Al’akir Blown Away

Friday night we did in Al’akir. It wasn’t instant … it was the infamous last pull. And we almost didn’t get to that pull. Some people grumbled about wanting to kill Cho’gall or something even though we were consistently getting third phase and dying around 12-13%. Fortunately, we took a vote that was overwhelmingly in favor of staying put, and we made good on it.

Yes, I am a skeleton. lol. I found that using Noggenfoggers to make me either a skellie or tiny helped me to better see whether I was completely in the opening between tornadoes or was on the edge and going to get picked up. (No fatty human jokes please *glares at Sorak*)

So now Crits is at 11/12 and caught back up to SR. With any sort of luck we can down Nef this coming weekend and complete the tier before the patch. SR goes to Al’akir tomorrow night. With three of us having downed him now, I really like the chances of killing him Tuesday. (lol, yes, really, our raids have 3 overlaps now)


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13 Responses to “Al’akir Blown Away”

  1. slice Says:

    6k health rawr!!!!!!!

    Also wow….log is not leading the death count! I demand a recount!!!

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Way to stay alive Slice!!

    Congrats to all!

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats guys!!! 😀

  4. Sorak Says:


    I’d say yer fatty human needs to go in a diet, but lets face it…

    If you want to do something about your weight, going skelly isn’t the resolution, it requires a life style change consisting of changing your eating habits and daily exercise!

  5. Sorak Says:

    >< on a diet too, damn no edits!

    … even told me I was commenting too fast. To slow my roll!

  6. Analogue Says:

    The skeleton strat is interesting! I never thought of that. But my slender night elf build isn’t as burly as a human male so I don’t think I have as many issues.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking since Van is thinner I won’t have any problems. Arv kept me busy running dungeons this weekend on the priest so I didn’t get to go do the questline. I *did* make Arv go buy some for himself though. ^.^

  8. Lore Says:

    Congrats guys! Its definitely not one of my favorite fights.

  9. Arvash Says:

    Congrats on the kill!

  10. zarigar Says:

    How does that help with your Kalu’ak rep?

  11. slice Says:

    Walrus men like people who fly?

  12. Logarithm Says:

    I was quite pleased not to be on the top of the Death Toll chart, you guys lost The Game that night!

  13. Gromitdaddy Says:

    Congrats you guys!!!

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