some People Have All The Luck

July 26, 2011

I’ve leveled at least four different miners through Cata zones. One is no longer a miner, he has his slave DK do the work for him. I send that slave out several times a week to gather ore in my favorite mining route. In the back of my head as I hit each node is … ‘maybe this will be the one that drops the pet.’ It still has not happened. So I was pretty excited last night when a guildy whispered me and asked if Van would like one. I believe my response was ‘hell yeah!’

I was on Arelin at the time, in our alt T11 run, along with the person that gave it to me. So I had it in Arelin’s bags until after the raid. Between BoT and BWD, I see that Arv is on so I have to tell him about it.

‘Guess what I got tonight!’ *link [Elementium Geode]*

He tells me that he bought the one he has. So I start to tell him how someone awesome gifted this one to me, when this exchange happens in gchat …

You may have to click on that to read the text. I could have typed it out, but it’s much more funny to see it exactly the way it happened. The timing for Sorak piping up in guild chat was just so perfect.

Sorak, didn’t you just get Anzu a couple days ago? Now you get two pets in one day? How did that lottery ticket turn out??

Also, now you guys see why I keep him alive! Aside from the gold he pays me for it, of course.