Bring on the Firelands!

Arv’s stalker ID broadcast last night said it all. ‘Firelands – we are ready for you!’

Mine was a little more … SR. ’12/12 bitches!’

We pulled Al’akir 7 times. SEVEN. Two of them were unintended pulls and lasted less than a minute. Our best wipe was something like 4% … where if just one more person had lived longer he’d have been down. That was like our third pull, so we knew we had him. We just had to focus.

See Ana? It doesn’t matter which pally I’m on … 80% mana FTW!

Kill shots in this place are a bit of a challenge. This one might have everyone in it … I hope.

Dark Phoenix shots will have to be postponed because some losers don’t have enough guild rep to buy one yet. Wut? I’m working on it, ok?! *sigh*

Well, that was so early in the night that we had plenty of time to go clear out BoT. We did not try any heroics this week, although we are planning to in the future. We had some fun on the drakonids after Val & T again. Boys will be boys I guess. Arv turned a cleave into Cayle, then on the next mob, Cayle tried to turn a cleave on Slice and ended up just getting himself killed. So Adoe took over and hit distracting shot while standing next to Slice … killing himself along with Slice. Vent erupted in laughter. Good times. Then we had the usual ‘who wasted Lay on Hands on Cayle!’ during the elemental trash.

Ascendent Council still sucks. It took five pulls. I hate that final phase so much. I focused hard on that last try, I was so sick of them and wanted so badly to move on … I threw LoH on Cayle at the very last moment, keeping him up long enough to finish them off. THIS time I heard praise in vent for the awesomely timed lay on hands. Hellz yeah, bitches, take that! Cayle, you owe me 10g.

We had a messy try on Cho’gall, then downed him nicely. FINALLY something dropped.

Sorry Ana!

Maybe  tonight that dang sword will drop when we clear out BWD. I’d be happy with the shoulders off Chim or the chest off Magmaw though.


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23 Responses to “Bring on the Firelands!”

  1. telanarra Says:

    I can buy one on tel and pose so you can’t see my name plate. No one can tell a belf from another belf 🙂

  2. slice Says:

    lol true tel.

    Van…what is that bag add on you use?

    cayle and zarm, bros in mangowns../sigh

  3. repgrind Says:


  4. Analogue Says:

    Well at least now I get dibs when the trinket drops in OUR raid.

    Grats on the 12/12!

  5. repgrind Says:

    I don’t think so! 😛

  6. koalabear21 Says:

    Yay for us!!!

  7. koalabear21 Says:

    Also – You got a better screenshot! 😀

  8. repgrind Says:

    Gotta be quick to get them before Zug manages to hog the whole screen xD

  9. Arvash Says:

    Great job by all last night!

  10. Arvash Says:

    Big Al did have sucky loot last night though….. =(

  11. repgrind Says:

    lol Arv. You know what? I still don’t know what dropped.

  12. koalabear21 Says:

    Caster druid legs and an Agility/Crit cloak

  13. Arvash Says:

    Sucky…..always freakin’ Zarm loot

  14. repgrind Says:

    At least Zarm was gracious enough to let me have the Zarm trinket off Cho’gall. Hmm … I guess I owe him 10g! Cayle, just pay Zarm instead of me, kkthxbai.

  15. Gromitdaddy Says:


  16. slice Says:

    10 gold….gimme.

  17. Lore Says:

    You know… 80% mana just means you could have been healing harder! (plus those few people that died could have lived!) hehe.

  18. repgrind Says:

    Meh … they can’t live if they aren’t in range of heals … and every time I moved around to try to get them in range, it meant someone else who WAS in range, ended up out of range.

    Anyway, if Cayle’s alive, I win!

  19. koalabear21 Says:

    How does that work if he isnt on Fayle?

  20. repgrind Says:

    If Sorak dies within earshot so I hear the goblin death sound, I win!

  21. koalabear21 Says:

    OK so just so I have it clear – Fayle gets heals, Sorak gets death!

    Got it! 😀

  22. repgrind Says:

    Is this why you guys are making him change his main back to Sorak for Firelands? xD

  23. koalabear21 Says:

    Maybe >.>

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